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Redshiftに適したレンダーファームをお探しですか?本記事では 、Redshiftの クラウドレンダリングサービスプロバイダーであり、 レンダーファームのリーディングカンパニーであるFox Renderfarmが 、Redshiftに最適なレンダーファームを6つご紹介します。

Redshift とは?

Redshift は、世界で初めて完全に GPU によって高速化されたレンダラーです。Cinema 4D、Houdini、Maya、3ds max、Blenderなどの3Dソフトウェアに対応しています。Redshiftは、物理的にリアルなレンダリング結果を追求するのではなく、可能な限りレンダリングを最適化し、速度と品質に重点を置いた偏ったレンダラーです。また、同じレンダリング品質であれば、Redshiftは他のレンダラーよりも高速です。


1. Fox Renderfarm - ベストRedshiftレンダーファーム

Fox Renderfarm - The Best Blender Render Farm

Fox Renderfarmは長年クラウドレンダリングサービスに専念しており、常に高速で安全なRedshiftレンダーファームです。Redshiftに加え、Blender、Maya、3ds Max、V-Rayなどの主要な3Dソフトウェアにも対応しています。

Fox Renderfarmは0.036/コア時間から利用可能で、価格見積もりも提供しています。Fox RenderfarmはGPUとCPUの両方をサポートしています。新規登録者には25ドルの無料トライアルを提供している。

また、Fox Renderfarmは、定期的に 3D チャレンジを開催しており、例えば FGT Art ではエントリーを提出した人は少なくとも 20 ドルのレンダーバウチャーをもらえます。

2. Rebusfarm - Redshiftレンダーファーム

RebusFarm - Excellent Render Farm for Blender

RebusFarmはRedshiftを含む一般的な3Dソフトウェアをサポートし、CPUとGPUの両方のレンダリングをサポートしています。RebusFarm のソフトウェアである RebusDrop は、Windows と Mac の両方をサポートしており、25.31 ドルの無料トライアルを提供しています。



3. iRender - 高速なRedshiftレンダーファーム

iRender - Great Blender Render Farm

iRenderはIaaSプロバイダーとして、Redshiftレンダーファームでもある。Cinema4D、Houdini、Maya、3ds Max、Blenderなど、Redshiftを使用するほぼすべての3Dソフトウェアをサポートしています。iRenderはRedshiftのマルチGPUレンダリングタスクに最適化されています。

iRenderはGPuHub Syncと呼ばれる無料のツールを提供しており、ユーザーがローカルコンピュータからリモートサーバーにファイルを転送するのに役立ち、サーバーがダウンしていてもファイルを転送することができます。


4. Drop and Render - C4Dレンダーファーム向けRedshift

Drop Render

Drop & Renderは、Cinema 4Dのために設計されたレンダーファームです(Drop & RenderはBlenderもサポートするようになりました)。Drop & RenderはRedshiftの公式レンダーファームで、タイルレンダリング、AOV、Cryptomatte、RedshiftプロキシなどのサービスをC4Dプロジェクトに提供しています。すべてのRedshiftバージョンをサポートし、10ユーロのレンダーファームクレジットを無料で提供しています。

5. 3S Cloud Render Farm - Redshift レンダーファーム

3S Cloud Render Farm

3Sは、3Dデザインに情熱を持ち、コンピュータ技術に豊富な経験を持つメンバーで構成されています。3S Farm は、Blender、Houdini、Cinema 4D、Maya、3ds Max、および Redshift(Maya、Houdini、C4D 用)をサポートしており、Redshift のレンダーファームでもあります。

新規ユーザー向けに 5 ドルの無料トライアルが提供されており、アカウント登録から 72 時間以内に初回入金すると 15%のボーナスが追加されます。

6. VFXFARM - Redshiftクラウドレンダリング


VFXFarm は、Redshift に対応し、3ds Max、C4D、Maya、Houdini のクラウドレンダリングをサポートしています。素晴らしいユーザーエクスペリエンス、使いやすいインターフェース、素敵なポジショニング、カラーマネージメントなどを提供しています。また、ウェブサイトから Windows や Mac へのアプリケーション、クラウドレンダリングプロジェクトの出力の自動同期などの機能を提供し、CPU と GPU のクラウドレンダリングサービスの両方も提供しています。


最高のRedshiftクラウドレンダリングサービスは、あなたのニーズに合ったものです。まだ迷っている方は、Redshiftレンダーファームであり、クラウド・レンダリング・サービスのリーディング・プロバイダーであるFox Renderfarmをお試しください!25 ドルの無料トライアルも提供しています!

