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How Much Does Cloud Rendering Platform Charge?

How Much Does Cloud Rendering Platform Charge?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, cloud rendering stands as a monumental scientific advancement, revolutionizing industries that thrive on cutting-edge visual experiences. The year 2023 marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of cloud rendering platforms, where they continue to mature, offering an indispensable and versatile solution for businesses deeply entrenched in fields like 3D animation, graphics, interior design, and architectural planning. The versatility of cloud rendering platforms makes them particularly appealing to industries that demand top-tier visual outputs.

Cloud infrastructures are essential in this evolution because they support cloud rendering platforms and make it easier to process complicated, graphics-intensive tasks. For applications where quick and effective rendering is crucial, like 3D modeling, animation, and visual effects, cloud infrastructures are indispensable due to their enormous computational capacity.

As businesses and creative professionals increasingly rely on the advantages of cloud rendering, it has become a cornerstone solution for accelerated rendering packages across a myriad of industries.

However, the pivotal questions that arise in this technological narrative are: Is cloud rendering free? How does the cloud rendering platform charge? Is it a worthwhile investment?

How Do Cloud Rendering Platforms Charge?

The use of online rendering farms is not free. The majority of online render farms charge for their services and have various methods of charging you, but the exact price will ultimately depend on the details of your project. Many render farms provide calculator tools, allowing you to estimate before submitting your project. Farms typically bill according to rendering time. Therefore, this implies that you will only be billed for one hour's render time if your animation takes an hour to create.

Famous Cloud Rendering Platforms

Next, we'll introduce you to five famous cloud rendering farms in terms of their charging models.

Fox Renderfarm - Best Cloud Rendering Platform

Fox Renderfarm, a world-class CPU and GPU render farm online, provides you with the fastest online cloud rendering service with thousands of rendering nodes. Their service is available 24/7, and they offer a $25 free trial to test their service. Fox Renderfarm's CPU rendering services are charged based on core hour, while GPU rendering services are charged based on node hour, and their service is as low as $0.036 per core hour. Fox Renderfarm offers affordable pricing options, close to 50% off, for students, teachers, and educational institutions to support educational purposes.

Fox Renderfarm CPU Price

Fox Renderfarm GPU Price


RebusFarm offers top-notch cloud rendering services to a variety of sectors, like television, movies, and architecture. RebusFarm's robust hardware allows it to handle the most demanding tasks without problems. At RebusFarm, the start of rendering is free with a 25 Renderpoint free trial. (1 RenderPoint = $1.09). Then, the render farm usage only costs 1.30 cents per GHz (gigahertz hour). To render online with RebusFarm’s CPUs, they offer a price of 1.30 cents per GHz. GPU rendering is offered for only 0.49 cents/OBH. The number of machines used affects prices. RebusFarm only charges engine time, and there is no minimum turnover. There are no costs for up- or downloads, not even data storage.

Rebusfarm price


GarageFarm intends to give 3D artists enough time to complete their creations while handling the rendering. Both big studios and private users utilize their services. Because rendering costs rise with priority level but yield faster results, GarageFarm offers users three pricing tiers based on their time and budget constraints. They also provide both CPU and GPU rendering. At GaragFarm, it can be between $1 and $10,000, or much more. The highest priority goes to 0.06 per GHz hour for the node RAM of up to 240 GB. The lowest priority cost is 0.02 per Ghz hour for the node RAM of up to 120 GB, while the medium priority is 0.03 per Ghz hour for the node RAM of up to 240 GB.

GarageFarm-s CPU Price

GarageFarm-s GPU Price


At iRender, you pay per hour for one node. The cost varies based on the nodes' power that you rent. In addition to the rendering service, they provide their remote servers for various data processing and resource-intensive tasks, and you can install any necessary software on their machines. The cost of rendering at iRender ranges from $5.76 per node/hour. iRender offers a variety of deals and offers to its customers, and the price varies depending on which deal the customer chooses.

iRender Price 1

iRender Price 2

Ranch Computing

Ranch Computing renders that the price depends on the number of nodes assigned to a project and its priority in the queue. There are various pricing models. There are three price categories for GPU rendering and CPU rendering in Ranch Computing: low, medium, and high. At the lowest setting, the GPU rendering rate for 11 GB and 24 GB is £0.008 OB/h and £0.009 OB/h for 14 nodes. When using GPU medium, the rendering rate for 20 nodes is £0.010 OB/h for 11 GB and £0.011 OB/h for 24 GB. At its peak, Ranch Computing charged 30 nodes for 11 GB at £0.012 OB/h and for 24 GB at £0.013 OB/h.

Ranch Computing‘s CPU Price

Ranch Computing‘s GPU Price

Why Do Cloud Rendering Platforms Charge This Way?

Cloud rendering services usually have multiple pricing structures, which can differ between distinct providers. Many aspects must be considered when determining the cost of cloud rendering services, and different providers may have unique pricing structures. Factors such as computing resources (digital computers) or cost of hardware, cost of labor, duration of rendering (hours), cost of space, extra features and services, infrastructure management, and different service levels.

Computing resources (digital computers) are the main things that affect the price and the amount of processing power needed for rendering. Cloud rendering services use machines with distinct CPU, GPU, and memory capacities. The cost increases with the effectiveness of the resources.

One of the factors that affects the cost of rendering is the cost of labor. Labor expenses are still involved in managing cloud resources, even though cloud rendering lessens the strain of hardware management. Machine configuration, cloud rendering workflow optimization, data transfer management, and rendering process monitoring are all included in this. Experts in cloud administration and DevOps may also be included in the labor costs associated with the cloud.

Cloud rendering services typically charge based on the total time your rendering job takes. It is a term that accounts for the time the machines take to actively process the frames. Longer rendering times will result in higher costs.

Cloud rendering also requires storage and protection of the user's data; thus, the costs incurred contribute to the final price.

Infrastructure management and service levels may also affect the cost of cloud rendering. Some cloud rendering services offer various service levels with varying response times, levels of support, and guarantees. Increased costs may result from providing higher service levels, and infrastructure management costs would rise in tandem. Cloud rendering services handle the infrastructure required to set up and monitor the rendering process. All of this includes machine maintenance, networking, and high availability. The expenses associated with the operation of these services will appear in the render farm's price.

How to Reduce Your Cloud Rendering Costs?

It is possible to lower your cloud rendering cost.

Cloud rendering service providers offer billing information that breaks down the price of their services. With this information, you can find high-cost areas and make savings. Sort and evaluate high-cost services and processes. You can avoid paying for unnecessary resources and make wise spending decisions by paying attention to the costs. Taking advantage of the free trials that various render farms offer for their clients is another way to reduce the cost of rendering. You can also receive a free coupon by participating in the 3D challenge.

How Much Does The Cloud Rendering Platform Charge


In summary, cloud rendering stands as a testament to the ongoing convergence of technology and creativity, and cloud rendering is a service that supports numerous industries worldwide. Since 2023, the field of cloud rendering platforms has continued to evolve, presenting a flexible and effective solution for businesses reliant on high-performance rendering capabilities. As of 2023, the pricing models of cloud rendering platforms vary based on multiple factors. The choice of cloud rendering service provider, the specific requirements of the rendering tasks, and the features offered by the platform all contribute to the intricacies of the pricing structures, but several factors can also help lower the cost of rendering. Utilizing the render farm's free trial is one way to save money. Use Fox Renderfarm's $25 trial to get started right away!

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