8 Best And Free Blender Cloud Rendering Services in 2022

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Blender is an excellent free 3D modeling software that has a very large number of users. Well, you can choose Blender cloud rendering service if you want to make your Blender work have a better effect after rendering. Here the fast cloud rendering services provider and Blender render farm, will introduce 8 best or free Blender cloud rendering services to you.

1. SheepIt - Blender Cloud Rendering Free

SheepIt - Free Blender Render Farm

SheepIt is a free cloud rendering service for Blender. What sets it apart from other render farms is the word distributed, as the service does not own the machines that render, but relies on people sharing their computers. As a result, there are virtually no limits to the capabilities of a render farm. As project owners add their scenes to the job queue, the service splits the animation into single frames for rendering, sends each frame to a connected computer, and optimizes its selection based on available memory and CPU/GPU capacity. This free cloud rendering service is free of charge. You can earn points by sharing your computer, and these points allow you to get free renders at SheepIt.

2. Fox Renderfarm - Best Blender Cloud Rendering Services

Fox Renderfarm - The Best Blender Render Farm

Fox Renderfarm is the industry's leading provider of cloud rendering services and an excellent render farm for Blender. In operation since 2011, Fox Renderfarm has earned a reputation for quality performance, great customer service and flexible pricing plans(as low as 0.036 per core hour). With over 20 years of experience, the core team of Fox Renderfarm serves over 200,000 users and top leading visual effects companies and animation studios from more than 50 countries and regions, with clients including multiple award and Oscar winners(Mr. Hublot). Fox Renderfarm supports many 3D software such as C4D, Maya, Arnold, Blender, Redshift, etc. And now he is offering a $25 free trial for all new registrants. He also frequently hosts 3D challenges, such as the recent FGT3D FOX Challenge.

How to Use Fox Render Farm?

3. AWS Blender Render Farm - Blender Cloud Render Farm

AWS Blender Render Farm

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform online that provides cloud computing solutions that are scalable and cost-effective. AWS is a widely used cloud platform that provides a variety of on-demand operations such as computing power, database storage, content delivery, and more to help businesses scale and grow. AWS offers blender cloud rendering services, which has a Rendering Field Deployment Kit RFDK, an open source software development kit for deploying, configuring and managing rendering field infrastructure in the cloud.

What is the Render Farm Deployment Kit on AWS?

How to make your AWS Blender render farm?

4. RebusFarm - Blender Cloud Rendering Services

RebusFarm - Excellent Render Farm for Blender

RebusFarm was founded in 2006 in Cologne, Germany. RebusFarm was designed to meet the growing demand for rendering power in the 3D animation field. RebusFarm supports all common 3D applications, including host applications, as well as secondary rendering applications. RebusFarm is designed to meet the growing demand for rendering power in the 3D animation field.RebusFarm supports all common 3D applications, including host applications, as well as secondary rendering applications. In addition, RebusFarm's goal is to provide the greatest possible rendering power at the most affordable price, while maintaining a service-oriented connection with its customers. RebusFarm offers the Blender cloud rendering service. Each new user automatically receives a free trial of 25 RenderPoints upon registration.

5. Garagefarm - Cloud Rendering for Blender

GarageFarm - Cloud Rendering Blender Render Farm

GarageFarm is a small team of technical and 3D enthusiasts who one day decided to create their own render farm after years of painful and horrible rendering experiences.GarageFarm allows you to easily upload and manage your projects. He offers services of cloud rendering for blender with a $25 free trial.

6. Blendergrid - Blender Cloud Render Farm

Blendergrid - Online Blender Render Farm

Founded in 2013, Blendergrid is a grid of thousands of computers running Blender. Blendergrid is a purely online Blender cloud render farm where you can only submit files online. At Blendergrid you can do pre-render price tests. Usually rendering 230 frames at up to 2500 Cycles samples is about $300.

7. RenderStreet - Good Blender Cloud Rendering

RenderStreet - Best Render Farm for Blender

RenderStreet is a global leader in render farms built on a powerful multi-cloud 3D rendering approach. Leveraging its proprietary RenderWheels solution, RenderStreet's resource allocation algorithms are dynamically optimized for speed and running costs to deliver the fastest and most cost-effective rendering solution. As a Blender cloud render farm, it supports APIs in addition to CPU and GPU rendering.

8. GridMarkets - Cloud Rendering for Blender

GridMarkets - Blender Cloud Rendering

GridMarkets, in addition to being a partner of Redshift 3D, also offers Blender cloud rendering services. CPU and GPU rendering are supported. His prices start at $0.80/machine hour all-inclusive.


