Free Cloud Rendering For 3D Software

Free Cloud Rendering For 3D Software 1

Do you like to make 3D models or 3D animations? If you are a user of 3D software, such as Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, etc., then you should know the importance of rendering for a 3D work. Cloud rendering, on the other hand, can help you render your work in the cloud without taking up your own local computer space, making your work more beautiful and full of details. Are you looking for free cloud rendering? If you are a Blender user, then congratulations, there really is a free Blender cloud rendering. Please read the following section.

Free Cloud Rendering - SheepIt Online Render Farm

SheepIt - Free Blender Render Farm

We all know that if you want to do cloud rendering, then you need to have a lot of servers in the first place, and it costs a lot of money to buy them. So why is SheepIt a free cloud rendering service provider? Although it doesn't have its own servers, it is using users' computers to help other people render, which means that the more people are willing to provide their computers for others to render, then the more servers SheepIt has for cloud rendering, and the power of this online render farm free is almost unlimited.

Free Cloud Rendering For 3D Software 2

from SheepIt

SheepIt was launched in 2008 and has been rendering a project almost every 5 minutes for the last few years. It supports almost all versions of Blender, after all it is a free cloud rendering for Blender. On July 1st, SheepIt reached the important milestone of achieving 500,000 project rendering, so to celebrate, 2,000 points will be given to everyone (who renders frames) and this campaign will end on Monday, July 11th at 00:00 UTC+0.

In normal times, if you want to use this free cloud rendering for Blender, then you need to share your computer to get the points, these points will be the basis for your rendering, the more points you have, the higher your project priority will be.

So if you are not a Blender user, is there a free cloud rendering service or a free online render farm? The answer is almost none. However, even if not completely free, there are some large render farms that offer good cloud rendering services and have free render coupons available, such as Fox Renderfarm.

Best Cloud Rendering Services Provider - Fox Renderfarm

Fox Renderfarm, the leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry, supports not only Blender, but also many other 3D software and plugins. Also, unlike SheepIt, Fox Renderfarm has a 7×24 real time service, so if you encounter any difficulties while rendering, the technical support is always available to help you remotely. It has a very reasonable pricing, which is very cheap among the render farm prices. What's more, there's a $25 trial available, as well as other 3D challenge that can help you get free rendering vouchers, such as the monthly FGT Art campaign that gives participants a $20 rendering voucher and the winner of the month a $100 rendering voucher! If you are a loyal Fox Renderfarm user and love 3D creation, we would like to help you realize your dream and help you render your own 3D masterpieces, just like the great CGI Artist Kay John Yim did.

In addition, Fox Renderfarm is a TPN-Accredited cloud rendering services provider and CPU & GPU render farm. This means that it is extremely secure and you don't need to worry about your data being revealed at all.


If you are a Blender user, then you are lucky to have a cloud renderer like SheepIt that offers free rendering. However, if you are a user of other 3D software, you can also use Fox Renderfarm, the leading cloud rendering services provider and best render farm for 3D software, which offers a $25 free trial for each new user.

