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    SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Successfully Concluded Its Very First Hybrid Edition in Tokyo, Japan




    Over 3,000 attendees from 41 countries and regions attended the physical event in Tokyo, Japan, as well as virtually. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 inspires conversations about the future of computer graphics and interactive techniques with heavyweights from Sony, Akili Interactive, BANDAI NAMCO Studios, Weta Digital, DNEG, Kamizake Douga, MacLean Visual Effects, Sola Digital Arts, SQUARE ENIX, Toei Animation, Ubisoft & more. Artists and creators were presented with various awards in recognition of their top-notched works at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Registration - TIF Lobby GalleryCongratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021. As the long-term partner of SIGGRAPH Asia, Fox Renderfarm wishes Siggraph Asia a better Computer Animation Festival in 2022!!2021 Closing & 2022 Opening Session - SIGGRAPH AsiaTokyo, Japan, 22 December 2021 – This year’s edition of SIGGRAPH Asia, themed ‘LIVE!’, marked the very first hybrid edition in ACM SIGGRAPH’s history. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 overcame all obstacles and challenges amidst Covid-19, and successfully concluded its live program at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan. Held from 14 – 17 December 2021, the event reunited over 3,000 attendees from 41 countries and regions. The onsite event was held in compliance to the Covid-19 regulations from the government, local authorities, and the exhibition industry, ensuring the safety and well-being of all in-person attendees.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Opening + Keynotes - TIF Hall C + Online“Despite a lack of clarity as to what lies ahead due to COVID-19, we decided in summer of this year to conduct the very first hybrid SIGGRAPH Asia,” said Shuzo John Shiota, Conference Chair of SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 & CEO, Polygon Pictures Inc. “It turned out to be a massive undertaking, and COVID continued to obstruct our progress. Against adverse conditions, we were able to create an illustrious conference, providing great insights into the current world of computer graphics and interactive techniques, as well as rekindling the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia communal spirit, both online and onsite. I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to this enormous undertaking”.“I am extremely proud of what the SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 team has achieved this year, pulling off an incredible show onsite and online. The feedback from the global Computer Graphics community has been very positive, reaffirming our stand to continue holding the hybrid event despite the many curve balls being thrown at us due to Covid-19. It’s amazing how this industry is so closely knit and supportive of one another. We look forward to creating an even larger reunion for the CG industry next year in Daegu, South Korea!” added Prakash Ramajillu, SIGGRAPH Asia Chief Staff Executive & Division Director (Technology, DigitalMedia, Entertainment & Mobility), Koelnmesse Pte Ltd.A diverse range of conference program sessionsClose to 130 speakers presented at the conference in-person and around 400 presenters joined the virtual platform to discuss the latest industry developments and future of the computer graphics and interactive techniques industry. The exciting line-up featured distinguished keynote speakers such as Toru Katsumoto, Executive Deputy President and CTO at Sony Group Corporation, and Matt Omernick, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Akili Interactive. Toru Katsumotos session on Creativity x Technology - How to fill the world with emotion brought us through the history of innovation in the creative industry and discussed possibilities enabled by technology made available to creators in the fields of music, movies and games. Matt Omernicks session on Video Games as Medicine dived into how Digital Therapeutic products like EndearvorRx are changing the face of medicine, and how cognitive health and entertainment will live harmoniously together in the future.Other highlights from the conference included the Featured Sessions program which invited industry figureheads such as Bandai Namco Studios, Weta Digital, DNEG, DNEG Animation, Kamizake Douga, MacLean Visual Effects, Sola Digital Arts, Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, SQUARE ENIX, Toei Animation, Ubisoft Divertissements, giving the community exclusive insights on the remarkable VFX works behind films like Dune, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Blade Runner, Apple TV's Foundation series, The Mitchells vs. The Machines, Wish Dragon, Ron's Gone Wrong, which are available on-demand on the virtual platform.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Technical Papers - TIF Hall B5 + OnlineThe Technical Papers program continues to be the anchor program of SIGGRAPH Asia and showcased 94 specially curated papers. The Technical Papers at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 adhere to the highest scientific standards and are chosen through a rigorous and highly refined peer-review process. This year, SIGGRAPH Asia had most of the presenters beamed onsite at the Tokyo International Forum, to take on live questions from the local and online attendees.The Trade Exhibition featured close to 30 virtual and onsite exhibitors showcasing the latest developments in hardware and software applications in the Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques space. Companies and brands include FORUM8, IMAGICA GROUP, Digital Hollywood University, KONICA MINOLTA, Amazon Web Services, BANDAI NAMCO, Carpe Diem Solutions, CyberAgent, ELSA Japan, Houdini SideFX, Huawei Russian Research Institute, NVIDIA, NHK Art, iPresence and SkyVision. iPresence created a virtual SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 exhibition tour, which allows remote attendees to travel into the exhibition hall from anywhere around the world. Experience it today!!