How to Choose the Right Render Farm?

In recent years, the number of render farms has gradually increased, and the production team is often overwhelmed when face to choose the right render farms. In my opinion, there are four main options for choose the right render farms.

1. Professional service level:
Technical professional level is as important as proficiency. Good technology service is the guarantee for high-efficiency completion of large-scale projects. It is a must for professional render farm to solve various faults caused by software or plugins during rendering. Competitive premise.
2. Professional service equipment:
Large high-end formal server clusters, high-bandwidth data retrieval storage networks, professional control and monitoring devices are the key to measuring the professionalism of render farms. Miscellaneous hybrid clusters, or TCP network storage is a symbol of running a dragon. Storage and retrieval of data can not be separated from the network, it will seriously affect the rendering speed of large projects. In many test, the speed of the single machine is the same, but when in the cluster network is blocked and the efficiency is greatly reduced, the customer’s time and money are wasted, by the way, the customer is unaware of it. Such "cottage clusters" are the scourge of the entire industry.
3. Network service capability
The degree of remote control of fully automatic network access is as important as the service capability of professional remote personnel. The automatic service network must rely on the support of high bandwidth of the terminal, but the semi-automatic service of personnel online is now more designed. As far as the current software and plugin usage is concerned, it is quite difficult to run completely without failure. The rendering mode with real-time on duty system can not only solve the faults in the middle of rendering, but also check the rendering results in real time. With the replacement, with the leak.
4.Rendering costs: We all like cost effective service, some render farms are still using the traditional dollar/GHzh pricing rule, but I prefer the hour*core*unit pricing rule, I think it is much more reasonable.
As the world's leading cloud rendering service platform, Fox Renderfarm has been able to meet the needs of most customers, regardless of system, device, service or security issues, especially, efficiency and service are definitely worth it.
Let's take a look at Fox Renderfarm.
Operating System
In order to achieve convenient and efficient operation, the fox client version has been modified many times. Currently, it is fully capable of undertaking the implementation and operation and maintenance management of an actual commercial system. The operation is also relatively simple: upload-configuration-automatic rendering-automatic download.
The main significance of these efforts is that we combine graphical cluster computing, mass storage services, and metering and billing to build a cloud-based, unified SaaS Internet application.

Fox Renderfarm Rendering Page

In the iterative improvement, we would like to thank the users for their support and tolerance, and also put forward various suggestions, which will accompany our system to grow together.
Rendering Device
Our original intention is to use the most powerful clusters to complete ultra-large-scale graphics calculations. At present, we have realized this function. Through the confidence of the device and the user's affirmation, it has become the first cloud rendering farm in Asia, and we want to be at the forefront. Still need to work hard, and if you don't advance, you will retreat.

Parts of Rendering Case

Online Services
Our customer service is online for 7*24 hours and can be answered at any time. If your consultation didn't get a timely response, it should be Chinese New Year's Eve. The customer service brother said that I was impressed by the words: the speed of playing games is not as fast as when I go to work.

No matter what the occasion, the computer is a cascading chat window

TD (Technical Director) is a special existence in the company, we envy them can take the computer to go free, not to be locked in the office for 8 hours.
They said that they are all year round, with their wives going out shopping, carrying computers, it is incredible! The customer service or business phone calls, technical support should be followed up immediately. Sometimes some oversea projects have rendering problems, even in the middle of the night, they have to get up and deal with them.
Fortunately, with the support of a strong development team, most of the tasks are still relatively smooth, so TD's hair is still alive.
We have preset a lot of data and content management options in the system to facilitate the isolation and protection of user data. After all, service providers and users have content protection agreements, and many companies can't afford a leaked lawsuit. And this kind of "related to survival", service providers will only be more cautious.
Rendering Cost
The rendering is divided into CPU rendering and GPU rendering. The above figure is the price comparison of our rendering farm. It is divided into 5 levels. The higher the level, the greater the discount.

There is also a price calculation on the Fox Renderfarm website (for reference only).

