Looking for a Challenge? Dynamic Machines Contest is online now!

Looking for a Challenge? Dynamic Machines Contest is online now!


CG Competition

Clinton and PNY are teaming up again to push the 3D art community with a new community render challenge. The end result will be the culmination of everyone’s combined renders, forming the internet’s largest dynamic machine.About Clinton JonesClinton Jones is a director, 3D/VFX artist and photographer. Over the last three years he has been focusing on the creation of photoreal 3D renderings in order to expand his story-telling ability, and has recently dedicated his full efforts to growing his YouTube channel, and creating high quality art with his community of talented young artists. His 3D journey began with a simple thought: "If I can think it, I can create it.Returning after 2020’s Parallel Dimensions and Expanding Dimensions contests, Clint is beyond excited to throw another challenge your way.What is Dynamic Machines?Since Clinton was three, he felt the need to create. It started with drawing, and quickly led to building LEGO® sets with his dad. One thing led to another, and he found himself (as a grown adult) building a complicated series of tubes, tracks and toppling pillars just to turn off the lights. He later found out people dedicate their lives to building these contraptions called, Rube Goldberg Machines.…And so the idea behind Dynamic Machines was born.Dynamic Machines is a community-based 3D art contest where Clinton's challenging you to build a computer generated Rube Goldberg machine. The goal is to guide a chrome ball from the starting platform, all the way to the finish line, any way you can imagine, with any 3D program you want. In the end, everyone’s dynamic machine will be combined to form the internet’s largest 3D Rube Goldberg contraption.Three of you will be chosen to take home prizes that are guaranteed to push your creative ability even further.Deadline: August 1, 2021 11PM PSTSubmissions open July 24, 2021Grand Prize - NVIDIA Quadro RTX 50002nd Prize - CS3140 M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD Gen4 x4 SSD(M280CS3140-1TB-RB)3rd Prize - CS900 2.5'' SATA III 500GB SSD(SSD7CS900-500-RB)Rules & details for entry, click here for more information.

Winners of 3D Challenge: SPACE by CGTrader | Sponsored by Fox Renderfarm

Winners of 3D Challenge: SPACE by CGTrader | Sponsored by Fox Renderfarm


CG Competition

Another challenge has come to an end. This time, the 3D Challenge with the theme of Space organized by CGTrader ran from the 9th October 2017 till 10th December 2017 and has attracted artists from all over the world to submit original space-themed designs in low (models up to 50,000 polygons) and high (models with more than 50,000 polygons) poly categories. The end of the challenge means the start of the extremely difficult models’ evaluation process due to huge participation from the artists. A total of 240 high-quality models were submitted ranging from planets, asteroids, aliens, rockets, satellites to space stations have been evaluated and dozens of discussion were made! Most models in this challenge are ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.Judging panels from Fox Renderfarm, CGTrader, 3D-Coat, Cebas Visual Technology, Quixel, and Exlevel worked together to decide the Challenge winners. The judging criteria for both categories were quality of the model (the most IMPORTANT criteria), as well as uniqueness, innovation, and general achievement in design of the model.Well, there are only just six places for the winners. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s look at the winner's list!Low Poly CategoryWinner: “4 Spaceship Set” by triplebrickDescription: A set of 4 highly detailed spaceships for interstellar fleet with PBR metal/smoothness workflow, 4k textures, small ships have one material, large ships two materials and details can be removed on the larger ships.Prize: $250 rendering credits by Fox Renderfarm1st Runner Up: “Scout Space-ship RS-1” by Antonio112661Description: High quality Scout space-ship RS-1 model which could be used in any game. This asset is optimized and hand tweaked. The textures tuned for Physically-Based Rendering. 16688 polygon count.Prize: $150 rendering credits by Fox Renderfarm2nd Runner Up: “Lambro Robot” by furqaanDescription: The model is based on transformers look due to the robot is made of lamborghini parts and engine.Prize: $100 rendering credits by Fox RenderfarmHigh Poly CategoryWinner: “Space Pursuit MFP Disc Driver” 3D model by eccemaniaDescription: The artist’s own vision from a spaceship pursuit with one back tyre and hover engine. Works without driver, the MFP Disc Driver has a programmable memory. Drive with rechargeable power cell and hover system, VROOOM!!!Prize: $250 rendering credits by Fox Renderfarm1st Runner Up: “PBR Detailed Robot” by jackfurneri1984Description: The model has been created with Autodesk Maya (version 2016) - Textured and polypainted in Substance Painter 2 and rendered with different render engines (Arnold by Solid Angle and Marmoset Toolbag 3 package). There are 20557 faces, 21467 vertices, all pieces can be separated from each other (legs, gears, hands, etc..) with unwrapped UVs with no overlapping.Prize: $150 rendering credits by Fox Renderfarm2nd Runner Up: “Icarus Orbital – Space Station” 3D model by shaunDescription: The Icarus space station model is a huge and detailed orbital station which is packed full of details and character. This space station is Intricately designed by Shaun T. Williams BA for practical usage and design within its role as an orbital space station for habitat and re-supply. The station boasts a variety of details such as antennas and radio equipment, docking bays, airlocks and many other features which make it perfect for detailed close-up shots with well-optimized model and is 2,255,400 Tris / 1,112,114 Polys.Prize: $100 rendering credits by Fox RenderfarmFox Renderfarm is proud to be the official render farm sponsor for this 3D Challenge: SPACE. The challenge is co-jointly sponsored by Fox Renderfarm, 3D-Coat, Quixel, Exlevel and Cebas Visual Technology.p/s: Shhh! Fox Renderfarm will be launching Fox’s Got Talent in the near future with lots of attractive prizes waiting for everyone to grab! So, stay tuned!

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