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Top 7 Redshift Cloud Rendering Services
Top 7 Redshift Cloud Rendering Services
Rendering services in the cloud have revolutionized the way graphics and visual effects are created for film, animation, and other industries. Among the top contenders in this field is Redshift, a powerful, GPU-accelerated renderer. Redshift has gained popularity for its speed, efficiency, and scalability, making it a go-to choice for many professionals and studios. In this article, we will explore the top 7 Redshift cloud rendering services.1. Fox Renderfarm: Best Redshift Cloud Rendering ServiceWhen it comes to Redshift cloud rendering services, Fox Renderfarm stands out as one of the best options available. Fox Renderfarm has a strong infrastructure and technology to significantly reduce rendering times through the power of multiple servers and GPUs. They allow customization of needs based on your project requirements, providing flexible rendering resources. Fox Renderfarm prioritizes reliability and data security, taking strong measures to ensure uninterrupted rendering and protect valuable project assets. They offer flexible pricing, providing varying levels of discounts to help artists and studios achieve more cost-effective rendering. A $25 free trial is available for all new users to test their cloud rendering service.2. iRender: An Acclaimed Redshift Cloud Rendering ServiceiRender is a highly acclaimed Redshift cloud rendering service that provides high-performance computing resources for rendering 3D graphics, animations, and simulations. It offers powerful GPUs to accelerate the Redshift rendering process, allowing users to complete complex rendering tasks more quickly and efficiently. iRender supports various software and plugins commonly used in the animation and visual effects industry, making it a versatile solution for professional artists, studios, and designers.3. Rebusfarm: A Leading Redshift Cloud Rendering ServiceRebusfarm is a reputable and trusted provider of Redshift cloud rendering services, offering a range of features and benefits that cater to the needs of artists and studios. RebusFarm supports Redshift as one of the rendering engines available on its platform. With RebusFarm, users can submit their Redshift-rendering jobs to the cloud and take advantage of the platform's powerful computing resources. The distributed network of servers provided by RebusFarm enables efficient and fast rendering of Redshift scenes, reducing the time required to complete complex projects. By offering Redshift cloud rendering, RebusFarm provides artists and studios with the flexibility and scalability to meet their rendering requirements while optimizing their workflows and reducing hardware costs.4. Garagefarm: An Efficient Redshift Cloud Rendering ServiceGaragefarm is a top-notch provider of Redshift cloud rendering services that provides on-demand access to high-performance computing resources for 3D rendering. They support various popular render engines, including Redshift. GarageFarm makes it easy for studios to gain access to powerful computing power through thousands of render nodes and "plug-and-play" integration with existing 3D tools. 3d artists can utilize their cloud rendering technology to meet on-demand rendering needs at a lower cost.5. Ranch Computing: An Outstanding Redshift Cloud Rendering ServiceRanch Computing is a Redshift cloud rendering farm based in Paris. Their powerful servers help you handle the rendering phase of your images with complete confidence while controlling deadlines and budgets. They offer powerful GPU and CPU computing servers for all graphic designers, no matter what industry they work in or the size of their organization. Ranch Computing operates globally and develops services that provide increasingly comprehensive solutions based on the needs of their users.6. 3S Cloud Render Farm: A Reliable Redshift Cloud Rendering ServiceCreated by a group of 3D fans, 3S Cloud Render Farm is a passionate platform that supports the Redshift cloud rendering service. It allows users to offload rendering tasks to a network of computers, utilizing the combined power of multiple computers to speed up the Redshift rendering process.7. Drop and Render: Redshift Cloud Rendering Service for Cinema 4DDrop & Render is a render farm designed for Cinema 4D rendering with support for Redshift cloud rendering. If you use Redshift for Cinema 4D, then Drop and Render is a good choice. They support all versions of Redshift. Their Render Farm plugin allows you to not leave your 3D software. They send all your settings securely to the server and automatically store the render frames on your hard drive. This means you don't have to take extra steps to get your files or wait for long download times, saving your time.ConclusionThere are many render farms that support Redshift cloud rendering and you can choose the one that works best for you. If you don't know which one to pick, we recommend Fox Renderfarm, which offers a $25 free trial!
Top 6 Best Redshift Render Farms
Top 6 Best Redshift Render Farms