You can try any of the above Blender cloud rendering services. It is well known that Fox Renderfarm is an excellent cloud rendering services provider in the CG world, so if you need to find a Blender cloud render farm, why not try Fox Renderfarm, which is offering a free $25 trial for all new users? Thanks for reading!

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Inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Korean artist use Blender to create exclusive cabins
Inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Korean artist use Blender to create exclusive cabins
As soon as Nintendo Switch launches Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it has been loved by game fans all over the world. Due to the epidemic, many people can enjoy traveling abroad through games during quarantine, which makes the Switch a hit again. And many CG artists eager to create many fan art or amazing creations. Korean designer Seungho Jeong (Neon3D) was invited to talk about his latest work "Miniature style cute character 3d artwork" (Soondol) and talk about the toy model made for the animation of "Molang".!Seungho Jeong (Neon3D)Seungho Jeong (Neon3D)Seungho Jeong, from South Korea, is good at product design and 3D printing. Most of them are created in Fusion360 and Blender. He is currently designing toy models for "Molang". He also runs a YouTube channel to share the process behind the scenes.Miniature style cute character 3d artwork (Soondol)Year of completion: 2020Software: Blender!Miniature style cute character 3d artwork (Soondol) (5)Tell us about the artwork. Seungho Jeong: Recently I was playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I was attracted by the cute graphic style in the game, so I proposed a series of creative projects, with my original character "Soon-dol" as the main character, and designed a series of The miniature style house in Mori.I use Cycle render in Blender to create. It is worth mentioning that instead of using texture mapping, I changed the color of the object or made some images using Illustrator, and used Blender's Shrinkwrap modifier to place the image on the character's face. The most difficult part of this work is the lighting effect. After all, to create "emits natural light from the outside of the window" is a test of the creator's Lighting skills. At first, I put a glass on the window, but then I found that no glass looks more natural, so I had to take it away.What is your usual job? Seungho Jeong: Mainly making character toy models. For example, the "Molang" series is currently on sale. I designed many different sets of costumes for the character, including Halloween, New Year, Hanbok and other styles. The main creative process is the use of product design software Fusion 360. It has a free-form modeling function, similar to Blender's modeling method. I also made an introduction video for the company's YouTube channel "Behind Molang". First, I redesigned all 2D characters into 3D. Since our company is not an animation studio but a character commodity company, most of the 3D creation process of characters is the process of making plastic models, such as Fusion 360 (some are designed directly in Blender). When creating images in 3D, as mentioned above, instead of using texture mapping, we change the color of the object or use Illustrator to create the image, which is created in accordance with the process of making dolls and doll models. Is animation different from product design? Seungho Jeong: Making animation is very difficult, after all, that is not my major. Although product production and animation look very similar, there are still some system differences. Therefore, I have to learn by myself and complete the animation creation, so I simplified the character movement as much as possible.!Miniature style cute character 3d artwork (Soondol) (4)!Miniature style cute character 3d artwork (Soondol) (3)Can you share your creative tips? Seungho Jeong: If you want to create on a hard surface, Fusion 360 is recommended, which can be modeled for the accuracy of the size, which is very convenient. In addition, the ShrinkWrap modifier is used to attach the image to Blender without any texture drawing. !Miniature style cute character 3d artwork (Soondol) (7)!Miniature style cute character 3d artwork (Soondol) (5)Who is your Favorite artist?Seungho Jeong: Absolutely my boss Hye-Ji Yoon, he is the character designer of "Molang". And Molang's animation is currently being played on Netflix, which is receiving the attention of the global audience! I respect my boss very much and want to be a well-known creator like him.!Miniature style cute character 3d artwork (Soondol) (2)Tips: Fox Renderfarm is a leading cloud rendering services provider and render farm for 3D animation. We offer a free $25 trial for every new user. Thanks for reading!Seungho Jeong’s Artstion: `https://www.artstation.com/neon3d`
How To Create An Old Camera In Blender?
How To Create An Old Camera In Blender?
