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    CGandWE Cyber Security Challenge Winners Announce & Critique

    CGandWE Cyber Security Challenge Winners Announce & Critique

    CGandWE's latest 3D challenge themed with Cyber Security ended successfully and released the winners list. Fox Renderfarm, as the leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the industry, also the long-term partner of CGandWE and the sponsor of this 3D artist platform, witnessed how the challenge unfolded and the outcome. In this article, Izzy, the creator of CGandWE, shares with us the Cyber Security challenge's feedback that he made for every participant. Now let's see the beautiful artworks made by the participants and check who's on the final list of the winners.

    Critique for Artworks in Cyber Security Challenge

    First and foremost, I(Izzy) extend my congratulations to all the participants of the CGandWE 3D monthly challenge for February 2024.

    Here's a brief overview of the contestants' submissions along with some constructive feedback on how I would personally refine the renders further.

    Let's delve into the submissions, explore, and maybe even discover some new skills along the journey!

    Daniel T

    Google Password Manager circa 200 BC © Daniel T

    Google Password Manager circa 200 BC © Daniel T

    Daniel T's creation introduces a digital vault concept, which I find intriguing. The inclusion of the green digital humanoid adds depth to the narrative, enhancing the overall concept.

    In terms of improvement, I would address the repetitive nature of the concrete textures. Additionally, exploring alternative compositions for the camera angle and placement of the digital humanoid could enhance the visual impact further.

    Daniel T earned a runner up position for the final results!

    Kay John Yim

    The Vault © Kay John Yim

    The Vault © Kay John Yim

    Kay John Yim's creation evokes a compelling narrative with its depiction of four soldiers discovering something within a cave. The presence of chains scattered throughout the scene adds an element of secrecy to their findings.

    Regarding areas for improvement, I would suggest reducing the amount of specular dust surrounding the scene. Additionally, the integration of the rocks with the ground appears somewhat rigid, particularly on the left side of the render. Adding more depth and shaping to this integration could enhance the overall realism. Although I appreciate John's use of red ambient light emanating from the discovered artifact, I would personally suggest extending this effect further into the cave for added immersion.

    John earned third place position for the final results! Visit his website here:


    PAC-MAN © Fhox

    PAC-MAN © Fhox

    Fhox's creation draws inspiration from the classic Atari game PAC-MAN, cleverly portraying PAC-MAN as cybersecurity entities at work. The use of voxel modeling for PAC-MAN and the enemies adds a unique visual style to the render.

    While I appreciate Fhox's approach, I believe there's room for further exploration in terms of composition and storytelling. Perhaps depicting PAC-MAN having already navigated through parts of the course could enhance the narrative. Bringing the viewer closer to the action and intimacy with the enemies and PAC-MAN's activities could inject more character and depth into the scene.

    Fhox earned a runner up position for the final results!

    ZGC Luca

    Late at Night at the Cyber Security Office © ZGC Luca

    Late at Night at the Cyber Security Office © ZGC Luca

    ZGC Luca's creation effectively communicates a clear storyline. The character lighting a cigarette at work adds subtle yet significant depth to the scene. The attention to detail, evident in the clutter of papers, mugs, and miscellaneous items, showcases ZGC Luca's skill and is greatly appreciated.

    In terms of constructive feedback, there are minor adjustments that could enhance the overall composition. For instance, reducing the intensity of the light source on the right side of the render by 60% could help separate the paper tray from the background without drawing too much attention to that area. Additionally, chamfering a few more areas, particularly on the table edges, would soften the sharpness and allow for smoother reflection, improving visual aesthetics.

    ZGC Luca earned first place position for the final results!


    © Civil

    © Civil

    Civil's creation of a city protected by a 'FIREWALL' is both clever and fitting, showcasing a thoughtful play on words. While the concept is strong, there are areas where the composition could benefit from further refinement.

    I appreciate the use of the 'Ants Perspective,' yet symmetry in the foreground wall of the render could enhance visual balance. Additionally, attention to textures is crucial; distortion and blurring in certain areas detract from the overall quality. Manual unwrapping or tiling to fit objects rather than stretching textures could address this issue effectively. These adjustments would contribute to a more polished and cohesive final product.

    Civil unfortunately did not earn a spot in the top 10, however, I would love to see how Civil progresses in the future!


    Internet City © Denys

    Internet City © Denys

    Denys' creation, titled 'Internet City,' exudes a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, which adds a playful touch to the scene. The incorporation of current trending media brands' headquarters further enhances its contemporary appeal.

    While the overall concept is engaging, there are areas that could benefit from refinement. In the foreground, the scene feels somewhat empty, while in the background, the buildings appear congested, potentially due to color clashes. Creating more distance between buildings could improve clarity and visual coherence. Similarly, the blue walkways clash with the blue fog/cloud below the buildings, making them difficult to discern. Addressing these issues would be a good starting point for enhancing the overall composition and readability of the render.

    Denys earned 4th place position for the final results!


    © Barnus

    © Barnus

    Barnus' creation, featuring a secured finger scanner USB entering a Desktop PC, offers an intriguing composition. The inclusion of the fingerprint scanner on the USB adds a unique touch to the scene.