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Trade Exhibition - TIF Hall EExhibitor Talks covered technical topics such as using Houdini in medical product design and medical visualization; digital content creation on AWS; IMAGICA GROUP and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology’s R&D on video content creation for their innovative displays on how to provide viewers with visual experiences; and NTT Human Informatics Laboratories sharing of the cutting-edge Tokyo Olympics 2020 project and the world of live entertainment in the Metaverse era.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Exhibitor Talks - TIF G409 - OnlineThe Experience Hall, held in the same venue as the Trade Exhibition, encompasses the Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies and XR showcases. In the Art Gallery, 15 cutting-edge works were selected from 147 submissions around the world, addressing questions of what the rituals, behaviors and modes of the future will look like in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Art Gallery Curation Committee also hosted a gallery tour for the Japanese audience during the exhibition days. Additionally, Art Gallery talks were held virtually to discuss the future of art and the role of art gallery in the face of new factors such as the pandemic and NFTs.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Art Gallery - TIF Hall E - OnlineThe Emerging Technologies program, themed Awaken Our Bodies, showcased 19 exhibits onsite and online which included novel and high-quality 3D projection mapping technologies, haptic interfaces, robotic avatars and virtual humans, input interfaces, music experiences, and VR experiences with novel sensations like wet, temperature, wind, and scent. Live demonstrations and Q&A sessions took place concurrently for both onsite and online delegates.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Emerging Technologies - TIF Hall E - OnlineAttendees explored the XR program to discover 19 immersive technologies and experiences such as Dislocation, which examined the internal processes that develop during a dislocation and offers a visual depiction of a person forced into extreme circumstances. Another interesting XR showcase was the Dementia Eyes a mobile AR experience which simulates the visual symptoms of senile dementia based on pathology and medical workers experience with patients. Live demonstrations and Q&A sessions took place concurrently for both onsite and online delegates.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - XR - TIF Hall E - OnlineLive drawing performances and CG Production Meetup also took place at the Experience Hall Talk Stage, in the Experience Hall. The live drawing performances by BANDAI NAMCO Studios, Ubisoft Entertainment, SQUARE ENIX and SAFEHOUSE were spectacular and had overwhelming attendance onsite. These live performances were recorded and will be uploaded onto the virtual platform for the online attendees. CG Production Meetup featured 48 companies from the Games, Interactive Techniques, Computer Graphics and Animation space, and attracted over 300 students for the 2 sessions on 15 and 16 December 2021.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Games Live Drawing - TIF Hall E!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - CG Production Meetup - TIF Hall EReal-Time Live!, a showcase of virtual technologies demonstrated live in front of our onsite and online attendees, wrapped up SIGGRAPH Asia 2021. As a part of the hybrid event, five local presenters showcased their demonstration on stage at Tokyo International Forum, while the other four livestreamed their demonstrations.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Game Gallery - TIF Hall E!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Posters - TIF Hall EArtists and Creators Recognized at SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 – Awards!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Computer Animation Festival - TIF + Online!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Online Zoon SessionsSIGGRAPH Asia 2021 presented the following artists and creators with various awards in recognition of their top-notched works:The winners for Real-Time Live! are:§ BEST IN SHOW: CodeMiko: An Interactive Vtuber Experience, Presenter: CodeMiko, codemiko project, LLC, USA§ PEOPLES CHOICE: Fencing Tracking and Visualization System, Presenters: Yuya Hanai, Daito Manabe, Kyle McDonald, Satoshi Horii, Futa Kera, Kisaku Tanaka, Motoi IshibashiThe Computer Animation Festival honored the top talents in animation:§ BEST IN SHOW: Twenty Something (USA), Director: Aphton CorbinTwenty Something & Nona | Official Trailer § BEST STUDENT PROJECT: Le Retour des Vagues (France), Directors: Manon Cansell, Alejandra Guevara Cervera, Edward Kurchevsky, Francisco Moutinho de Magalhães, Hortense MarianLe Retour des Vagues | Trailer § BEST STUDENT PROJECT: Les larmes de la Seine (France), Directors: Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice LetailleurLes larmes de la Seine | Trailer § JURY SPECIAL: Only a Child (United Kingdom, Switzerland), Director: Simone GiampaoloOnly a Child The Emerging Technologies program will also be announcing their winner for the ‘Best Online Demonstration Award’ soon. Registration may be closed, but the virtual platform remains open and accessible to attendees to watch the on-demand content till 11 March 2022. Next year’s edition, SIGGRAPH Asia 2022, will be held at EXCO, Daegu, South Korea, from 6 - 9 December 2022. Visit for more details.!SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 - Closing of 2021, SACAG Chair, Opening of 2022