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What is Cloud Rendering or Cloud-based Rendering?
What is Cloud Rendering or Cloud-based Rendering?
What is a Cloud Rendering Service?With the development of cloud computing, cloud rendering has come out in the CG industry. What is cloud rendering? Cloud rendering, aka cloud-based rendering is a cloud service that relies on cloud computing, also you can call it an online render farm. That means users submit a local file to a cloud server, then a remote computer cluster completes the rendering. Finally, users shall download the rendered task from the cloud server.Cloud rendering refers to the technology that transfers the 2D or 3D graphics rendering from the client to the cloud server, the application of cloud rendering can greatly simplify the client. That’s to say, with display and network access functions, users can enjoy top-level graphics processing capabilities, which will make the same graphics application appear on different terminal devices without distinction. How does Cloud Rendering Work?The background script of the cloud rendering service platform will complete the background server environment configuration according to the files, triggers instructions, and user parameter settings. Then, the dispatcher dispatches a server that meets the requirements to compute/render the specified task. Finally, the server will notify the user of the render status when the computation is complete. If you use the Fox Renderfarm desktop client, generated assets will download automatically, and if you are a web client user, you need to download them manually.!What-is-cloud-rendering How Much Time Will I Save with a Cloud Rendering ServiceDifferent projects’ computing times vary considerably. Cloud rendering services provide powerful computing capabilities. Theoretically, the more render nodes are assigned, the shorter the computing time is. For example, distributed rendering provided by Fox Renderfarm can compute a render job with multiple servers together, which can save time drastically. The render job that takes one month to render locally can even be completed in 15 minutes in Fox Renderfarm. The approximate time saved can be calculated in the cost estimator.!Fox Renderfarm cost calculatorHere are some projects that also use a cloud rendering services: How Much Does Cloud Rendering Cost?The factors affecting the price are as follows:Server configuration: the higher the configuration, the faster the speed and the shorter the rendering time and the higher the price.Number of servers: the higher the number of servers, the faster the rendering speed, the shorter the time and the higher the price.Size of the project: the bigger the project, the longer the rendering time and the higher the price.Software and renderer: different software with different renderers will have different rendering speeds, and many renderers have different versions and different rendering times. GPU rendering is faster than cpu rendering, which will be a little higher in price.Cloud rendering platform: different cloud rendering platforms have different rendering speeds and prices will vary due to the different server resource configurations each cloud rendering platform has. But generally cloud rendering platforms will provide free testing experience services.Take the Fox Renderfarm as an example.CPU Pricing:!Fox Renderfarm - CPU PriceGPU Pricing:!Fox Renderfarm - GPU Price How do I Use Cloud Rendering?Users can package their own customized files, upload the packaged files to the cloud rendering server through the cloud rendering client, make full use of the computer hardware resources in the cluster network, and calculate the complex 3D scene through a large number of computer calculations to generate a preview image or the final animated image for visual effect adjustment or post-production synthesis.Better rendering hardware, lower rendering costs and easier to use. These are the points where cloud rendering has advantages over traditional rendering. Why do I Need to Use a Cloud Rendering Service?For example, the producer made an interior rendering. If the rendering is based on the 3600X2500 size, a general computer will take at least 3 to 6 hours, but if you use a cloud rendering service, you only need to upload the file to the client, rendering time can less than 1 hour. Cloud rendering is several times faster than house render farm. And during the rendering, it does not take up the producer's machine. And for the producer, you don't need to always be in front of the computer, you can view the rendering results anytime, anywhere. What Difficulties does Cloud Rendering Face?The difficulties faced by cloud rendering are more complex than conventional cloud computing applications. This is mainly due to the demanding requirements of 3D rendering for hardware performance and command response. The cloud rendering system may face the rendering requests of thousands of users, which will be huge pressure on the back-end server system. Compared with conventional cloud computing applications, when cloud rendering meets the needs of the same number of users, the hardware performance needs at least several tens of times higher than that of cloud computing, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and other commercial applications to scientific computing. Cloud rendering requires servers with amazing graphics performance, otherwise, it cannot meet the simultaneous rendering requests of a large number of users.1.Efficient data transmission or synchronization capabilities.2.Efficient and accurate matching between the cloud computing environment and the user's local CG production environment.3.Network and storage. Cloud rendering needs to connect to mass storage to save the rendered digital content products. Rendering 1 hour of HD sequence requires about 1TB of storage resources. When all rendering servers output data to the central storage at the same time, network planning becomes a yardstick to measure the final performance of the cluster system.4.Efficient, stable, and reasonable task distribution management tool. No matter how strong a single rendering node is, it will also cause a waste of resources without good management. Rendering