Disney's Twelve Basic Principles Of Animation

In the early days of hand-drawn 2D animation, the top animators from Disney, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, summed up the basic principles of the twelve animations. In 1981, "The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation" was published. These twelve animation principles, the rules developed by two-dimensional animation, can also be applied to the production of 3D animation, and also the 3D animators. The necessary foundations are as follows. The following is collected by render farm Fox Renderfarm of these twelve principles.

01.Squash and Stretch
The object receives the force of the squeeze, resulting in an elongated or flattened shape, coupled with exaggerated expression, making the object itself look elastic, quality, and vitality, so it is easier to produce comic changes.
The squeezing and stretching of animations is usually accompanied by Exaggeration, or the rhythm of Timing is used to highlight the weight of the object.
The action of the animated character must allow the viewer to produce expectations. Through the physical performance, or the arrangement of the mirror composition, the audience can predict the next action of the animated character, so that the audience can more easily integrate into the story.
Adding a reverse action strengthens the tension to do the action, which in turn indicates the next action that will occur.
The drama is arranged by the writer and the director, and the animation is also the same. Because all the animations and composition of the animation need to be manually created by the animator, the composition, lens movement, motion, and position in the animation need to be designed and arranged to avoid trivial movement changes that have occurred at the same time. The most important thing is to carefully design each lens and action. After design, not only can the overall feel of the animation be better, but also save a lot of unnecessary modification time.
The character's movements and performances, combined with appropriate lens movements, can effectively convey the character of the character and the message conveyed in the story.
04.Straight-ahead vs. Pose-to-pose
Continuous movements and key movements are two different creative techniques. Continuous action means starting from the first action when doing animation, from the beginning to the last in the order of the action, usually used to make simple animations.
The key action is to decompose a series of animations, first draw the key actions of the entire series of characters, and then add the intermediate excessive movements after the key actions. This is usually used for more complex animations, and it's also easier to control the production time of the entire animation.
05.Follow-through and Overlapping Action
Following the action, the parts of the object are disassembled, and usually the parts without the skeleton are more likely to follow. Such as hair, clothes, animal tails and so on.
The overlapping action is to disassemble the various parts of the movement, and to shift the time of the movement, resulting in the separation and overlapping time and exaggeration changes, which can increase the drama and expressiveness of the animation, and achieve the purpose of attracting the audience more easily. Increased the fun of animation.
06. Slow-in and Slow-out
An action is slower at the beginning and end, and the middle process is faster, because the general action is not constant motion, which is a normal physical phenomenon. When a stationary object starts moving, it will slow down to fast, and the object to be stopped will be fast to slow. If you start or end in a constant speed, you will have an abrupt feeling.
07. Arcs
The movements in the animation, basically in addition to the mechanical movements, almost all the motion lines are in a parabolic way. Whether it is the movement of the body or the attached object, it is drawing a parabola. Therefore, when drawing motion lines, non-mechanical objects should not be completely linear when moving; mechanical objects use harder linear motion, which makes it easier to distinguish between mechanical and non-mechanical objects. It also enhances the personality of these two completely different objects.
08. Secondary Action
The subtle movements attached to the main movements, although they are relatively small movements, actually have the finishing touch. The secondary action is not an unimportant action, but the key to strengthening the main action, which not only makes the character more vivid and real, but also makes the character have a sense of life.
When the character is performing the main action, some accessories attached to the character, or parts such as hair and tail, will append the main action effect with the attached action.
The soul of animation is the movement of objects and characters, and the key to controlling movement is the rhythm and weight of movement. The rhythm of the action is the speed of the speed. Too fast or too slow will make the action look unnatural, and different characters will have different rhythms, because the rhythm of the action will affect the personality of the character, and will also affect the natural movement. Whether or not.
Another key to controlling movement is the sense of quality, because all objects are of mass, and the rhythm can represent the quality of the object, which is related to the perception of nature in general.
10. Exaggeration
Animation is basically an exaggerated form of performance. Through the performance of the characters, the mood of the ups and downs is strengthened, making it easier for the audience to integrate into the story and enjoy it. Exaggeration is not only the expansion of the scope of action, but the ingenious and appropriate release of the emotions required by the plot. When designing actions and scripts, how to use the animation itself to easily express the exaggerated advantage to arrange the passage of the plot, the animator's exaggeration in the interpretation of the role is an important key to the animation.
11. Solid drawing
The production of animation, visual performance accounts for a large part, and visual performance requires a very solid foundation of painting and a sense of beauty. Whether it's making traditional animations or computer animations, animators need some basic training in painting to fully represent the images they need in animation.
This principle should be transformed into "beauty" in the light of the changing of the times, rather than "art" (the technique here), whether it is a brush or a computer. And the final picture of the animated face to be presented to the audience is the animated picture in the artist's brain. In this regard, what we have to learn is to raise the level of the animated surface in the brain and try to make the picture, no matter what tool is used.