    cloud rendering

    クラウドレンダリングを行うことで、さまざまなメリットがあります。 メリット①:初期投資が小さい!benefits of cloud rendering高性能なパソコンやサーバーなどを用意する必要がないため、初期投資をおさえることが可能です。マシンを買い換えなくても高速化できます。 メリット②:使い方が簡単!benefits of cloud renderingクラウドレンダリングは、レンダリング用のファイルをサービス上にアップロードするだけでレンダリングができます。マシンやサーバなどの高度な知識がなくとも手軽にレンダリング可能です。 メリット③:作業を効率化できる!benefits of cloud renderingレンダリング中はマシンのCPUをほとんど使い切ってしまうため、他の作業をすることができません。クラウドレンダリングではマシンに影響を与えないので、作業効率がアップします。 メリット④:創作時間を増やせる!benefits of cloud rendering動画制作の最後にレンダリングが必要になりますが、長時間費やす工程です。レンダリング時間を短縮することで、動画の編集に時間をかけることができるのです。 クラウドレンダリングサービスの選び方世界で多数の会社がクラウドレンダリングサービスを提供しています。その中で、予算や必要な機能を満たすサービスを選ぶ必要があります。 ①初期費用と利用料金サービスごとに、初期費用と利用料金が異なります。クラウドレンダリングサービスは、利用した時間に応じて費用が発生するシステムです。「定額制」「従量課金制」があるため、自分の使い方に合った課金スタイルのサービスを選ぶと良いでしょう。従量課金制の場合は、その名のとおり使った分だけ費用が発生します。従量課金の場合、予算管理がしやすいメリットがあります。また、あらかじめ予算を設定して使いすぎを抑えられるサービスもあります。 ②レンダリング速度クラウドレンダリングサービスでは、多数のCPU/GPUを使ってレンダリングを行います。使用しているCPU/GPUの性能や数などによってレンダリング速度は変わります。十分な速度が出るか、性能を確認すべきでしょう。 ③対応ソフトウェア・プラグインの確認動画編集に使われたソフトウェアやプラグインが対応していない場合、レンダリングができません。サービスを選ぶ際は、自分が利用しているソフトやプラグインが使えるかの確認は不可欠です。今後新しいソフトやプラグインを使う場合を見越して、対応範囲が広いサービスを選ぶべきでしょう。 まとめ動画制作を行うなかで、レンダリングの最適化はコストと効率化両方にメリットがあります。この記事で紹介したクラウドベースのレンダリング、「レンダーファーム」を利用することで、手軽にレンダリング環境の改善が可能になります。Fox Renderfarm(フォックスレンダーファーム)は従量課金制のレンダーファームです。そのため、予算管理をしながらレンダリングを実行できます。!Part of the render nodes © Fox Renderfarmぜひ動画制作に活用してみてください。!Fox Renderfarm 25 dollar free trial

    Fox RenderfarmはAnimaの対応が始まりました!



    cloud rendering

    Fox Renderfarmは、世界中のお客様に高速で安全なクラウドレンダリングサービスを提供することに取り組んでおり、現在弊社のファームは3D 人物アニメーションおよび群集シミュレーションアプリケーションであるソフトウェア Anima®の対応が始まりました!!anima4-4dAnima® 4 は建築家やデザイナー向けに特別に開発された人々と群集のアニメーション アプリケーションであり、驚くべき 3D アニメーションの人物をすばやく簡単に作成するのに役立ちます。 Anima® 4 には、顔のジェスチャーや衣服の動きを含む、新しくユニークな超リアルな 4D 人物アニメーションシステムが導入されています。3ds Max、Maya、Cinema 4D、UE4 のネイティブ プラグインである anima® を使用すると、顔のジェスチャーや衣服の動きを含む 3D の人物や群衆を CG シーンに簡単に追加できます。anima® の認定レンダー ファームとして、Fox Renderfarm は、3ds Max、Maya、Cinema 4D、Blender、V-Ray、Redshift など、世界中で最も人気のある 3D ソフトウェア、レンダラー、プラグインをサポートしています。Fox Renderfarm は巨大なコンピューティング パワーを備え、より高速で安全、安価、スマート、簡単なクラウドレンダリングサービスを顧客に提供し続け、CG アーティストが夢を実現するのを支援します。




    cloud rendering

    「レンダリング」とは何でしょうか?「レンダリング(Rendering)」とは、コンピュータプログラムを用い、もととなる数値データを計算し表示を行うことです。3DCG制作の現場では、主に3次元空間の物体を2次元の画像にすること、または合成の作業で完成したものを最終的な映像に出力することを指します。 「クラウドレンダリング」とは何なのでしょうか?- クラウド:「インターネット上で動作するサービス」- レンダリング:「3DCGなどのイメージをコンピューターで処理すること」をそれぞれ意味します。そのため、クラウドレンダリングは「インターネットブラウザを通して利用できるレンダリングサービス」のことです。!レンダリング3DCGなどのレンダリングを、個人用PCで行うのではなく、インターネットの向こう側のコンピュータ(サーバー)で処理することを意味します。 レンダリングを高速化する方法レンダリングの処理を高速化するには、2つの方法が考えられます。1つは、手持ちのPCを改造したり買い替えたりする方法です。もう1つは、オンラインレンダーファーム(例えば:Fox Renderfarm)を利用する方法です。!cloud renderingレンダリングは処理に時間がかかることが多く、業務効率化のためにPCを買い替えたりして高速化しようとすると非常に費用や手間がかかることがあると思います。東アジア最大のレンダーファームFox Renderfarmでは、30000台以上のCPU、GPUサーバーを用意しており、場合によっては何時間もかかるレンダリングを数分に短縮できます。また、1クリックでの簡単なアップロードにも対応しています。!Fox Renderfarm3DCG、VFXなどに利用でき、最近話題のVR(バーチャル・リアリティ)の開発にも使用可能です。ぜひ、快適なレンダリングをお楽しみください!




