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Hum3D Announced Winners of Widely Watched Car Render Challenge 2022!

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Hum3D Contest

The 9th annual Hum3D competition for the best Car render is the largest awards event for the car 3D modeling and visualization industry. The artists can create their own car 3D model, put it into a 3D environment and make a beautiful render. There are no limits to creative ideas: participants can choose any automobile they like whether it is a racing or imaginary vehicle. Jury paid attention to the idea, the quality of performance, time and efforts spent on the modeling, and to the overall impression created by the work.

The submission period was from September 21 to December 8, 2022. According to Hum3D, 72 artists took part in the competition. Rencently, they announced the top 3 winners and some “Team Choice” awards of Car Render Challenge 2022.

Congrats to all the winners! Fox Renderfarm, as a world-leading render farm and cloud rendering services provider, also a long-term partner of Hum3D, sponsored this highly anticipated challenge for the car 3d modeling and visualization industry.

Winner Announced

1. First Place: “The glory of youth” by Ruming Cao

First Place The glory of youth by Ruming Cao

© Ruming Cao

Made using 3ds Max, Chaos Corona, Mari, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Zbrush, RizomUV, Marvelous designer and Fusion360.

Grandpa was a racer when he was young. He has won many championships. Now he was telling his story to his grandson. Grandpa wanted the child to inherit his spirit.

Part of the jury says:

Laurens Corijn: “Wow, amazing work on this scene, the attention to detail is impeccable, and the characters are well integrated and tell a story”.

Pierre Maheut: “Love the storytelling of the scene. In one image you have a full story”.

Jacob Norris: “There are so many story elements in this scene. The longer you look at the environment, you find more and more fun little props, characters, and beautiful parts you can find that make up this incredible Car Render scene. It makes me want to know what is written on the trophy he is holding! I am so invested in this story already haha”.

Michal Horba: “No need to say anything; you just nailed it! You did some crazy work here. Great composition, mood, color balance, and some story with it. I love the level of detail in this work; every inch of it is an eye candy. I noticed the detailed background and some cool props there- that makes it a powerful image. Shaders are good looking especially in this old-school cold/warm lighting. I like your idea of contrast in this story – at least I find it this way; old guy-kid/old garage-robots. I wonder what glory stories the old man has to say? I bet he has some. Congratulations on your skill!”.

Martin Krasemann: “Love the warm mood and the tons of details everywhere”.

2. Second Place: “Lamborghini Team” by Mohammad Ghadimi

Second Place Lamborghini Team by Mohammad Ghadimi

© Mohammad Ghadimi

Made using 3ds Max, Chaos Corona, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Xnormal, Mixamo

Calm before the storm.....

Part of the jury says:

Michal Horba: “As far as I like automotive stuff I enjoy Lego :) Great idea to mix this with a real-deal racing track. Stunning work; The Lego Lambo is super made as the whole scene is. Photorealism is blinking its eye at this lego team ;). The level of detail you presented here is stunning; especially the Lambo caught my eye but the orange figures did also. They are made very precise and that shows it all. The shading is looking so good – track asphalt/concrete is juicy- I Love it. Congratulations on being so talented!”.

Martin Krasemann: “Mixing a toy car in a real environment is really what caught my eyes. Really clever”.

Jarosław Dzedzej: “Once I saw this picture I was sure it will be in the top 5 as it is a strikingly beautiful and realistic render. Then at a second glance, I noticed the thing that made it my no.1 The sports car is made out of ‘Lego Technic’ blocks! That was the creative surprise that was the cherry on top and with this creative twist, it made my day. The visuals and technical level of it are also very strong. I love the overcast weather and lighting contrasting with the bright saturated oranges and blues. The image strikes as something realistic and a bit ‘mundane’ and yet is very artistically curated. It is a great image on a lot of layers. Top-notch work!”.

Laurens Corijn: “Very nice work integrating lego into a realistic environment, I have a hard time telling if the background is based on a photo or full 3D. I love the details like the lego tires in the back”.

Atanas Tudzharov: “I like the atmosphere and the fact that the car is the star of the artwork. This is a car render challenge after all and I love the idea to make it a lego car while still keeping things looking realistic”.

3. Third Place: “Edogawa Run” by Swiz.prod

Third Place Edogawa Run by Swiz.prod

© Swiz.prod

Made using Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer, Substance Painter, After Effect, Photoshop

After a rainy night in Edogawa Japan, a drive seemed like the perfect way to clear his head. After a short ride, the feel of this 7Eleven caught his eyes, maybe it was the neon lights.. In any case, it seemed like the perfect time to take grab some memories of his beloved car.

Part of the jury says:

Jacob Norris: “The theme and setting for this car render in a Japanese 7-Eleven parking lot caught my attention instantly. The car is very well done by itself already, but the lighting, puddles, and colors in the space make the white car pop even more in this setting. The colors were expertly chosen and the render came out top-notch from a skilled artist”.

Laurens Corijn: “I love the atmosphere, materials are great, good detail and care put into the background, lighting is great”.

Jim Thacker: “It’s the little details that intrigue in this image. Why is the license plate on the car reversed? What’s up with that couple inside the 7-Eleven? Is ‘Kawaii Soda’ actually a real brand of drinks?”.

Martin Krasemann: “Night & rainy night always works like a charm!”.

Calvin Bacon: “Great mood of a JDM scene with some good storytelling. Overall good composition”.

In addition, we’d like to point out several works which were chosen by Hum3D team.

“Justice” by Vahid Montazeri

Justice by Vahid Montazeri

© Vahid Montazeri

“Leaving Bikini Bottom” by Samer Abu Sham

Leaving Bikini Bottom by Samer Abu Sham

© Samer Abu Sham

“Small garden” by Suqinlee

Small garden by Suqinlee

© Suqinlee

Learn more about Hum3D Car Render Challenge 2022 Winners.

Check out Hum3D Car Render Challenge.

Congratulations again to all winners! Fox Renderfarm looks forward to next year's Hum3D Car Render Challenge.

Source: Hum3D

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