You can also try to compare multiple platforms. Now most farms have test services. Fox Renderfarm can be given a $20 coupon for registration, and finish your personal data can get more other $5 coupon. It can be used directly for rendering. You can experience it first.


NE ZHA, The First Chinese Animated Film Released in IMAX
NE ZHA, The First Chinese Animated Film Released in IMAX
As the first Chinese animated film released in China's IMAX theater, NE ZHA(哪吒之魔童降世) has assembled China's top domestic animation team, and produced for three years. The film has more than 1,400 special effects shots, nearly 80% of which are composed of special effects shots, and this well-received animated film will be released on July 26, 2019, in mainland China. Ne Zha, which is one of the most rebellious young heroes in Chinese legends, the film NE ZHA is adapted from the classic Chinese mythology, but the subversion of the traditional image has been subtly adapted to tell the story of what happened. The story of the devil Ne Zha, who refuses to admit life. This animated film is directed by Yu Yang (Dumpling), a brilliant director in Chinese animated film industry, launched by Horgos Caitiaowu Pictures Co., Ltd, Chengdu Coco Cartoon Co., Ltd. and Octmedia. At the same time, Fox Renderfarm also provided services for the film, escorting the final result of the production. The animated film ZE ZHA subverts the traditional image, which has been well received by everyone since its publication, and the production team is really painstaking about this film. As the film's release time is approaching, it has also released official trailer and posters. After the film Monkey King: Hero Is Back and White Snake: Origin, will ZE ZHA become another good work at the Chinse animated film history? Let’s looking forward to the box office.
VR Game Rendered by RAYVISION Attracted Lots of Visitors in CICAF
VR Game Rendered by RAYVISION Attracted Lots of Visitors in CICAF
It’s Hangzhou’s wonderful Cartoon & Animation season again. The 12th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) was held in Hangzhou Baimahu International Exhibition Center on April 27th, 2016. CICAF was held by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) and People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, and organized by Hangzhou Government, Zhejiang Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and Zhejiang Radio & TV Group. CICAF was the largest, the most popular and the widest influenced national-level cartoon & animation exhibition. As the only large-scale event before G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, CICAF of this year became more international. It attracted more than 1500 companies from 80 countries and districts. As the leading brand of global industry, Fox Renderfarm made a significant contribution to animation, film, VFX, VR and other industries. This time, Fox Renderfarm exhibited at booth B2-024 to show the core values and achievements they brought to customers. At the meantime, Mili Pictures’ STAR CORE VR game rendered by Fox Renderfarm attracted lots of visitors in CICAF. The VR game presented an amazing virtual world, you can deeply interact with real objects in the real world through motion capture, and enjoyed the wonderful experience between virtual world and real world. RAYVISION specializes in distributed computing and cloud computing services for makes creative perfect.
Another Feather in RAYVISION’s Service Cap.
Another Feather in RAYVISION’s Service Cap.
The MEERKAT film from Turkey appreciated Rayvision for the best Quality and specially mentioned about the customer relationship.Meerkat Film is a full-service international creative production company. Their mission is to provide all clients with professional creative communication solutions based on the expert knowledge and experience. Meerkat film staff includes highly experienced, creative producers, directors, 3D artists, editors, CG and VFX artists. This is not the first time Rayvision is getting appreciation from the clients. Started since 2007, Rayvision and its subsidiary Renderbus and FoxRenderfarm has won unanimous praise from the entertainment industry. Rayvision has an outstanding team with over 20 years’ CG experience. Team members are from Disney, Lucas, Dreamworks, Sony, etc. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, they serve leading special effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries, including two Oscar winners. With the help of Rayvision Rendering Meerkat film finished their Advertisement for Zermam Construction. Erkan Akkaya from Meerkat film said, “The service Rayvision provided is only one word, Magnificent Especially Customer Relationship is phenomenal”. After completed the whole rendering he added: “Finally, we found the which we are looking for ”.

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