    GPU Rendering

    GPUレンダラーは、やがて前任者を引き継ぐ準備ができています。理由は次のとおりです。 より高速な処理比較的新しいテクノロジーとして、GPUレンダリングエンジンは画像レンダリングプロセスの速度に重点を置いています。レンダリングの未来とラベル付けされた単一のGPUは、CPUのクラスター全体でのみ一致することができる同じ処理能力と機能を備えています。より多くのコアプロセッサを使用すると、GPUレンダラーは数時間かかっていた作業を数分で完了します。 より少ない費用でより多く画質とアニメーションが拡大し続けるにつれて、ハイエンドの設計にはリソースを大量に消費するシステムが必要になり、その結果、投資の多いCPUレンダリングクラスターが必要になります。それどころか、GPUレンダリングエンジンを使用すると、複雑なレンダリングタスク(光沢のある反射や被写界深度など)を実行し、複数のユニットをインストールして、スタジオ品質の画像を大幅に低価格で作成できます。 継続的な進化GPUレンダラーは絶えず進化しており、更新するたびに以前の制限が古くなります。将来のGPUレンダリングエンジンは、メモリや信頼性に関して、CPUベースのエンジンに匹敵することができないと誰が言いますか?テクノロジーが進歩し続けるにつれて、最新のGPUは時間とともに改善され、最終的には現在の弱点を克服する可能性があります。 リソースを大量に消費するタスク最新のグラフィック要件が拡大するにつれて、ユーザーはゲーム、3Dビジュアル、GPUベースのクラウドコンピューティングの作成、および「ビッグデータ」の処理にレンダリングエンジンをますます使用するようになっています。このようなタスクには、重い処理能力と専用のリソースが必要です。これは、GPUベースのレンダリングエンジンだけが提供できるものです。GPUは、その高速性と相まって、はるかに高速で超リアルな画像を生成できます。




    CPU Rendering

    人々がCPUレンダリングエンジンを使い続ける理由は次のとおりです。!intel 複雑なプロジェクトを処理できるGPUの高速処理の背後にある理由は、データの巨大なチャンクを同じ方法で何度も実行することによって処理するように設計されているためです。GPUで有名な速度を活用するには、ユーザーは同じ実行のみを必要とする大量のデータを処理する必要があります。それどころか、CPUレンダラーを使用すると、さまざまな操作を必要とするさまざまなタスクをスムーズに処理できます。理想的なユースケースは、異なる部屋を異なる方法で設計する必要がある建築プロジェクトです。 メモリの増加現在のGPUの最大メモリポテンシャルは12GBに達します。複数のプロジェクトを処理している設計者にとって、12GB相当のグラフィックリソースを使用することはまったく難しい作業ではありません。さらに、CPUメモリとは異なり、GPUレンダラーを増やしてもGPUメモリはスタックしません。したがって、GPUレンダラーを追加する場合は注意が必要です。そうしないと、既存のレンダーエンジンのパフォーマンスが低下する可能性があります。それどころか、CPUシステムはCPUあたり最大768 GBのRAMに相当するメモリをサポートしているため、4xCPUマシンで1.5TB以上を使用できます。この追加メモリにより、さまざまなタスクをスムーズに管理できます。 安定CPUレンダラーは組み込みであるため、コンピューターの雰囲気と完全に統合され、シームレスなユーザーエクスペリエンスを提供します。これにより、安定性と信頼性が向上します。外部コンポーネントとして、GPUレンダラーは、適切に統合されていない場合にシステムをクラッシュさせるだけでなく、頻繁なドライバーの更新も作業の妨げになる可能性があります。 品質多くの人にとって、画像の品質はメディアが処理される速度よりも重要です。統合ソリューションであるため、CPUレンダラーは大幅に改善された画質を提供します。あなたが時間効率よりも正確な品質を好む人なら、これはあなたのためです。




