It comes as no surprise that file transfers are a critical part of your organization's operations. They can share anywhere from dozens to hundreds of thousands of documents with trading partners, employees, and clients daily. Using a variety of tools and scripts to get the job done. But is the software all about the upside? Hmm, probably not.

These files are often highly sensitive, containing financial information and high-risk factors. The methods in which they are sent can be vulnerable to interception. With the escalating cybersecurity risks, organizations need to dedicate time, resources, and strategery to the safety of their file transfers if they want to steer clear of nightmarish data breaches and non-compliance penalties. If your organization wants to prioritize good data security practices but has a multitude of business considerations to juggle, you may wonder if it's possible to implement the necessary encryption and administration for your file transfers while meeting your other responsibilities.

The answer is yes. If you have the right process in place. Implementing secure file transfer software in your organization can easily address these concerns: the software streamlines the administration, automation, and encryption of your file transfers in order to simplify the lives of IT and business professionals. In a nutshell, the right file transfer solution centralizes how you exchange information with others by letting you create, schedule, monitor, and process sent and retrieved files from an easy-to-use, browser-based interface.

Founded in 2010, Headquartered in Shenzhen and branch offices in Bejing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. RaySync has been providing big data transmission acceleration and network optimization services for clients around the world. With RaySync transmission engine——the industry's leading transmission core technology, a perfect solution for cross-border transmission, long-distance transmission, large file transmission and more. Maximizing bandwidth efficiency, thereby improving work efficiency and winning praise from customers. The company has an experienced technical and service team, combined with the RaySync transmission engine and traditional network resources to provide clients with high-speed, stable and secure network optimization services, which greatly saves investment in enterprise network resources, improves efficiency and improves network experience.

As a leading and fast-growing cloud rendering company in China, Fox Renderfarm has always pursuing global interaction speeding. Now our sister brand-RaySync is launching a new version 3.0, to extend our filmmaking process boosting to overall working efficiency in the business world, to transfer creative minds from one to another.

RaySync deserves businesses’attention. It can be a beneficial and valuable addition to businesses from various scales, looking to empower and simplify file sharing. its auto synchronization, cloud archiving, and many similar out-of-the-box features.
Optimized the WAN based on the long-range transmission. Concurrent transmission 100 times faster as TCP/IP.
Bandwidth Control
Lift the bandwidth utilization to the maximum, bandwidth utilization rate as high as 95% above, regardless of dataset size, network conditions, and transfer distance.
Unlimited Users
No limit on the number of users, no matter when and where users only need to log in to the web page to use the transfer function.
Simple Deployment
30 seconds to set up, significantly reducing the cost of construction, use, and maintenance of the transmission system.
Secure & Reliable
Comprehensive security solutions, multiple validation mechanisms. FTPS & TLS protocols are applied for data transmission encryption.
Breakpoint resume& Failure retransmission mechanism.Remote operation and monitoring.GLOBAL PARTNER WANTED!
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