12. Appeal
Attraction is a condition that needs to be in any art. Animation is like a movie. It contains many different art types. Whether it is music, pictures or plots, it must be matched with each other to interweave the best overall. Picture works.
The most appealing aspect of animation is the imaginative way of expressing images. Almost all of the animations are "created" by the animator and the director's hand. The "degree of freedom" of the picture is extremely high, so the animation always gives people a feeling of imagination, and the most attractive animation. Place. When designing a character, the audience can directly understand the character's attributes in a styling or unique posture, and enhance the audience's impression of the character, such as tall and thin, which can represent different characters.

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FGT3D Explorer Challenge Winners Announced
FGT3D Explorer Challenge Winners Announced
As 2020 is a difficult year, we will all be explorers to seek hope in 2021. The explorer can be a traveller looking for a mysterious place, a spacecraft roaming through the Milky Way, or a doctor researching the vaccine. Please create your 3D render, show the explorer in your mind and explore your possibilities.3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks will be selected and awarded! Professional Category 1st Place!Main - Deepak Jain- Title: Hard Time- Created by Deepak JainWhat Deepak says*In this hard time where people are finding it hard to breathe and oxygen is costlier than life this was the only positive i never wanted. In a country of colors and love we are seeing helplessness and deaths but we have been a fighter and this too shall pass. In this picture I have portrayed the helplessness people are facing, sorrow and a little hope that we can fight this too.*What our jury says- Ben Cheung: Highly detailed scene, goose bumpy mood setting, great lighting and color temperature, deserted hospital equipment versus body and seems new dress makes this excellent art work very creepy.- Frank WANG Yefeng: A mesmerizing image! It makes one feel like being in the same room with this character. The photo-realistic rendering proliferates a sense of empathy. Simply moving!- Kariem Saleh: This indeed is looking like a hard time for the girl in the center of the frame. Lighting and color contrasts play nicely in this very atmospherically dense frame. The setting is visually rich, though very effective in using and reusing a limited amount of assets and geometry. You feel like you want to step into the screen and get her out of this misery.- Cenay Oekmen: Powerful storytelling.- Xcenselabs Team: The details are exquisite, Mottled walls, Rusty instruments....strong skills. The reverie space of the theme is very large. The atmosphere of sadness appeared on the paper. 2nd Place!Kay John Yim Explorer - John Yim- Title: Explorer Stumbling upon Heavenly Gates- Created by Kay John YimWhat John says*Children are often believed to have memories before they were born - for some believe fairy tales are young boys and girls' recollections of the pre-existence world, fractals of flashbacks that give us a glimpse into "Heaven".**What's lesser-known is that since one's worldview only settles when they reach 11 years old, children perceive the world through a pair of unbiased lens, and are able to see what adults would subconsciously discard as fiction or fantasy.**For this reason, they are also seen as Explorers living in their own worlds of fantasy, exploring their own memories of pre-existence - except that their tales of Heavenly Gates and Angel Stories are not memories before they were born, but rather unbiased perceptions of our reality visible only to the sinless minds.*What our jury says- Miho Aoki: I think many of us had childhood experiences where we wandered in bushes and suddenly realized we have come very far from home. We turned around and went home, but this image made me think what'd if we keep going a bit farther. Maybe we got totally lost or maybe walked into something magical like this scene. The lighting and the flying flower petals show a suspended moment of wonderment of the child encountering the angel and the gate.- Corona Renderer Team: There is a genuine sense of wonder captured in the image, and I think a sense of wonder is what drives all explorers. Also, with the child being the explorer here, it takes me back to being a kid when every day was an adventure, and I would head out over the beach or down a disused railway line never knowing what magic I would find (or at least conjure in my imagination as to what might be around the next corner or over the next hill!) 3rd Place!leaving-the-colony-- Title: Leaving the colony- Created by David AgueroWhat David says*The colony settlement was a failure, I'm the last colonist to leave, don't come back, everything is falling apart - end of message.*What our jury says- Frank WANG Yefeng: Very rich colors and visual elements in a single frame. The composition suggests a very successful sense of depth. I can't stop imagining what it will look like if it's converted to a VR environment.- Miho Aoki: A spaceship is leaving a town on the bottom of a cliff. The town appears to be some sort of a mining operation or settlement. The artist used colors and surface materials very effectively. The color of the town is like the rocks and doesn't look like a very good place to live. The spaceship is painted green and looks very different from the town. It makes me wonder if the spaceship is escaping from the dying town or on a mission to save it, but it looks like a great adventure is waiting for the people aboard.