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Maybe you are always wondering when your face so many render farms, which one should you choose? You want to find the best cloud rendering services to use, which always mean your standards, like easy to use, safe, affordable, fast, smart, good services and more.

Fox Renderfarm is worth consideration. We supports powerful but affordable render farm services, both GPU and CPU rendering are available and fires up thousands of rendering nodes instantly. As the TPN-accredited cloud render farm, Fox Renderfarm has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, great customer service, and flexible pricing scheme.

Fox Renderfarm has an outstanding team with over 20 years’ experience in the CG industry. Team members are from Disney, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Sony, etc. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, they serve leading special effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries and regions, including two Oscar winners. In 2015, Fox Renderfarm formed a global strategic partnership with Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud Computing) to provide global visual cloud computing services. Also, you can have a look at some testimonials from our beloved customers,

Surjendu Das 1

Surjendu Das

"I used Fox Renderfarm for the first time for rendering this image. It was great. I got the 4K render in just half an hour, in my PC, it would take 6 hours."

  • Surjendu Das(3D Artist)


"It’s a really efficient render farm with one of the best support I have seen. During the time in which I had to render my stuff for my demo reel, I found myself not being able to use my school’s computers because other students were hogging all the other PC's. And since the deadline for our reels were coming close, I managed to render out all of my things in time with Fox (Renderfarm), with just a simple upload and letting it render overnight and start compositing, while the others were still trying to find renderable PC's at school."

  • Jeffrey Frias(Winner of Fox’s Got Talent)

ArchViz work by DIORAMA

"We have tried Fox Renderfarm recently, rendered a couple of animations and the scene… Even though we have been very skeptical as we had the experience from the other render farms especially with such high resolution, we were surprised that the image was successfully rendered without any problems on the GPU-based platform. The website seems very well organized, and the farm quite affordable."

  • Uros Vukovic(Director of DIORAMA)

Three Robots

It was a pleasant surprise to work with Fox Renderfarm. We had to outsource some parts of the render in order to deliver on time and Fox Renderfarm allowed us to meet our deadline. Sure we will work again with them if we need to.

  • Spanish animation studio Blow Studio

Wanna know more testimonials about the best cloud rendering services provider Fox Renderfarm, please visit HERE.

