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    FGT3D New Adventure Challenge Winners Announced!

    FGT3D New Adventure Challenge Winners Announced!

    After over two months of artistic creation, the artists shared their impressive 3D works and submitted them to FGT3D New Adventure Challenge. After the selection by our juries, 3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks were picked. Congrats to all the winners!

    The prizes are provided by our amazing sponsors. Special thanks to them! They are all the best in their fields, and we recommend everyone their services/products.

    FGT3D New Adventure Challenge

    FGT3D New Adventure Challenge is the 9th edition of FGT3D Challenge, which was initiated by Fox Renderfarm, the leading render farm in the CG industry and the best cloud rendering service provider. Thanks to every artist for participating in FGT3D Challenge. Hope to see more stunning 3D works in the next challenge. Stay tuned!

    Winners Announced

    1. Professional Category

    1st Place: “Small World, Big Adventure” by Lee Dodd

    1st Place “Small World, Big Adventure” by Lee Dodd

    TITLE: Small World, Big Adventure

    CAPTION: Lost in a world of wonder, the boy sets sail on a leaf-boat, guided by the light of his tiny lamp.


    Serhii: Amazing work with a good fantasy world, composition and story.

    Miho Aoki: It's a cute artwork that vividly portrays a child's imagination. The use of contrast within this image is excellent. The artist played with scales and used contrasting colors of red and green, and light and darkness.

    Tom Grimes: This image could be an illustration in a children's book or perhaps a TV show - no need for realism here, but a focus on charm and wonder!

    Samuel Winter: Nice composition, environment elements are done well, and good use of camera depth to frame the subject.

    2nd Place: “An Unforgettable Adventure” by Deepak Jain

    2nd Place “An Unforgettable Adventure” by Deepak Jain

    TITLE: An Unforgettable Adventure

    CAPTION: Finally, the day arrived when I could immerse myself in the captivating underwater world. As I descended into the depths, I was astounded by the colorful fish, vibrant corals, and breathtaking formations. The beauty of this hidden realm left me speechless. It was an unforgettable adventure that words cannot fully capture, forever etched in my heart.


    Samuel Winter: I like how the darker parts of the environment frame the lighter parts of the image, with a good amount of detail. Nice God Rays pouring in from the top contrast with the murky depths further back in the image.

    Tom Grimes: Lots of detail, very realistic end result, and a great reminder that there is plenty left unexplored even here on our own planet!

    Serhii: The execution and composition are good.

    3rd Place: “Humanity gone” by Petri Matikainen

    3rd Place “Humanity gone” by Petri Matikainen

    TITLE: Humanity gone

    CAPTION: What will replace us?


    Frank WANG Yefeng: This is a fascinating and provocative image. It depicts a surreal scenario of a giant skeleton in ice, implying a past or future extinction of humanity. The details and lighting of the scene are very realistic and impressive, creating a sense of scale and depth. The image challenges us to question what will replace us and why, as well as the role and impact of technology on our existence.

    Miho Aoki: This mysterious image shows a big frozen skeleton with plants growing from it, while a living person stands nearby. It's like a glimpse into a dark adventure, where time, the future, and the person's dreams intertwine. This artwork sparks our imagination and leaves us with more questions than answers.

    2. Student Category

    1st Place: “Homeward” by Ryuga Tjew

    1st Place “Homeward” by Ryuga Tjew

    TITLE: Homeward

    CAPTION: After sailing through night and day for almost a month with his dad's classic boat, Chief Martin Brody finally arrives on a small and unmonitored island where he spent his childhood there. While his past history has not been fully revealed, it is noted that Martin had experienced a near-drowning incident at some point in his childhood, leading to his fear of the water, but now he has conquered it.


    Tom Grimes: Packed with detail, and lit beautifully. This would have stood up against any of the Professional entries too, awesome work for a student!

    Serhii: Nice work with lots of detail, good atmosphere. I like the idea that the viewer can be the captain of this ship. The composition invites a journey.

    Miho Aoki: This image is an interesting image with a lot of intriguing details. The carefully placed details suggest a rich backstory for the person on the boat, and we're seeing the island through their eyes. There's a sense of both nostalgia and anticipation—a feeling of returning while embarking on a new chapter.

    Samuel Winter: It's all about the detail in this image, plenty of assets to draw the eye, all with great materials.

    2nd Place: “Unknown Worlds” by Felipe Ribeiro

    2nd Place “Unknown Worlds” by Felipe Ribeiro

    TITLE: Unknown Worlds

    CAPTION: Fantasy worlds may not be real, but you can reach them through your imagination.


    Samuel Winter: Lovely warm lighting, I really like how the subject's clothing colour contrasts with the rest of the scene, and the pose feels very natural.

    Frank WANG Yefeng: This is a stunning and powerful image that depicts the theme of adventure. The image shows a girl holding the new world in front of her, surrounded by floating rocks and plants. The image also uses a contrast between the dark and light colors, as well as the realistic and abstract elements, to create a dramatic and emotional effect. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful piece that conveys a message of hope and responsibility.

    Tom Grimes: Here, I love the contrast of the everyday dress the character is wearing, grounding them firmly in our daily world - yet it is clear the landscape they find themselves in is anything but ordinary! Great storytelling.

    Serhii: Good idea and composition. There is a lot of room for imagination.

    3rd Place: “Hogwarts Library” by Giorgi Lezhava

    3rd Place “Hogwarts Library” by Giorgi Lezhava

    TITLE: Hogwarts Library

    CAPTION: 3D scene showing Hogwarts library inspired by Hogwarts legacy game.


    Samuel Winter: Very clean image, arranged well. The colour palette is complimentary and just works, a good amount of detail but understated to convey the scale.

    Frank WANG Yefeng: This is a very impressive and realistic image. It uses a lot of details and textures to create a sense of depth and atmosphere. The lights and shadows are very well done, as they create a contrast and a sense of movement. The image also uses a perspective and a composition that draws the viewer’s attention to the center of the scene, where the main character is located.

    Learn more and enjoy the finalist artworks of the FGT3D New Adventure Challenge.

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks to every participant again! Stay tuned and join our Discord server to keep updated!

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