- Corona Renderer Team: I like the sense of motion in this one, the spaceship setting out on a journey to who-knows-where. Whether that is their home behind them and they are setting out for new places, or whether they discovered the colony behind them and are returning home to report their findings, there is a definite sense of exploration in this one.- Xcenselabs Team: The details are exquisite, the pattern on the rock, Reflections in the water....strong skills. Visual sense is like film. Student Category 1st Place!Render 01Tim- Title: Subway 2041- Created by Tim JagodkaWhat Tim says*A post apocalyptic Subway entrance that is being discovered after a civil war.*What our jury says- Frank WANG Yefeng: The graffiti sign states "no future," which resonates really well with the scene outside of the subway exit. It makes one wonder what has happened outside. This is a very inspirational approach to depict a post-apocalyptic world.- Miho Aoki: Are we looking through the eyes of someone who just came out from a safe space underground after a catastrophic event on Earth? It looks as if the person is venturing out to the outside world after years of staying underground. The grown plants indicate it's been a long time since they evacuated from the outside world. Bright light is blinding and masking the view of the outside. We can just imagine how the world looks like and what the person will encounter out there. The graffiti suggests that people once lost hope, but this person dares to go out to the world and explore. The lighting is excellent, and the artist used the contrast between light and dark very effectively.- Cenay Oekmen: Nice light setup and very good texture work.- Xcenselabs Team: Very lifelike characters. The light at the exit is hopeful. 2nd Place!Under the Sea - Rafael García del Valle- Title: Underwater- Created by Rafael Garcia del ValleWhat Rafael says*Explorers finding weird creatures deep in the ocean.*What our jury says- Miho Aoki: The artist created the mysterious underwater feel and sense of depth and scale successfully with the lighting and colors. The color scheme with blue contrasting with red and yellow is beautiful. It looks like the underwater explorers are doing some research and just realized giant marine organisms appeared. The contrast between the dark and rigid-feeling silhouettes of the submarine and rocks and the round forms and bright colors of the creatures enhance the organic feel of the creatures. It makes us wonder what is going to happen next.- Kariem Saleh: The picture sucks you right in and deeply under the sea's surface. You want to join the explorers of this image on their journey into the unknown. This could be right out of a Jules Verne sci-fi movie. The steampunk design elements play extremely well with the organic nature of the creatures and rock scape. Awesome work!- Corona Renderer Team: I love how this reminds us that there is so much exploration still to be done right here at home - the depths of the oceans are still such a mystery! And I like how the creatures are both fantastic, yet very plausible. To wrap it up, the dynamic poses of the characters in the scene give a sense of drama and action, it looks like they were exploring some rocks or other structures when suddenly a never-seen-before behemoth comes into view. 3rd Place!Explorers-from-the-future AndreyOliver FGT3DAndrey-Oliver- Title: Explorers from the future- Created by Andrey OliverWhat Andrey says*Imagine if we humans, in the distant future exploring the borders of our dimension, rediscovered ourselves in the past, thinking that it is another species.*What our jury says- Ben Cheung: One of the best student works, believable lighting, mood setting, attention to details, even the No parking sign are rendered nicely, though the background forest looked a bit flat, otherwise excellent work.- Frank WANG Yefeng: The image has a great sense of humor. We don't know who is landing this aircraft, but obviously the pilot doesn't understand the "No-Parking" sign!- Kariem Saleh: Great combination of painterly looks and 3D rendering. who didn't ever park his ship in a no-parking spot? The cartoony and still technical design of the vehicle looks absolutely stylish. The colors of the paint finish pop out greatly surrounded by this rough and hazardous landscape.Want to see the full finalists? More information FGT3D Explorer Challenge
FGT Art December Winner Announced
FGT Art December Winner Announced
Let’s give it up for the FGT Art December winner!Congrats! The amazing artwork, Nostalgia: Shirakawa-gō(白川郷), is created by our friend Kay John Yim, an excellent Chartered Architect based in London.!kay-john-yim-201110-shirakawa-red!kay-john-yim-201107-shirakawa-og-final!kay-john-yim-201107-shirakawa-og-final-2!kay-john-yim-201110-shirakawa-red-clayWho’s our next FGT Art winner? Shine your talent and win great prizes! Hit the link and know more https://www.foxrenderfarm.com/fox-got-talent.html
 FGT Art November Winner Announced
FGT Art November Winner Announced
Let’s give it up for the FGT Art November winner!Congrats! The artwork, Twilight at The Battle Gallery, is created by our friend Kay John Yim, an excellent Chartered Architect based in London. And here is the interview between Fox Renderfarm, the powerful GPU & CPU cloud render farm, and the November winner John regarding the other artwork, The Mirage Castle: a Fantasy War Tale: https://www.foxrenderfarm.com/news/making-a-gothic-castle-with-strong-silhouettes-in-cinema-4d/Who’s our next FGT Art winner? Shine your talent and win great prizes! Hit the link and know more about the FGT Art campaign: https://www.foxrenderfarm.com/fox-got-talent.html.
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