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O que é Cloud Rendering? Tudo o que Quer Saber Sobre a Cloud Rendering Está Aqui
O que é Cloud Rendering? Tudo o que Quer Saber Sobre a Cloud Rendering Está Aqui
O que é Cloud Rendering ou Renderização na Nuvem?Cloud rendering ou a renderização na nuvem é o uso da Internet para transferir os arquivos que você precisa renderizar para a nuvem, e então uma plataforma de renderização construída a partir de um enorme cluster de computadores na nuvem ajuda você a fazer a renderização.Os serviços de cloud rendering evoluíram como resultado da evolução da computação em nuvem. A utilização da renderização na nuvem libera recursos locais para realizar seu trabalho de projeto. Quais são os Benefícios de Cloud Rendering? 1. Renderização RápidaA renderização distribuída de renderização em nuvem permite que vários servidores sejam colocados online para renderização, o que aumenta muito a velocidade de renderização. 2. Renderização em LoteCloud rendering pode renderizar vários arquivos ao mesmo tempo, múltiplas tarefas e economizar muito tempo, o que não é possível com máquinas locais. 3. Liberte o Espaço LocalComo sabemos, a renderização às vezes ocupa todo nosso espaço local de computador, que não só é lento e preso, mas também queima algumas máquinas com resfriamento ruim, esgotando muito a vida útil de seu computador local e aumentando os custos.Quando seu trabalho é submetido com sucesso à renderização na nuvem para renderização, seu software 3d MAX pode ser fechado e seu computador local pode ser desativado. Ao entregar o trabalho para renderização em nuvem, o computador local é liberado, reduzindo o desgaste enquanto você continua a modelar, desenhar e completar outras tarefas. 4. Sempre DisponívelBasta entrar na plataforma de renderização e você pode empacotar e enviar seus arquivos automaticamente com um clique, carregar e baixar arquivos em várias linhas, e visualizar seus renderizadores em tempo real para acompanhar o progresso deles. 5. Redução de CustosCloud rendering é relativamente barata e pode ser uma grande poupança de custos. Comprar seu próprio equipamento para renderizar não só é mais caro, mas também menos eficiente. Como Funciona a Cloud Rendering?A cloud rendering é semelhante à computação em nuvem convencional, na medida em que o programa para 3D é renderizado em um servidor remoto e o terminal do usuário acessa o recurso através de web ou clicando em um botão de "renderização na nuvem" diretamente no programa para 3D local e usando acesso à Internet de alta velocidade. As instruções são enviadas do terminal do usuário, o servidor executa a tarefa de renderização correspondente e a imagem renderizada é enviada de volta para o terminal do usuário para exibição. Quanto Custa a Cloud Rendering?Os fatores que afetam o preço são os seguintes:Configuração do servidor: quanto maior a configuração, mais rápida a velocidade e mais longo o tempo de renderização e mais alto o preço.Número de servidores: quanto maior o número de servidores, mais rápida a velocidade de renderização, mais curto o tempo e mais alto o preço.Tamanho do projeto: quanto maior for o projeto, mais longo o tempo de renderização e mais alto o preço.Software e renderizador: softwares diferentes com renderizadores diferentes terão velocidades de renderização diferentes, e muitos renderizadores têm versões diferentes e tempos de renderização diferentes. A renderização para GPU é mais rápida que a renderização para CPU, que terá um preço um pouco mais alto.Plataforma de cloud rendering: diferentes plataformas de renderização em nuvem têm diferentes velocidades de renderização e os preços variam devido às diferentes configurações de recursos de servidor que cada plataforma de renderização em nuvem possui. Mas geralmente as plataformas de cloud rendering fornecerão serviços gratuitos de experiência de teste.Tomemos o Fox Renderfarm como exemplo.Preços de CPU:!What is a Render Farm CPU PricePreços de GPU:!What is a Render Farm GPU PriceNormalmente tais plataformas de renderização de nuvens grandes têm testes de preço e o Fox Renderfarm oferece um cupom de 25 dólares. ConclusãoUma boa cloud rendering pode ser de grande ajuda para seu trabalho, por que não experimentar uma cloud rendering? A única maneira de saber se ela é adequada é experimentá-la você mesmo.
What is Cloud Rendering? Everything you Want to Know About Cloud Rendering is Here
What is Cloud Rendering? Everything you Want to Know About Cloud Rendering is Here
What is Cloud Rendering? Cloud rendering is the use of the Internet to transfer the files you need to render to the cloud, and then a rendering platform built from a huge cluster of computers in the cloud helps you to do the rendering.Cloud rendering services have evolved as a result of the escalation of cloud computing. Using cloud rendering frees up local resources to get your design work done. What are the Benefits of Using Cloud Rendering? 1. Fast RenderingThe distributed rendering of cloud rendering allows multiple servers to be put online for rendering, which greatly increases the rendering speed. 2. Batch RenderingCloud rendering can render multiple files at the same time, multi-tasking and saving a lot of time, which is not possible with local machines. 3. Free up Local SpaceAs we know, rendering sometimes takes up all our local computer space, which is not only slow and stuck, but also burns up some machines with bad cooling, greatly depleting the life of your local computer and increasing costs.When your job is successfully submitted to cloud rendering for rendering, your 3d max software can be closed and your local computer can be shut down. By handing the job over to cloud rendering, the local computer is freed up, reducing wear and tear while you continue to model, draw and complete other tasks. 4. Always AvailableSimply log in to the rendering platform and you can fully automatically package and submit your files with one click, upload and download files in multiple lines, and preview your renders in real time to keep track of their progress. 