    However, given that the USB serves as the main centerpiece, I believe more attention to detail could have been beneficial. While the render itself is clean and well-executed, the storytelling aspect could be enhanced to better engage the viewer. By amplifying the narrative elements, such as emphasizing the significance of the USB in the context of cybersecurity or incorporating additional visual cues, the overall impact of the render could be significantly strengthened.

    Barnus earned a runner up position for the final results!


    Encrypt or Decode © Spagoot

    Encrypt or Decode © Spagoot

    Spagoot's creation, featuring an abstract padlock with a volumetric light radiating from within the keyhole, offers an intriguing visual concept. The method employed for the volumetric light is commendable and adds an atmospheric touch to the scene.

    However, the overall render could benefit from the addition of more elements to enhance storytelling or ambiance. By incorporating additional visual cues or elements that contribute to the narrative, such as surrounding objects or contextual details, the scene could become more engaging and immersive. This could elevate the impact of the render and create a more compelling visual experience for the viewer.

    Spagoot unfortunately did not earn a spot in the top 10, however, with more time I am sure Spagoot will continue to progress!


    The Humanoid Fire Cyborg © Qxt2019

    The Humanoid Fire Cyborg © Qxt2019

    Qxt2019's creation, featuring a fire cyborg reading 1's and 0's, presents a compelling visual concept. The incorporation of motion blur on the 1's and 0's adds dynamism to the scene, creating a sense of movement. Additionally, the inverted distortion adds an interesting visual effect.

    However, there are areas for improvement that could enhance the overall composition. The buildings in the background appear overly dark, detracting from the clarity of the scene. Additionally, the lighting in the windows clashes with the colors of the 1's and 0's, drawing attention away from the main focus of the cyborg and the scene. Addressing these issues, perhaps by adjusting the lighting or color balance, could help to better balance the composition and ensure that the viewer's attention remains on the central elements of the render.

    Qxt2019 earned a runner up position for the final results!


    © Marzu

    © Marzu

    Marzu's creation evokes a Fallout-esque vibe, with an old-school computer stacked on cardboard boxes. The overall composition is solid, and the computer is well-modeled.

    However, there's room for improvement regarding the specular highlights on the cardboard boxes, which give them an excessive sheen. This effect makes them appear more like plastic than cardboard, which may detract from the desired aesthetic. Adjusting the specular highlights to better match the material properties of cardboard could enhance the realism and cohesion of the scene.

    Marzu earned a runner up position for the final results!


    A digital Anti-Virus Bot eradicating Viruses © Crayon

    A Digital Anti-Virus Bot eradicating Viruses © Crayon

    Crayon's creation, featuring a digital antivirus combating viruses, presents an intriguing concept. The overall render showcases some impressive techniques, yet there is room for improvement in the composition.

    To enhance the scene, I would suggest adjusting the composition to include more of the viruses and reducing the emphasis on the bullets. Additionally, reducing the overexposed areas on the rocket/gun arms could help balance the visual elements and improve overall readability.

    By refining the composition and addressing exposure issues, the scene could become more dynamic and better convey the narrative of the antivirus fighting off viruses.

    Crayon unfortunately did not earn a spot in the top 10, however, I am sure Crayon will be back with vengence!


    Tech Security Composition © Vitalik_333

    Tech Security Composition © Vitalik_333

    Vitalik_333's creation, featuring a motherboard housing a padlock, exudes a stylized and clean aesthetic. The use of metal materials enhances the overall look and feel of the render, contributing to its polished appearance.

    A notable aspect of the render is the soldered parts on the motherboard, where each solder appears to be the same object duplicated. While this uniformity adds to the overall style and precision of the scene, it may draw attention due to its perfect appearance.

    Overall, the render is solid, with commendable attention to detail and a cohesive visual style. It effectively communicates the concept of a motherboard housing a padlock while maintaining a polished and stylized presentation.

    Vitalik_333 earned third place position for the final results!

    Shincan Nohara

    © Shincan Nohara

    © Shincan Nohara

    Shinchan Nohara's creation emits an eerie vibe, featuring smoke, cracked glass, and sparks. These elements add depth to the atmosphere and contribute to the overall moodiness of the scene.

    However, while these effects enhance the atmospheric quality, the composition may benefit from refinement to better convey the narrative. It's challenging to discern precisely what is happening in the scene, though it appears something has gone awry, possibly resulting in an explosion.

    To improve clarity, adjusting the composition to emphasize or exaggerate certain elements could help tell the story more effectively. This might involve framing the scene differently or enhancing specific visual cues to provide clearer context for the viewer. By refining the composition, the narrative impact of the render could be significantly enhanced.

    Shinchan Nohara earned a runner up position for the final results!

    Once again, congratulations to all participants and CGandWE members! Your creativity shines in every challenge.

    As we close this one, I'm grateful for your contributions to its success. Stay connected on our Instagram and Discord for future challenges and inspiration.

    Thank you for being part of this journey. Looking forward to your next creations!

    Join CGandWE's awesome community to follow up on the next 3D challenge!

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