    Best cloud rendering services

    クラウドレンダーファームは結構ありますが、どれを選ぶか常に迷う可能性があります。 アジア最大のオンラインレンダーファームとしてFox Renderfarmをおすすめの理由は以下のとおりです。Fox Renderfarmは、24時間サポート、OSCARのサポートチーム、大規模なレンダーマシン、ハリウッドのセキュリティを備えた強力なレンダーファームです。経験豊富なサポートチームは、すでに世界中の何百ものプロジェクトをサポートしていました。Fox Renderfarmのサポート部門にはCG業界で20年以上の経験を持つスタッフによる優れたテクニカルチームがあります。 チームメンバーは、ディズニー、ルーカス、ドリームワークス、ソニーピクチャーズなどでの製作経験者で様々な局面で適切なアドバイスを行うことができます。このようなプロのサービスと業界をリードする革新的なチームによって、50カ国以上の主要なVFX会社とアニメーションスタジオをサポートしています。Fox Renderfarmは、2015年にAlibaba Group(NYSE:BABA)と、2018年にLegend Capitalとグローバルな戦略的ビジネスパートナーシップを形成し、グローバルなビジュアルクラウドコンピューティングサービスを提供しています。 強力で安全なレンダーファームサービスFox RenderfarmはRayvisionの海外向けのクラウドレンダーファームです。Fox Renderfarmは業界をリードするクラウドレンダーファームの1つです。2011年以来、Fox Renderfarmは、その高品質のパフォーマンス、厳格なセキュリティ保護、優れたカスタマーサービス、柔軟な価格設定で高い評価を得ています。!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farm カスタマイズレンダリングソリューション!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farm クラウドレンダーファームの利点!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farm 最高の強力なクラウドレンダーファームサービス!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farm プロジェクト向けの強力なクラウドレンダーファーム!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farm1. 高速転送技術Raysyncを使用して超高速のファイル転送2. プラットホームは、Windows、Mac、およびLinuxに対応3. ほぼ、100%の稼働率を誇る高いファーム稼働率4. 米国TPN認定のクラウドサービスです5. I / Oでの速度低下を回避するためにSSDストレージを採用 対応しているソフトウェアとプラグインFox Renderfarmは、主流のCGソフトウェアとプラグインのほとんどを対応しています。!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farm柔軟なクラウドレンダーファームの価格!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farmプロのカスタマーサービス&技術サポートチームFox Renderfarmのプロのカスタマーサービス&技術サポートチームはお待ちしております!!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-FarmFox Renderfarmは、セキュリティ面では万全の備えをしています!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-Farm Fox Renderfarmでレンダリングされた作品の一部!Which-One-Is-The-Best-Cloud-Render-FarmFox Renderfarm本当に最高のレンダリングファームであるかどうか疑問に思われるかもしれません。試してみて頂くとすぐにわかります。

    5 Key Features in Blender 2.82 that Boost Your Creation Productivity




    Update Alert! Blender 2.82 is Released! New features include improvements in various aspects, from sculpting to texturing. Also, the support of RTX on rendering and USD on pipeline are going to boost your productivity to the next level! Here are the details for the 5 groundbreaking new features, and what they mean to CG artists. 1. New Fluids Simulation SystemBlender is a popular open-sourced software for production and animation artists, but not a perfect choice for hardcore simulations. The new fluids simulation system - Mantaflow - is going to change that.Mantaflow is the new physically-based fluid simulation framework in Blender for gas (smoke & fire) and liquid simulations. It completely replaces the existing fluid simulation systems and changes the way you work with fluids.!Blender 2.82 2. Cloth SimulationIn cloth simulation, internal air pressure and internal cloth springs are both supported now, which means simulating balloons, cushions and soft bodies will be much easier. What’s more, it is likely that future releases will enable Blender artists to do fully procedural workflow like Houdini.(Left: Internal air pressure; Right: Internal cloth springs) 3. UDIM SupportThe UDIM UV layout format was initiated by Weta Digital to handle the high-resolution textures more efficiently. Now it is widely used in the VFX pipelines.!Blender 2.82The new support for UDIM in Blender facilitates assets exchanging with applications like Substance Painter, Maya and Houdini. Moreover, UDIM is implemented across all of the key toolsets, which means to display UDIMs in the Image and UV Editors, to paint onto UDIMs in the Image Editor and 3D viewport, and to render scenes that use them in both Cycles and Eevee, are now possible. 4. Pixar USD ExportBlender now supports exporting files in Pixar’s open-source Universal Scene Description format.!Blender 2.82(Image via Google) Universal Scene Description (USD) files can contain complex layering, overriding, and references to other files. Blender’s USD Exporter takes a much simpler approach. When exporting, all visible, supported objects in the scene are exported, optionally limited by their selection state. Blender does not (yet) support exporting invisible objects, USD layers, variants, skeletal animation, etc. 5. Cycles ImprovementsThe updated Blender now supports custom render passes, adding in the Shader AOVs (Arbitrary Output Variables) panes in the view layer settings, with a name and data type. The output of any component of a shader graph will be shown in the custom render passes. That helps artists to debug shading problems in a scene.For artists who work in production, another change to Cycles in Blender 2.82 is supporting the AI-accelerated Denoiser from OptiX, from NVIDIA RTX graphics cards.!Blender 2.82(Image via the leading render farm in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm supports most mainstream 3D software, renderers and plugins, including Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Clarisse, and more. We always provide fast, secure and affordable cloud rendering services to reduce your rendering time. Welcome to get a $25 free trial.For more update details, please check the Release Notes by Blender:

    ‘Ne Zha’ and ‘Upin & Ipin’ Officially in Running for 2020 Oscar Nomination!