5. Cost SavingCloud rendering is relatively inexpensive and can be a huge cost saver. Buying your own equipment to render is not only more expensive, but also less efficient. How does Cloud Rendering Work?Cloud rendering is similar to conventional cloud computing in that the 3D program is rendered on a remote server and the user terminal accesses the resource through web software or by clicking a "cloud rendering" button directly on the local 3D program and using high speed internet access. Instructions are sent from the user's terminal, the server performs the corresponding rendering task and the rendered image is sent back to the user's terminal for display. How Much Does Cloud Rendering Cost?The factors affecting the price are as follows:Server configuration: the higher the configuration, the faster the speed and the shorter the rendering time and the higher the price.Number of servers: the higher the number of servers, the faster the rendering speed, the shorter the time and the higher the price.Size of the project: the bigger the project, the longer the rendering time and the higher the price.Software and renderer: different software with different renderers will have different rendering speeds, and many renderers have different versions and different rendering times. GPU rendering is faster than cpu rendering, which will be a little higher in price.Cloud rendering platform: different cloud rendering platforms have different rendering speeds and prices will vary due to the different server resource configurations each cloud rendering platform has. But generally cloud rendering platforms will provide free testing experience services.Take the Fox Renderfarm as an example.CPU Pricing:!What is a Render Farm CPU PriceGPU Pricing:!What is a Render Farm GPU PriceUsually such large cloud rendering platforms have price tests and Fox Renderfarm offers a free $25 coupon. ConclusionA good cloud render farm can be a good helper for your work, why not try using a cloud rendering? The only way to know if it's suitable is to try it yourself.
What Is Cloud Rendering - Cloud Rendering Services Provider
What Is Cloud Rendering - Cloud Rendering Services Provider
What is cloud rendering?Cloud rendering is calculated similarly to general cloud computing, and it is a rendering method based on the render farm. More specifically, it is a process where users upload assets to the cloud server to do the computation/rendering, and then the cloud server sends the results back to the users. It includes offline rendering (render farm), real-time rendering, and other computations made by the servers in the cloud. How does cloud rendering work?The background script of the cloud rendering service platform will complete the background server environment configuration according to the files, triggers instructions, and user parameter settings. Then, the dispatcher dispatches a server that meets the requirements to compute/render the specified task. Finally, the server will notify the user of the render status when the computation is complete. If you use the Fox Renderfarm desktop client, generated assets will download automatically, and if you are a web client user, you need to download them manually.!What-is-cloud-rendering How much time will I save with a cloud rendering serviceDifferent projects’ computing times vary considerably. Cloud rendering services provide powerful computing capabilities. Theoretically, the more render nodes are assigned, the shorter the computing time is. For example, distributed rendering provided by Fox Renderfarm can compute a render job with multiple servers together, which can save time drastically. The render job that takes one month to render locally can even be completed in 15 minutes in Fox Renderfarm. The approximate time saved can be calculated in the cost estimator.Here are some projects that also use a cloud rendering services: How to use a cloud rendering service?Users can package their own customized files, upload the packaged files to the cloud rendering server through the cloud rendering client, make full use of the computer hardware resources in the cluster network, and calculate the complex 3D scene through a large number of computer calculations to generate a preview image or the final animated image for visual effect adjustment or post-production synthesis.Better rendering hardware, lower rendering costs and easier to use. These are the points where cloud rendering has advantages over traditional rendering. why do I need to use a cloud rendering service?For example, the producer made an interior rendering. If the rendering is based on the 3600X2500 size, a general computer will take at least 3 to 6 hours, but if you use a cloud rendering service, you only need to upload the file to the client, rendering time can less than 1 hour. Cloud rendering is several times faster than house render farm. And during the rendering, it does not take up the producer's machine. And for the producer, you don't need to always be in front of the computer, you can view the rendering results anytime, anywhere.Let's take the Maya web submission process as an example, only 4 steps in Fox Renderfarm: submit > analyze > render > download,1.Click the "Submit" button on the left, select the software for submission> set a project path (Note: select a project path to map the local Maya project path)> select the document for rendering, after that, click "Next".!What-is-cloud-rendering2.Add software configuration after submitting the job (Note: selection of the rendering system), click "Go Analysis" and wait patiently for the analysis to be completed.!What-is-cloud-rendering3.Click the job with "Analysis Done", set render parameters and then submit it for rendering (Note: the rendering actually starts only at this job)!What-is-cloud-rendering4.On the rendering page, click the job > export the file > download.!What-is-cloud-renderingThe cloud rendering platform can dynamically adjust the scale of the cloud rendering platform. When the rendering requirements reach the peak warning, the dynamic adjustment automatically expands more computing resources, all the adjustment are automated, and the software running environment and fault tolerance rate is extremely high. Can meet the rendering needs of a variety of software. If you want to learn more about what cloud rendering is, we offer a US $25free trial, welcome to take an experience.Fox Renderfarm is one of the world's largest commercial cloud rendering services with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, including animation studios, VFX companies, and animation education institutions. We support CPU & GPU rendering at competitive prices.!best cloud rendering serviceEnjoy your journey with Fox Renderfarm!What is Rendering? How to Accelerate the Rendering Speed?
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