management does not simply the arrangement of render machines. Qualified rendering management solutions embrace a well-designed system architecture. Different technical indicators need different solutions. It can be said that the hardware selection and construction only completed 20% of the overall construction of the render farm and 50% of the effort needed to plan the rendering investment.5.Cluster computing has a problem of efficiency. The number of CPUs and rendering time will be different from the actual situation, and the actual time used by different systems is not the same. The larger the number of CPUs, the shorter the rendering time, and they are inversely proportional. But in fact, the time spent on animation rendering and the number of CPUs is not linearly inversely proportional. The key to the problem lies in communication and software algorithms, including network communication and communication between the PC's internal CPU, memory, and hard disk. How many node computers, based on the number of CPUs, are used in the system are also issues that need to be considered. This requires a cluster rendering management software with excellent algorithms for scheduling to exert the performance of each CPU. Is Cloud Rendering Good?The answer is yes. You can check out the benefits of cloud rendering below: 1. Powerful Rendering SpeedFox Renderfarm is one of the top three render farms in the world with plenty of rendering nodes and flexible solutions, which could definitely save your time in the rendering process. 2. Secure & ConfidentialFox Renderfarm has implemented a set of security strategies including banking security level computing center, Uninterruptible Power Supply, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and strong encryption of data transmission. Fox Renderfarm has successfully completed MPAA’s Content Security Best Practices and officially become a TPN accredited vendor. We are committed to building a more secure cloud render farm that better protects the privacy of the project of our beloved customers. 3. 24/7 Customer Service and Technical SupportFox Renderfarm has an outstanding team with over 20 years’ experience in the CG industry. Around the clock customer service and technical support could always be a lifesaver if users met any problem when rendering.We also provide customized rendering services and a Key Account service team, which aims to provide the best cloud rendering solutions and technical support for our dear customers. 4. Affordable PricingFox Renderfarm offers students, teachers, and educational institutions an affordable pricing scheme (Diamond level membership) to support educational purposes. We support flexible solutions with the best price for clients by lowering the cost from our end. 5. Easy to UseFox Renderfarm has both webpage version and desktop client version, which are user-friendly, such as drag and drops project submission, preview during rendering, etc. The UI and pipeline are optimized continuously according to users' habits of the animation industry, which are easy to use.We also provide free services of Raysync Cloud for our users in the rendering process, which is a cloud rendering platform for data storage and transferring at a high speed. 6. CSR: Green Data CenterThe electricity of Fox Renderfarm's green data center is all generated by wind and water power which is natural & clean. The data center is located where the climate is dry and the temperature is extremely low all year round, so it's not necessary to use air conditioners for cooling most times. The average PUE of our data center is under 1.2 which means the energy-saving ability is highly effective. Every time you use Fox Renderfarm for rendering, you are making contributions to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.- The Benefits and Disadvantages of Cloud Rendering The Best Cloud Rendering Services!Fox Renderfarm - The Best Blender Render FarmFox Renderfarm is the industry's leading provider of cloud rendering services and an excellent render farm. In operation since 2011, Fox Renderfarm has earned a reputation for quality performance, great customer service and flexible pricing plans. With over 20 years of experience, the pioneering core team serves over 200,000 users and top leading visual effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries or regions, with clients including multiple award and Oscar winners. He is also a TPN-accredited render farm. Fox Renderfarm offers a free $25 trial for new registrants now.!Fox Renderfarm, Your TPN Accredited Cloud Render FarmLet's take the Maya web submission process as an example, only 4 steps in Fox Renderfarm: submit > analyze > render > download,1. Click the "Submit" button on the left, select the software for submission> set a project path (Note: select a project path to map the local Maya project path)> select the document for rendering, after that, click "Next".!What-is-cloud-rendering2. Add software configuration after submitting the job (Note: selection of the rendering system), click "Go Analysis" and wait patiently for the analysis to be completed.!What-is-cloud-rendering3. Click the job with "Analysis Done", set render parameters and then submit it for rendering (Note: the rendering actually starts only at this job)!What-is-cloud-rendering4. On the rendering page, click the job > export the file > download.!What-is-cloud-renderingThe cloud rendering platform can dynamically adjust the scale of the cloud rendering platform. When the rendering requirements reach the peak warning, the dynamic adjustment automatically expands more computing resources, all the adjustment are automated, and the software running environment and fault tolerance rate is extremely high. Can meet the rendering needs of a variety of software. If you want to learn more about what cloud rendering is, we offer a US $25 free trial, welcome to take an experience.- Top 10 Free And Best Cloud Rendering Services in 2022- 8 Best And Free Blender Cloud Rendering Services in 2022Fox Renderfarm is one of the world's largest commercial cloud rendering services with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, including animation studios, VFX companies, and animation education institutions. We support CPU & GPU rendering at competitive prices and now offer a free $25 trial for every new user.Enjoy your journey with Fox Renderfarm!