    Congratulations to the 32 animated features in running for 2020 Oscar nomination. Two of them have chosen Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering service, they are, Ne Zha, produced by Chengdu Coco Cartoon and Beijing Enlight Media Co., Ltd; and Ipin & Upin: The Lone Gibbon Kris (short for Upin & Ipin), produced by Les' Copaque Production Sdn. Bhd. Besides, another Chinese animated feature White Snake produced by Light Chaser Animation Studios is also listed. !‘Ne Zha’ and ‘Upin & Ipin’ Officially in Running for 2020 Oscar Nomination! (From left to right: Ne Zha; Ipin & Upin; White Snake) Both Nezha and Upin & Ipin have made massive box office success in their home country. As of October 2019, Nezha and Upin & Ipin rank respectively as the top and 2nd highest-grossing animated film in their local box offices of all time. Besides their commercial success and popularity within the local markets, being listed in the Animated Feature race in the Oscars demonstrates that their extraordinary stories and productions resonate with people from all walks of life regardless of age, race, and culture.Fox Renderfarm is wholeheartedly happy for our customers’ breakthroughs and their recognition among the world stage. And as a world-leading cloud render farm that has served numerous big productions including Oscar winner and worldwide box office smashes, assistance to more content creations, no matter of what sizes or from what nations, with our effective and user-friendly cloud rendering services, is our endless pursuit. Because nothing is more delightful than seeing the progress and thriving of the whole community. And we are sincerely looking forward to more cooperation around the world!Congratulations to all the contenders! The full list of the 32 animated features is attached below, check out to see the animated movies you can’t miss this year.!2020-Oscar Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 10:00 32 ANIMATED FEATURES SUBMITTED FOR 2019 OSCAR® RACEThirty-two features have been submitted for consideration in the Animated Feature Film category for the 92nd Academy Awards®.The submitted features, listed in alphabetical order, are:- “Abominable”- “The Addams Family”- “The Angry Birds Movie 2”- “Another Day of Life”- “Away”- “Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles”- “Children of the Sea”- “Dilili in Paris”- “Frozen II”- “Funan”- “Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Primal’ – Tales of Savagery”- “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World”- “I Lost My Body”- “Klaus”- “The Last Fiction”- “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part”- “Marona’s Fantastic Tale”- “Missing Link”- “Ne Zha”- “Okko’s Inn”- “Pachamama”- “Promare”- “Rezo”- “The Secret Life of Pets 2”- “Spies in Disguise”- “The Swallows of Kabul”- “This Magnificent Cake!”- “The Tower”- “Toy Story 4”- “Upin & Ipin: The Lone Gibbon Kris”- “Weathering with You”- “White Snake”From:

    The Best Cloud Rendering Service Provider



    cloud rendering

    You may be always confused which render farm can support the best cloud rendering services for you or your company? Let me introduce Fox Renderfarm to you. As the leading cloud rendering service provider in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, strict security protection, great customer service, and flexible pricing scheme. Now, we here to show part of the reviews from Fox Renderfarm’s customers and partners. We hope the reviews from others can help you to choose the best cloud rendering service provider for yourself. Three RobotsBlow Studio“The animation was a challenge because we had to animate about 120 shots mixing styles. We had to invest a lot of effort in this area in order to take forward the project.Another challenge I would like to highlight is the making of a realistic talking cat. Everything required the highest quality to make this character credible. The cat was the most complicated character of this episode and we are very proud of the result.”Spanish animation studio Blow Studio. Upin&Ipin: Keris Siamang TunggalLes’Copaque Production Sdn. BhdThe technical team of Les’ Copaque Production greatly praises the high-quality rendering service. They said: "We are very satisfied with Fox Renderfarm’s 24/7 real-time technical support, reliable download and upload speed, the user friendly webpage interface, and very simple desktop client app for our alternative option. For example, we have some frames that took 3 days to render locally, and after we submitted to Fox Renderfarm’s cloud rendering platform, it was completed in 2 hours, which greatly saved our time and budget. More importantly, the reliable and quality rendering also guarantees the quality of this film." Katapix Media:Carlos Duque"One of our biggest concerns was render time, since we are a small company and we knew this was going to be super render intensive, so we looked for a reliable render service, tried a bunch, and ended up picking Fox Renderfarm, because their price/benefit are more important, their staff was there for us 24/7 not via email or forums, we actually had direct contact with our account manager and a group of TD’s willing to help us regardless of the hour. It was an overall great experience to work with them and we still use Fox Renderfarm as our sole render solution." The ShipmentThe director Bobby balaFox Renderfarm has provided rendering power with significantly discounted rate for this film which is over 40,000 frames. Bobby mentioned in the interview that "Fox Renderfarm was critical to the success and completion of our film 'The Shipment'. Their customer service was excellent and their render system was very reliable and user friendly. After many unsuccessful experiences with other rendering services, we were grateful to find Fox which surpassed our expectations. Without their affordable rendering options, we would not have been able to complete our independent sci-fi film which has recently been chosen as an official selection at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York." Mr. HublotLaurent Witz, filmmaker of short films."As a small studio of 3D animation film in France, we need a lot of computing power to show our originality. This requires a great number of computers than those used in the studio. Computer rendering cannot be finished without external support. Finally, we find RAYVISION." Howard Lovecraft 3ArcanaStudios:SeanPatrickO'Reilly"Sean Patrick O'Reilly said that Fox Renderfarm's flexible nodes arrangement, cost-effective product, and 24/7 online customer service perfectly complement the infrastructures and facilitate independent studios' production process, like us . It is reported that the film "Panda vs Aliens", directed by Sean Animation Studio founder Sean Patrick O'Reilly and directed by Stan Lee and Gill Champion, is now in production and is expected to be released in China in 2019. Sean Patrick O'Reilly said that he hopes to work with more Chinese production companies to provide more high-quality works for the audience." ShadowPIXOMONDO"As the special effects producer of 'Shadow', PIXOMONDO made great efforts and constantly modified and communicated in the production process to achieve the final result. Fox Renderfarm, which provides cloud rendering support for 'Shadow', also provides powerful technical support for the perfect visual rendering of the film." Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past "There are also rendering machines in the company. Before the scene is rendered, the technicians will avoid the repeated submission and rendering invalidation by splitting and assembling the rendering task. When the internal render farm can't meet a large number of rendering requirements, some parts of the rendering task will be submitted to Fox Renderfarm, maximizing the use of rendering resources to ensure completion in the cycle. Fox Renderfarm can provide a large number of rendering clusters, allocate nodes at any time, and provide timely technical support to complete project rendering on time." Production director Qiang Wang commented." Isotropix"We're thrilled to partner with the Fox Renderfarm team! It’s great to see that Clarisse is now part of their offer. Fox RenderFarm is a very serious company owning a large number of render nodes. It gives our customers a lot a flexibility as Fox RenderFarm provides them with a quick and easy access to a huge rendering power!"For more Fox Renderfarm customer reviews.

