FGT3D Christmas Vibes Challenge Winners Announced! Here We Present You Some Impressive Xmas 3D Artworks

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FGT3D Christmas Vibes Challenge was organized by the best cloud rendering services provider and the secure, fast & easy-to-use render farm - Fox Renderfarm. From October 13th to December 11th, 2022 (UTC+8), we received a lot of wonderful works from many artists around the world, thanks to everyone for participating in FGT3D Christmas Vibes Challenge!

The wait is over! After the selection by our juries, 3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks were picked. The winners will receive the prizes provided by our amazing sponsors. Congrats to all the winners!

Special thanks to our kind sponsors who supported FGT3D Christmas Vibes Challenge and helped 3D artists create their impressive Xmas works. They are all the best in their fields, and we recommend everyone their services/products.

FGT3D Christmas Vibes Challenge Winners Announced sponsor

Winners Announced

1. Professional Category

1st Place: “Merry Christmas” by Jin Yao Wong

1st Place Merry Christmasby Jin Yao Wong

TITLE: Merry Christmas

CAPTION: Packaging Christmas gifts.


Frank WANG Yefeng: I really like the interaction and resonation of various small objects in this rendering, such as the Santa Claus mug and the Christmas lollipops in it, the different materials of the candy canes in the boots and on the table, the alarm clock on the left and the holiday bell deco on the window, etc. The rich details, such as the crossed out names on the sticky note, also make the picture full of storytelling. The nostalgic cinematic effect ties all the stories in the image together and makes this rendering a highly finished work of art.

Miho Aoki: The image has a rustic and very warm feel and great details! The bright lighting and a bit washed-out look goes well with the theme.

Fox Renderfarm Team: This render immediately catches our eyes. It is rich in detail and charmingly colored, creating a warm, happy atmosphere with cinematic lighting and wonderful texture that recalls the joyful feelings brought by Christmas gifts. We already hear Christmas songs ringing in our ears!

2nd Place: “Secret Santa” by Kay John Yim

2nd Place Secret Santa by Kay John Yim

TITLE: Secret Santa


"In the Neo-Gothic hall of dreams,
A giant cat with Santa hat gleams,
Sleeping soundly on the floor,
A picture of peace and joy galore.

The lights of Christmas twinkle bright,
A beacon of joy in the winter's night,
As the secret Santa brings delight,
A celebration of all that is right.

The magic of Christmas fills the air,
A time of joy and love to share,
In the Neo-Gothic hall of dreams,
Where the spirit of the season gleams."

A fantastical recreation of the "Gallery" room at Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham (London), a Gothic Revival Villa with elaborate and mesmerizing decorations.


Frank WANG Yefeng: This is a really imaginative piece of work. The kitty in the center of the picture immediately captures the viewers' eyes and their hearts. The opulent dome draws one's imagination deeper into the picture. After a while, you will find that the real protagonists of the story turn out to be hidden in the dimness in the lower left corner of the composition. This is a picture that makes one think of Alice in Wonderland. I really like it!

Miho Aoki: Is the pattern on the ceiling procedurally generated? The warm-colored and back-lit lighting looks very artistic.

Fox Renderfarm Team: Gorgeous, psychedelic, and enchanting, that's how we sum up this Xmas work. All the elements are just right, the warm lights and the charming architecture make you want to go into the house to feel the peaceful and joyful Christmas vibes here. By the way, the giant kitty is so real and so cute!

3rd Place: “Christmas Room” by Yana Fedyakova

3rd Place Christmas Room by Yana Fedyakova

TITLE: Christmas Room

CAPTION: Santa is coming soon.


Tom Grimes: I was drawn to the lovely warm glow of this image, and the whimsical and sweet nature of the image. Definitely makes me feel full of Christmas cheer!

Fox Renderfarm Team: The design is so delicate! It seems like the decorations for a warm and cozy cottage while it is freezing cold outside. The lights on the Christmas tree and in the fire definitely make the whole atmosphere warmer.

2. Student Category

1st Place: “A Christmas Wish” by Jonathan Ryuuki

1st Place A Christmas Wish by Jonathan Ryuuki

TITLE: A Christmas Wish

CAPTION: The Christmas season is coming! A little girl who has wanted a lovely gift for a long time. With all her limitations, Christmas comes and gives an unexpected present. A present that answers her lifelong wish.

Christmas thaws every frozen heart and gives new vibes. Vibes that aren’t just about the shimmering eve and the beauty of the Christmas tree. It's about giving a cup brimming with warmth and spread of love, happiness, and joy on the coldest night. And the most important thing is to share a thousand hopes for every lonely and broken heart. Let the Christmas vibes fill the air!


Miho Aoki: It looks like a scene from a story. The image has great lighting. The toys behind the windows looking at Santa and the kid are cute!

Tom Grimes: I like the composition and amount of detail in this one, and the magical story it shows taking place. An image that is full of Christmas spirit!

Fox Renderfarm Team: So many elements in this work! You can find more beautiful details as you look longer at the scene. Fun little props, beautiful Christmas decorations, and cute characters form a warm environment with a strong Xmas atmosphere. What an impressive 3D work that was created by a student.

2nd Place: “Hope Endures” by Petar Stoyanov

2nd Place Hope Endures by Petar Stoyanov

TITLE: Hope Endures

CAPTION: Even after the darkest of times hope, love and light will also beat the darkness around us and prevail.


Tom Grimes: Good level of detail here, and it's both a reminder of how hard some people have it at Christmas when they are facing a time of upheaval and destruction, and a reminder of how hope continues to shine in the hearts of those people.

Frank WANG Yefeng: This work is of a high level in terms of both concept and technique. The beautiful rendering gives the impression that one is watching a rich and profound widescreen film. When the viewers see the Christmas tree in the center of the composition, they will soon notice the surrounding that is destroyed by war. The burnt pavilion behind the tree becomes a temporary convergence of people who lost their homes. They pray for the end of the war and that the scattered people can return soon. While immersed in the joy of the holiday, let us not forget to pray for the people who are still suffering in other parts of the world.

Fox Renderfarm Team: We like the storytelling of the scene so much. The happy Christmas tree and its warm lights are a stark contrast to the depressed and gloomy surroundings, making everyone feel hopeful. The composition, lighting, and use of color make you think deeply about this work as if it tells a complete story to you. Wondering what is the artist's inspiration…

3rd Place: “Getting ready for Christmas” by Jacek Jamrozy

3rd Place Getting ready for Christmas by Jacek Jamrozy

TITLE: Getting ready for Christmas


Frank WANG Yefeng: A very lovely piece of work that also has a slight touch of melancholy. This piece made me realize that Santa Claus and his gingerbread men were both carved out of wood by the author.

Fox Renderfarm Team: Carving Santa Claus out of wood to show the Christmas vibes, what a unique and clever idea! Who does the artist want to give this Christmas gift to? The lighting and textures give this piece of artwork a photorealistic render, and the gingerbread man has just the right amount of decorative embellishment.

Learn more and enjoy the finalists artworks on FGT3D Christmas Vibes Challenge.

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to every participant again! Hope to see you soon in our next FGT3D Challenge. Stay tuned and join our Discord server to keep updated!

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