If Local Rendering is Slow, What About Using Cloud Rendering?
If Local Rendering is Slow, What About Using Cloud Rendering?
When you are creating 3D animations or drawings, one of the more critical aspects is rendering the images. The efficiency of rendering is mainly related to the performance of the computer graphics card or CPU used, if the performance is too low, the rendering will be slow, lengthening the delivery period of the project. Quick and efficient cloud rendering has always been part of the advantages of render farms. So how much faster will it be to use cloud rendering when local rendering is slow? In this article, Fox Renderfarm, the leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry, will tell you how fast cloud rendering can be!- What is Cloud Rendering or Cloud-based Rendering?!SAAS vs IAAS Render Farm 3Cloud rendering means that the rendering process is done on cloud servers, and the high computing power service is rented on demand to complete the work that normally takes time to process on ordinary PCs, increasing the overall project production speed. Before the emergence of cloud rendering, designers basically used local rendering, that is, rendering on their own computers or company computers, but the core processing efficiency of each computer is limited, and the number of files rendered at a time is limited. When the project is not in a rush, we can still render slowly, but when the volume is high, many people say they even want to go to an Internet cafe to render.!render farmThe cloud rendering platform is deployed in a pool of professional server room resources, built with massive high computing power and high performance storage to reduce unit costs. You can rent dozens or hundreds of nodes at the same time depending on the actual rendering needs, which can increase the rendering speed a hundred times or even a thousand times compared to the local PC or server. The cloud rendering process also doesn't take up local resources, so you can save time for other matters and simply download the render when it's finally done. Once the task is completed, the cloud resources can be released without the need to continue to pay for the computing power.- How does Cloud Rendering Work?!render farmTake Fox Renderfarm for example, you can upload a single image and select multiple machines to render it simultaneously, which is much faster than relying on a single machine locally. And when you have multiple tasks to render at the same time, local computers can only render them slowly one by one, while the cloud rendering platform can batch upload multiple tasks and schedule even 1000 machines to render them at the same time, which makes rendering tens or hundreds of times more efficient than local rendering.Fox Renderfarm offers a free $25 render voucher for new registrants, which is enough to cover a small project. So give it a try and compare the rendering speed of cloud rendering and local machines for yourself.
Is Cloud Rendering Fast?
Is Cloud Rendering Fast?
With the gradual development of computer technology in recent years, a kind of cloud-based SAAS service platform, cloud render farm, has started to come into the CG industry. And cloud rendering farms have become an essential part in the eyes of many CG artists.Some people will ask what is cloud rendering? Is cloud rendering fast? Before that, let's introduce what is rendering.In the process of film and television production, we often use 3D software, such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4d, etc. In the last process of the final creation, the 3D artists make results of the 3D scene output to 2D pictures, and this process is called rendering.Since some 3D scenes are complicated and tedious, after the process of modeling, mapping, topology, texture making, and so on is completed, you need to render all these parts of the scene to form a complete 3D work. Rendering time depends on the complexity of your 3D scene, so it may take longer to complete the rendering. Is Cloud Rendering Fast and How Fast is it?Common 3D rendering requires running continuously for a dozen hours or more to render 1 frame. The standard for common movie projection is 24 frames per second. So how much time does it take to render using a regular computer configuration? Considering the impact of computer configuration and scene complexity, let's say that a computer needs 5 hours to render. What about switching to cloud rendering with 10 computers of the same configuration at the same time? The result is that the rendering time is directly reduced to only 30 minutes.In normal times, if we want to reduce the rendering time, the only way to achieve the demand is by increasing the hardware configuration.The rendering speed of 3D projects is mainly related to the CPU performance of the computer. If the CPU performance is too low, the rendering speed will be very slow. When it comes to projects of high complexity, it takes a day and a half to render, and the computer cannot do any other operations while rendering, then the overall resource utilization is also reduced. Uploading model time and Internet speed are closely related, and a bad network will affect the overall speed. However, some render farms have solved the problem of transferring, such as Fox Renderfarm, which provides a fast method of transferring large files, thus significantly increasing the upload and download speed. ConclusionThe development of cloud rendering technology is advancing day by day, and all kinds of cloud rendering platforms have emerged, containing a variety of functions, involving areas such as film and television, animation, architectural design and game studios, etc. Just like Fox Renderfarm helps users to complete their rendering work more efficiently. As a leading cloud render farm in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm is always dedicated to contributing to the development of CG artists and offers a free $25 render voucher for each new user. Let's render your beautiful artwork together now!
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