Why Is The Predator Film Series Difficult To Return To The Peak?

The Predator 4 released only 154 million box office results in five days, and the performance can only be said to be quite satisfactory. This is mainly because the IP of The Predator is actually very old. In 1987, the first installment in the Predator film series was released, and the Predator was also first published.
The Predator (1987) stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, some people say that the name The Predator refers to the role of Arnold, the major actor, and the predator in the film (literally translated as "predator") originally refers to the alien monster, but now it has become Predator.
The first installment in the Predator film series is the most classic, but unfortunately it is also the peak of the image of the predator - "The debut is the peak" is the best interpretation of this alien creature that kills for a living. The key element of the success of this film is the positioning of the film. Bloody and killing runs through the whole movie. The predator symbolizes the pursuit of power and killing in other civilizations in the universe.
In that era, the concept was still very curious, and with the super male hormone that Arnold himself brought, the film actually played the fight between the "strongest man" on the planet and the killing hunter in the universe. The film doesn't have much tangles in the depth of the script. The whole team puts all the power on the special effects and action design. Even if you look back at the movie now, it is also a classic in the B-level film. The $15 million cost has returned to the world's $100 million box office and is the pinnacle of the business value of the series.
The film was nominated for an Academy Award of Best Visual Effects, which undoubtedly proved that the IP of the Predator was the right choice. The confrontation between another civilization and the human hero is the theme and soul of this series.
Such a profitable IP Hollywood naturally has to continue to dig, but unfortunately, later works have become more and more ethical in the theme - the audience saw the second installment of "The Predator 2" in 1990, the production cost changed It became $35 million, but ended up with a $53 million global box office.
Why it got $53 million global box office?
First of all, in the choice of the protagonist, the audience will be pre-emptive. Arnold's personal image and performance characteristics are the most suitable candidates for this kind of film. His performance in the first Predator has also been recognized by fans all over the world. If you don't return to Arnold in the second, please change a similar actor like Arnold. Unfortunately, "The Predator 2" did not do this, they chose Danny Glover, I think he obviously does not meet the temperament of this film.
Secondly, the background of the first story is ingeniously linked to the Vietnam War. The tropical rain forest just creates a closed sense of suffocation, where hunting and anti-hunting have created a new visual spectacle. The Predator 2 were placed in the city, with the addition of vigilance. This design made this IP fall into Hollywood's old-fashioned and mediocre.
The second installment cut a lot of bloody shots, or was rated on the NC17 rating, that is, under 17 years old is not allowed to watch.
However, the producers at the beginning did not expect it. The sequel to bloody violence would fail at the box office. After all, the second installment made a lot of pave the way on the background of the predator, leaving an egg about the alien. The story of the predator is not ending here.
So 20 years later, The Predators came out. It chose Oscar's best man Adrian Brody on the cast. He insisted on this role by his acting skills. He also told the audience: the real top actors can carry whatever characters he want to be.
The Predators has more to restore and pay tribute to the first part of the composition, but basically gave up innovation. The production cost of 40 million US dollars, the global box office harvested 130 million US dollars. It can only be said that it has just passed, but it also proves that the audience still likes the initial settings.
Say back to the release version of The Predator, the film was flat at the global box office because it did not find its own positioning.
First of all, in the fight, there is hardly any growth in this movie. The audience will inevitably spit out the 2018 movie, which looks the same as the VCD era. Secondly, the film is less than the original bloody and violent, the alien civilization and the interpretation of the most primitive violence is obviously insufficient. And then, the director of the film (Director of Iron Man 3) put Marvel's "Knocking War" in it, and also involves the elements of family and war trauma, which are obviously not suitable for this series, because the audience's demand for the IP of this predator is not the same.


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