The Guide of V-Ray Rendering Manual Model (1)

The Guide of V-Ray Rendering Manual Model (1)



V-Ray Rendering

Let's take a look at the effect of rendering a picture below, which looks very much like a photo of a hand model. How to achieve this kind of effect like a manual model is actually very simple, because the V-Ray artificial light source comes with such a huge "fake" incomparable property that can render your model. You will find that you are uncontrollably rendering your building into a hand model, and most of the time you are not willing. Well, it's actually very simple, stemming from the contrast between the small scales actually rendered using V-Ray artificial light sources. Let's take a look at the real manual model photo. Well, this is the final result we want to achieve. The scale of the building is very large, and the V-Ray artificial light source will have a small sense of scale. In such a contrast, it will look like a manual model. For example, the following Siza's work Borges & Irmao Bank. If you change an object with a small scale, you will not have this contrast when you render it. You don't feel that it is a fake model, and you are more inclined to believe that it is real. Like this camera. How to achieve Let's take a look at the implementation process. The first step is to build a model In the second step, all ambient light is turned off, and two side light sources are added at two angles. (in order to compare the effects in both directions) The third step, rendering (wood material is only diffuse texture, no processing) Degree of completion The first thing you need to consider is the degree of completion. This is a state. Obviously not only manual model rendering, but in any form of rendering work, completion is the most important one. High-computation works are not authentic, but let you completely forget the question of true truth, so that your attention can be paid attention to the design or the content itself. The biggest reason for the many disturbing renderings is that the completion is too low, and the entire image is full of wear, missing, and various bugs. Improving the so-called completion is not a difficult job, just a little care and patience. Come together to improve the degree of completion Since it is a manual model, should it be placed on a certain booth? Then add the booth Since it is a booth, maybe you will see the ground and the wall? Then add the ground and the wall Usually the manual model will install a few led lights to make the model more beautiful, then fill the internal lights Since there is lighting, we probably need to prepare a few sockets and plugs. Add some paper people and paper trees to set off the volume of the building (so does it look better?) Finally, add a nameplate, um, or you can also attach a glass cover, work ~ (put the phone across) Wow, the effect looks great! So when you don't know how to add details, what you should do is find some references to see how the real manual models are placed. Remember, look at it! It's not hard to find out, if you still have a perfect attitude in the case of ensuring the degree of completion, then you need to pay attention to the lighting and composition (or shooting angle). From: Rifle Graphics

How To Make A Realistic Rendering?

How To Make A Realistic Rendering?




How to make a realistic **rendering**? Why does my work look unreal? Is it a texture problem? Still a lighting problem? Or is it a **rendering** problem? 

In the renderings of the following figure, the light and shadow are a big problem from the whole: the model is not refined enough, and the material does not have the texture of the prominent object. These problems have caused no central point in the picture that can attract attention.

A good model, even in the case of a prime model, still feels a real and natural feeling.

Below we will look at several points in the renderings that are prone to problems. 1. Model accuracy and lighting issues

The chandelier looks strange and looks like a lot of white aperture. If we look at the real light bulb, we will find that the light of the lamp is emitted by the tungsten wire. And the details of the chandelier model need to be increased in detail and construction. The fineness of the model determines the quality of the picture, and each part is made and properly rounded. Everything is made according to the actual situation, and the effect is different.

  1. Material problem

The wall lamp looks bright, but the lampshade is black. With the normal wall light on, the entire lampshade will look shiny. Therefore, this lampshade is not only for lighting, but also for the lampshade itself.

  1. Model material ratio problem If the ratio is not correct, the picture will always look a little weird. If it is too big, it seems that the room is small, so the correct proportion will make the picture feel a sense of space. When doing textures, if you can't control the size of the object, you can use a character model as a reference. If you want to achieve good results, then the uneven seam of the floor, please use modeling, rather than using textures in the performance.
  1. Hue, composition, level, contrast A good-looking lens composition determines the temperament of the picture. The effect diagram in the reference figure lacks composition and color tone, and the picture looks very simple. The lens and composition will make your picture look more layered and more solid. The shading level is not only applied to the shape structure of the representation object, but also to the change and balance of the picture through the interlacing of light and dark tones in the frame composition. Color is also an important part of photo composition. If we can make good use of color contrast to compose a picture, it will not only highlight the subject, but also make your photo more eye-catching.

If you want to have a good work, then you must repeat the debugging of modeling, material, lighting, rendering, and post-details to achieve the best state. For the control of light and shadow and material details, it is necessary to observe the objects in real life, and various factors can be combined to make good works.


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