    Cloud Render Farm Company’s Introduction Video



    cloud rendering

    Recently, Fox Renderfarm, a leading cloud render farm service provider, has published its company introduction video, here is the video,Fox Renderfarm is Rayvision’s overseas cloud render farm service. It is one of the leading cloud render farms in the industry. Since 2009, Fox Renderfarm has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, strict security protection great customer service and flexible pricing scheme. !render farm Fox Renderfarm, your powerful render farm with 24 Hours support, OSCAR service team, massive render nodes, and Hollywood security. Their experienced technical team has already supported hundreds of projects around the world. !Fox Renderfarm Fox Renderfarm has an outstanding team with over 20 years of CG production experience. Team members are from Disney, Lucasfilm, Dream works, Sony, etc. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, they serve leading special effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries, including two Oscar winners. In 2015, Fox Renderfarm has formed a global strategic partnership with Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud Computing) to provide global visual cloud computing services.Welcome to try our platform and enjoy our services.

    An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm


    Fox Talk


    A group of international CG artists, who are also the fans of Dragon Ball, one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time, decided to make a project about the anime on their free time. The nonprofit project, Dragon Ball Z Legacy, supported by Fox Renderfarm, is going to be a 3D animation video clip featuring some of the best manga and animated moments. They said, if this project earns money, all the money will be donated to an international association for children with cancer.Fox Renderfarm has been committed to supporting public welfare project, such as the Dragon Ball Z Legacy. While supporting more CG artists, we hope to make more contributions to society. The characters of Dragon Ball Z Legacy You can check the Dbz Legacy facebook page and know more about the characters.It is our honor to have an interview with the team leader, Olivier Schmitt. Moreover, Olivier shares us with the making of the project and production experience. Here's the interview between Fox RenderFarm and Olivier Schmitt.Fox Renderfarm: Could you please introduce yourself?Olivier Schmitt: Hello, I'm Olivier Schmitt, I'm French, I'm a CG artist for 12 years, I've studied 3D animation in Paris for 4 years, at Lisaa and Les Gobelins. I work in China in Beijing for 3 years, as a CG artist supervisor. Fox Renderfarm: When did you begin to like Dragon Ball? And which is your favorite character?Olivier Schmitt: I started to watch Dragon ball in 1989 when I was 8 years old. I don’t have a favorite character, each one is special and has its own specificity, for example, I like Goku when he arrived late and came to save his friends, I like Krillin when he fight with Cell for saving a mother with her daughter, or when he uses the Kienzan. Vegeta he sacrificed his life to try to kill Buu, etc..Fox RenderFarm: Does Dragon Ball have any impact on your life and career? Olivier Schmitt: Yes, Dragon Ball influenced me a lot. When I was a young student I drew Dragon Ball many times, step by step I tried to improve my level and push me always to be better. And I think that helped me to take the decision to start art school and do 3D animation and be here now. Fox RenderFarm: What’s your original intention of creating the team project? Olivier Schmitt: The original intention of me and my team, is to create a very beautiful 3D animation of Dragon Ball Z. To take big pleasure to create this Fan video, and give pleasure to the peoples who will watch it.Fox RenderFarm: What is the story of the team project? And what do you want to express through the work? 30 Dragon Ball characters are selected, any reasons why you choose them in your work? Olivier Schmitt: The story is to recreate between on 3 and 4 minutes a video clip with many of the best moments of the Dbz action. The thing we want to express is to have chills to do this job and give chills to the audience who will watch the video. The 30 characters selected, are all characters who have influenced the most the story of Dragon Ball Z.!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 4!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 3 The concept of Dragon Ball Z LegacyFox RenderFarm: As for the character modeling design, will you innovate or restore the original version? Olivier Schmitt: For the characters, we keep the original design version with some small changes. !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 5!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 6 !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 7!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 8 The character designs of Dragon Ball Z LegacyFox RenderFarm: Any software and plugins you use for the project? Olivier Schmitt: For do this project we use much software: the base is Maya, and we use, Zbrush, Wrap 3, Photoshop, Substance designer, Mari, V-ray for the renders, Houdini, Nuke, Premiere, After effect.Fox RenderFarm: Artists who are also Dragon Ball fans, how did you call them together? How many team members now? Could you introduce a bit about your team members? Olivier Schmitt: Yes, all the artists who work on this project are all Fan of DBZ, I think we need it because it’s a big work and long project, needs to be a passion. There are around 60 artists, some of whom work to ILM or MPC, and some other big studios. Here’s a credit work of the peoples work on the project:Gonza Estay: Polunga, Fat BuuDavid Ruiz: Gohan ss2, Perfect Cell, GokuLim Philippe: gotenJose Roa: Majin buuEmilio Jose Dominguez Calvo: C18Sarah Clippe Petruzzi: TrunksLuís Figueiredo: concept characterNarupiti Harunsong: concept city warRomain Caudron: NappaMelvin Okoronkwo: KrillinJose Carrasco: Freezer V3André de Souza: Kid buuGael Roulin: concept characterAnthony Amorose: concept