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Top News SIGGRAPH Interview

Jensen Huang announced RAYVISION Cloud Rendering supercharged by NVIDIA RTX

Ernest Petti Revealed the Production Secrets of Frozen 2

GTC China 2019 Frozen 2
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang strongly recommended Fox Renderfarm as the largest cloud rendering platform in Asia.
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Ernest Petti, Studio CG Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, has devoted to the production in Frozen 2, the biggest-worldwide-opening animated film of all time.
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SIGGRAPH Interview SIGGRAPH Interview

How Digital Humans will Affect our Lives

What Can We Expect for SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

Mike Seymour Jinny Choo
Mike Seymour is a Digital Humans researcher who researches on new forms of effective communication and education using photoreal, realtime computer generated faces.
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Jinny ChooChair for SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 talked about her experience of organizing numbers of festivals and conferences.
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Fox's Got Talent Fox Interview

3D Artist of Fox’s Got Talent: Jeffrey Frias

How Futuristic 
Architecture to Save the Last Nature

Jeffrey Frias Patrick Vogel
Jeffrey Frias, a Junior 3D Generalist at PIXOMONDO, shared his making of the awarded artwork with us.
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Patrick Vogel, a Multidimensional Designer, told us his answer through a futuristic 3D architectural work.
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25 Nov. 2019 - 31 Dec. 2019

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Arnold\ V-Ray\ Octane\ Conora\ RedShift, Which Renderer Is The Best?


Is This Simulated By Houdini? No! This Is Max!


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FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge Is Online NOW!
FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge Is Online NOW!
Dear, Fox Renderfarm is excited to announce that FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge is online NOW! The 3D challenge theme is Hero! Come shine your talent and loads of prizes are waiting for you! Learn more about the RULES and PRIZES. TIME FOR ENTRIES: June 22nd - September 6th, 2020 (UTC+8) SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY to Enjoy your creation and happy render! Fox Renderfarm Team PRIZES SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY NOW
Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for April 30, 2020
Fox Renderfarm News Roundup for April 30, 2020
Fight COVID-19 With CG Art What is the shape of COVID-19 in your mind? During the quarantine period, the CG artists confront coronavirus in their creative ways. Fox Renderfarm collects some creative 3D rendering artworks and the inspirations behind... Read more --- Making Machinery Style Coronavirus in Blender Have you ever seen machinery style coronavirus? Artist Kyle Yeap from Malaysia created an artwork named COVID-19 Mine. The shape of a naval mine implies that the virus will explode at any time if people bump into it... Read more --- ‘The War on Hoarding' Episode 1: Toilet Paper ©Marien Singbo The War on Hoarding in Cinema 4D I made it in Cinema 4D with Redshift. My inspiration came from running out of toilet paper basically. I had to go on pilgrimage over 3 hours, through 4 stores here in London before I finally found some toilet paper... Read more --- EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Simulating the creating process of artistic Easter eggs in 3ds Max and Substance Painter. Read more Stay Hungry for the Inspirations and let the Creative Juices Flow Through You. Read more Never Lose the Passion to Learn and Create Your Own CG Worlds. Read more Reproducing the Moment of Resurrection in 3ds Max and V-Ray. Read more
Dear friends, How are things going? If you are having a tight deadline and crazy workloads, but working from home and your PC constantly crashing down cause you a headache in the rendering process, massive render nodes at Fox Renderfarm are at your fingertips. Every new user will receive a US$200 Render Coupon with our compliments after his/her first successful top-up, as long as the top-up amount is greater than or equal to US$1. In the darkest moment, Fox Renderfarm is staying with you. T&Cs of using the US$200 Render Coupon: - Available for CPU & GPU rendering - Validity time: 3 months Boost your rendering with Fox Renderfarm Recharge Now Best regards, Fox Renderfarm Your powerful cloud render farm Fox’s Got Talent campaign keeps going. Welcome to share your artwork rendered with Fox Renderfarm and be our April winner! Submit Now

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