Fox’s Got Talent August Winner Revealed!

Fox Renderfarm Community FGT Art Hellboy by Jeffrey Frias

Let’s give it up to the Fox’s Got Talent August winner!

Congrats! The “Hellboy” was created by @Jeffrey Frias, an excellent CG Artist at Pixomondo. The 3D stylized character stands out for its perfect modeling and texturing. The dynamic effect of the smog is also brilliant. An EXCLUSIVE interview is on the way!

Who’s our next Fox's Got Talent winner? Shine your talent and be the one!

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Sitara: Let Girls Dream, a Film Calls for Investing in Young Girls’ Dreams

Do you know that 1 in 3 girls in developing countries will be married before 18? Do you know that there are 12 million girls every year forced into child marriage, losing their ability to dream? It is what Sitara: Let Girls Dream, a Pakistani animated short film rendered with Fox Renderfarm, hopes to grow awareness about.


f26ee229-7216-4af6-ad21-68585db474c5 FGT3D Hero Challenge

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3 days to participate in the FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge! Shine your CG talent and tell us your Hero story! Submit your entry to

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Fox Renderfarm will E-meet You @ Kre8tif! 2020

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Create With Fox Renderfarm And Win Free Render Credits & More Prizes!
Create With Fox Renderfarm And Win Free Render Credits & More Prizes!
FGT3D Hunter Challenge is now open for submissions! THEME: HUNTER Hunters appear in many movies and TV series, such as the monster hunter in “Monster Hunter”, the magic hunter in “The Huntsman: Winter's War” and the witch hunter in “The Last Witch Hunter”. In this challenge, please use your imagination to create your own HUNTER, no matter what kind of hunter you create, we are looking forward to it! TIME FOR ENTRIES: June 8th - August 15th, 2021 (UTC+8) PRIZES 3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks will be selected and awarded! The prizes are provided by our awesome sponsors, including Corona Renderer, Friendly Shade, Graswald, Raysync,, Texturebox, iCube R&D Group, and Marmoset. HOW TO SUBMIT Use this submission form to submit your entry before the deadline is over. Also, you can join our discord server and keep up with our latest challenge updates, special offers and other events! Learn More: Enjoy your creation and happy render! Fox Renderfarm Team Submit Now Bringing Vitality Back to Naples Alley with 3ds Max: Introducing 3D Awards Student Winner, Nicola Scognamiglio The artwork “When lockdown ends” brings vitality back to Naples Alley with 3ds Max, showing the end of quarantine, when we can see children playing, tourists crowding the Naples alley, and people finally living without social distancing. In our exclusive interview, Nicola introduces his creation process and CG experience. Read more... Interview with Alejandro Creo Rodríguez, Our Beloved Client and Founder of the3DCube The photorealistic render is created by our beloved client Alejandro Creo Rodríguez, a freelance 3D designer and the founder of the ArchViz studio, the3DCube. In our exclusive interview, Alejandro tells us his experiences working for important national and international interior designers and collaborating in many furniture catalogs and in the Casa Decor Madrid 2017 exhibition. Read more... Exploring New Worlds: Introducing Ken Nguyen and His 22 Years of CG Journey The art series, "Exploring New Worlds", are created by Ken Nguyen, who has over 22 years combined experience in architecture, video games, themed entertainment, immersive experiences and trade shows and exhibits. In our exclusive interview, we can find out how Ken created the amazing art series and his 22 years of CG Journey! Read more... GoCloud Program: Make Cloud Rendering Accessible to All Students, Teachers and Educational Institutions In order to help CG students and educators realize their dreams, GoCloud Program brings a brand new offer, Education Pricing for Group. Students can enjoy a more favourable CPU rendering price than the Diamond Price through the Group recharging. Invite your classmates and friends to Fox Renderfarm, choose a Group Recharging Plan and get the discount! Apply Now
Winners Announced - FGT3D Explorer Challenge
Winners Announced - FGT3D Explorer Challenge
Winners Announced! From March 1st to May 9th, 2021 (UTC+8), we received several creative 3D artworks from various countries. After the selection by our jury, 3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks were picked and would be awarded the prizes provided by our amazing sponsors. Congrats to the winners, but also thanks to everyone who was taking part. Hope to see you soon in our next FGT3D Challenge! Stay tuned and join our discord server to keep updated! Winners Professional Category Winners Student Category Read more... FGT Community is short for Fox’s Got Talent Community, which is a platform for 3D artists to show their CG talent, consisting of two programs, the FGT Art and the FGT3D Challenge. FGT3D Challenge is a 3D theme challenge held three times a year, all talented 3D artists are welcome to participate. FGT Art is a platform for Fox Renderfarm users to display their impressive 3D artworks rendered with Fox Renderfarm and get free render credits. If you are in love with 3D art and making 3D art, please join our discord server, shine your talents and win great prizes! Read more...
Fox Renderfarm Supports anima® Now, Live 3D Challenge & More
Fox Renderfarm Supports anima® Now, Live 3D Challenge & More
Fox Renderfarm Supports anima® Now! anima® is the people and crowd animation application developed specifically for architects and designers that will help you create amazing 3D animated people quickly and easily! With anima®, the native plugins for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and UE4, you can easily add 3D people and crowds with facial gestures and clothing movements to your CG scenes! Fox Renderfarm is committed to providing fast and secure cloud rendering service for customers around the world, and we are happy to announce that we now support anima® for rendering on our platform! Render Now Creating Memorable Animations: Introducing Kukari Animation Studio The Indie 3D animation short, HOME of my MEMORIES, created by Kukari Animation Studio, received many awards and honors. And Fox Renderfarm is so pleased to provide cloud rendering service for the studio. Here’s the exclusive interview with Javier Mendez Lafon, one of the founders of Kukari Animation Studio, in which he talks about his CG journey as a Supervisor Lighting/ Comp & CG Director and his belief & vision as an entrepreneur in Mexico. Read more... The Rebirth of the Phoenix: Introducing 3D Artist and Entrepreneur, Reinaldo Handaya The amazing work, BORN NEO, is created by 2G Studio, a full-serviced production 3D Architecture, visualisation & creative marketing company from Indonesia. In our exclusive interview, Mr. Reinaldo, one of its founders, shared a lot of details about how his team endeavored to make this project happen, and also revealed that he made this competition into an internal challenge. Read more... ‘Deer King’: How to Create Powerful Deers in Blender How strong the power of nature will be? When the power of nature rises, it will be even mightier than we expected! The work, “Deer, the king of the forest”, is created by Artzai Elorza Arana. In our exclusive interview, Artzai talked about how he made this amazing work with impressive color palette and composition. Read more... Call For Submissions: 15 DAYS LEFT! Fox Renderfarm invites all 3D artists to participate in the FGT3D Explorer Challenge! - TIME FOR ENTRIES:March 1st - May 9th, 2021 (UTC+8) - Learn More: Enjoy your creation and happy render! Fox Renderfarm Team Submit now
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