characterFrankino Lupo: TD hairLaurent Merceau: RiggingOlivier Schmitt : DirectorFox RenderFarm: Your team members come from all over the world, so how do you communicate during the creation? Any difficulties? How to solve it?Olivier Schmitt: I created a secret Facebook group and I included step by step all the artists who want to join the project. This is more easy to show where I wish the project takes direction and can communicate all together. And if I need to say some specific things to an artist I communicate with Facebook messenger, or by email. In fact the master word is "patience". Because all of us we do this project on us spend time, during the day we all have our jobs which take a long time of our day, and when we back home sometimes we are tired of being front a computer again. And I really understand about this, so we work all on our own speed, and can take time. But for now, we not really meet difficulty, because we are professional and we know in advance what kind of problems we will meet and we try to fix them before is coming.Fox RenderFarm: Have you received any favorable comments or suggestions after posting your works on the Internet? Olivier Schmitt: Yes, I posted some images of the characters on Facebook and generally more than 3/4 of peoples like what we did, and we already got an interview on a French website of 3D animation and we received a favorable reception, and even after that we had some artists join the project after reading the article.Fox RenderFarm: When is the work expected to be completed? Do you plan to create a longer video or film in the future? Olivier Schmitt: I hope we finish this video in around 18 months, but is not guaranteed, it will depend on each artist the time he will devote to this project. Yes, I love very much Dragon ball, and my big dream is to create 4 movies for the cinema on 3D animation. When the project is done I hope to have the opportunity the show the video to Toei animation and we can talk about this project and have the license to create it. Fox RenderFarm: Any interesting stories happened during your project making? Olivier Schmitt: In fact for this project I communicate a lot with all the artists, some of them every day, but I never meet them in real, some I don’t know how they look like, maybe I can cross them on the street, and don’t know them, whom I talk with every day. And this project allowed me to get in touch with many talented artists and I'm very proud of this.Fox RenderFarm: Have you heard of Fox Renderfarm before? Where and how? Have you used our service before? How do you like it? Olivier Schmitt: I heard Fox RenderFarm from Linkedin, and I get touch with Anthony who works on your company. It’s the first time I work with a cloud render farm. Before I always used an in house render farm I created by myself in the company. And the first time I use Fox Renderfarm, I find it’s so easy to use, have a tutorial which explains very clearly step by step how to use it, so is very easy.Fox RenderFarm: Any other things you want to share with the audience from the CG industry or CG enthusiasts? Olivier Schmitt: Yes, as I said we do this project for us because we love Dragon Ball, and we want to share with peoples this project, we really want people to take big pleasure to watch it. And we all agree that if this project brings any money, all of this money will be given to an international association for kids who have cancer. We wish that all the children of the world could have the chance like us when we were young to get up in the morning in a good mood because you knew that you would see one or two episodes of Dragon Ball on television. For my part, during the summer holidays with my cousins we woke up every morning before 9 a.m. to watch Dragon Ball, and it was magical :).And finally, I wish to say if any artist loves dragon ball like us and wish to participate in this project he is welcome to contact me. They can contact me on the Facebook page:'s more, Olivier Schmitt also share the steps for how they made Goku for the project of Dragon Ball Z Legacy. Here we can see how Goku cone into being.1. Firstly, Luis Figueiredo make a concept, and he designed an amazing Goku:!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 1321 2. When the concept was done, David Ruiz make a sculpture on Zbrush of Goku and he gave this very fast and good:!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 14333. After from this sculpt who was on very high polygon around 6 million polygons we applied on him a base mesh of around 5000 polygons for be on low poly and include rigging, for put the low resolution to the high we used Wrap3: !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 1661 !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 1663 4. And to create the textures we use Substance painter: !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 1718 5. And we can extract this differents map:!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 1760 6. This different maps we apply them on the ALshader on Maya on the Hypershade: !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 1839 7. For finally have this result on low poly:!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 18838. And from here we can apply the Rigging, we use Advanced skeleton as a base Rigging we optimize for this project: !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 1998 9. For the cloth we use almost the same way, we go to substance painter to do the texture and extract these maps:!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 2111 10. And have this result:!An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 2135 !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 213711. Finally, we have the Goku with the cloth: !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 2181 !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 2183 !An Amazing Dragon Ball 3D Animation Project Supported By Fox Renderfarm 2184 We all expect that Dragon Ball Legacy will be an amazing 3D animation video, especially for the Dragon Ball fans.

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