Are you looking for a suitable Redshift render farm? In this article, Fox Renderfarm, the leading Redshift cloud rendering service provider and render farm, will introduce to you 6 best render farms for Redshift.What is Redshift?Redshift is the world's first renderer fully accelerated by GPU. It supports 3D software such as Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, 3ds max, Blender, etc. Redshift is a biased renderer that does not pursue physically realistic rendering results, but optimizes rendering as much as possible, it focuses more on speed and quality. Redshift is also faster than other renderers at the same rendering quality.Let's check the Redshift render farms now.1. Fox Renderfarm - Best Redshift Render FarmFox Renderfarm has been dedicated to the cloud rendering service for many years and is always a fast and secure Redshift render farm. In addition to Redshift, it also supports other major 3D software such as Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, V-Ray, etc.Fox Renderfarm is available at prices as low as 0.036/core hour and offers a price estimator. Fox Renderfarm supports both GPU and CPU rendering. It offers a $25 free trial to all new registrants.Also, Fox Renderfarm frequently hosts 3D challenges, such as the regular FGT Art in which anyone who submits an entry can get at least a $20 render voucher.2. Rebusfarm - Redshift Render FarmRebusFarm supports all common 3D applications, including Redshift, as well as both CPU and GPU rendering.RebusFarm's software, called RebusDrop, supports both Windows and Mac, and it offers a free trial for $25.31.RebusFarm offers many video tutorials for using Redshift.About the version supported of Redshift, you can go to the official website and ask his customer service, they offer 24✖7 hours service.3. iRender - High-Speed Redshift Render FarmiRender, as an IaaS provider, is also a Redshift render farm. It supports almost all 3D software that uses Redshift such as Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, etc. iRender is optimized for Redshift multi-GPU rendering tasks.iRender offers a free tool called GPuHub Sync that helps users transfer their files from their local computer to a remote server, even if the server is down and your files can be transferred.iRender charges based on time of use and supports 24/7 live chat.4. Drop and Render - Redshift for C4D Render FarmDrop & Render is a render farm designed for Cinema 4D (Drop & Render now also supports Blender). Drop & Render is the official Redshift render farm, offering tiled renders, AOV, Cryptomatte, Redshift proxy and more services for your C4D projects. It supports all Redshift versions and offers free €10 render farm credits.5. 3S Cloud Render Farm - Redshift Render Farm3S is composed of a group of members who are passionate about 3D design and have extensive experience in computer technology. 3S Farm supports Blender, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, and Redshift for Maya, Houdini and C4D, so it's also a Redshift render farm.A $5 free trial is available and 15% extra bonus on first deposit for new users, only applicable within 72 hours of account registration.6. VFXFARM - Redshift Cloud RenderingVFXFarm, for Redshift, supports 3ds Max, C4D, Maya, Houdini cloud rendering. It offers an awesome user experience, friendly interface, nice positioning, color management, application from website to Windows and Mac, automatic synchronization of cloud rendering project output, and much more. He offers both CPU and GPU cloud rendering services.SummaryThe best redshift cloud rendering service is the one that fits your needs. If you're still confused, try Fox Renderfarm, a Redshift render farm and leading cloud rendering service provider, offering a $25 free trial!
A Redshift Production Breakdown and Experience Sharing from Lighting/Rendering Artist Jiaxuan Wang
A Redshift Production Breakdown and Experience Sharing from Lighting/Rendering Artist Jiaxuan Wang
Final Render In this article, Fox Renderfarm, the best could rendering services provider, will share with you a Redshift production breakdown and experience sharing from lighting/rendering artist Jiaxuan Wang.Introduction: Hi, everyone! This is Jiaxuan Wang. I’m so happy to have gained some popularity for my artwork and have seen my progress along the way.We were given a pretty complex theme, especially on the modeling and lighting. I rendered it with Redshift.Render without Lighting We can separate the models into 6 sections: foreground, the bridge, architectures on both sides, the cathedral, background and the crowd. When I started dealing with the rendering, it took a very long time since there were too many polygons. Before I could optimize the models, it took nearly 6 minutes just to read the models. So I decided to separate the models. Coincidentally, I found that after dealing with some unnecessary UVs, and combining some models, the time of the input process and the size of the files both would shrink drastically. This allowed me to manage the lighting and rendering with all the models. Thus, for the second time, I input all the 6 files into one to render with Reference. Speaking of texturing, most of the models are attached with textures. Some silhouettes and simple models, I chose to use simple color texture to save time. And the lighting part, besides the radiating window, there are 240 lights in total. A lot of Area Lights were used. Through adjusting the position, strength and so forth to add more details.The first render is not that satisfying. Since this is my first time dealing with this kind of fantasy style, I paid too much attention to working on the fog but ignored the importance of basic lights. Additionally, I just simply multiplied the lights without finding the main light source, which turned out to be a lot of shadows and strong contrast without fine details. My teacher recorded a long video to give me some advice, telling me details like the foreground is too bright, it is too hollow under the bridge, there is no visual focus in the image, etc. I was more experienced on my second render. And I began to think like a concept artist, considering the position of the lights and how I want the shadows and contrast to transit in the picture. Then comes the ambient adjustment, about the fog. Most of them were composited in Nuke afterwards according to my teachers’ advice.Nodes Tree
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