The best cloud rendering services provider and GPU & CPU render farm, Fox Renderfarm will share with you a Blender tutorial.This article shows you how to create an old camera in blender. The production process refers to an article by a Christian Wachter artist and introduces some new processes and complements the production techniques. 1. ModelingLensThe camera lens is a curved surface, but the arc surface created by the latitude and longitude ball will cause errors after subdivision because of the triangular surface. The more scientific method is to use a box, first add a subdivision modify and re-cast, and then scale an axis to get a lens arc surface with perfect topology. Complex PartsFor parts with complex structures and small parts, they are generally not subdivided, and it is enough to simply chamfer them with high precision. In order to save computer resources and processes, these finely divided parts can only be chamfered with high precision. 2. UVHere are some of the next-generation game production processes, such as multiple objects sharing a set of UVs. In this way, whether you export the model to the third-party software to make the texture, or after the texture is created, import the blender and manage the texture material in the blender. 3. TextureThe texture is selected to use the substance painter. When drawing the edge wear, in addition to using the SP's own program texture, some more serious wear is manually drawn in the sharp part of the model, and the gradient wear of the gear adjustment knob is defined. 4. Material What is worth noting in the material is that because the camera lens has an anti-reflection coating, the reflection of the lens is blue-violet. The top half of the picture as below.In Blender, I tried to simulate a dispersive material using the red, green, and blue color overlays, but the effect was unsatisfactory and the rendering points were extremely large. As shown in the lower part of the figure below.Finally, use a Fresnel as the basis of the gradient, change it to a blue cyan gradient, and mix it on the surface of the gloss to simulate the material of the camera lens. 5. SynthesisAfter De focus rendering is complete, select to blend in Blender, as shown in the two images below, and change the gradient on the Z channel to control the post-defocus effect. One makes the rear part of the camera slightly out of focus, and one makes the floor behind the camera seriously blurred out focus. 6. Deformation and HueFinally, add a little lens distortion to it, and use the color balance node to give it some stylized color. Fox Renderfarm hopes it will be of some help to you. It is well known that Fox Renderfarm is an excellent cloud rendering services provider in the CG world, so if you need to find a Blender render farm, why not try Fox Renderfarm, which is offering a free $25 trial for new users? Thanks for reading!
Free Cloud Rendering For 3D Software
Free Cloud Rendering For 3D Software
Do you like to make 3D models or 3D animations? If you are a user of 3D software, such as Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, etc., then you should know the importance of rendering for a 3D work. Cloud rendering, on the other hand, can help you render your work in the cloud without taking up your own local computer space, making your work more beautiful and full of details. Are you looking for free cloud rendering? If you are a Blender user, then congratulations, there really is a free Blender cloud rendering. Please read the following section.- What is Cloud Rendering or Cloud-based Rendering?- Top 10 Free And Best Cloud Rendering Services in 2022 Free Cloud Rendering - SheepIt Online Render Farm!SheepIt - Free Blender Render FarmWe all know that if you want to do cloud rendering, then you need to have a lot of servers in the first place, and it costs a lot of money to buy them. So why is SheepIt a free cloud rendering service provider? Although it doesn't have its own servers, it is using users' computers to help other people render, which means that the more people are willing to provide their computers for others to render, then the more servers SheepIt has for cloud rendering, and the power of this online render farm free is almost unlimited.!Free Cloud Rendering For 3D Software 2from SheepIt SheepIt was launched in 2008 and has been rendering a project almost every 5 minutes for the last few years. It supports almost all versions of Blender, after all it is a free cloud rendering for Blender. On July 1st, SheepIt reached the important milestone of achieving 500,000 project rendering, so to celebrate, 2,000 points will be given to everyone (who renders frames) and this campaign will end on Monday, July 11th at 00:00 UTC+0.In normal times, if you want to use this free cloud rendering for Blender, then you need to share your computer to get the points, these points will be the basis for your rendering, the more points you have, the higher your project priority will be.So if you are not a Blender user, is there a free cloud rendering service or a free online render farm? The answer is almost none. However, even if not completely free, there are some large render farms that offer good cloud rendering services and have free render coupons available, such as Fox Renderfarm. Best Cloud Rendering Services Provider - Fox RenderfarmFox Renderfarm, the leading cloud rendering service provider and render farm in the CG industry, supports not only Blender, but also many other 3D software and plugins. Also, unlike SheepIt, Fox Renderfarm has a 7×24 real time service, so if you encounter any difficulties while rendering, the technical support is always available to help you remotely. It has a very reasonable pricing, which is very cheap among the render farm prices. What's more, there's a $25 trial available, as well as other 3D challenge that can help you get free rendering vouchers, such as the monthly FGT Art campaign that gives participants a $20 rendering voucher and the winner of the month a $100 rendering voucher! If you are a loyal Fox Renderfarm user and love 3D creation, we would like to help you realize your dream and help you render your own 3D masterpieces, just like the great CGI Artist Kay John Yim did.- Ballerina: A CGI Fantasy Created by Kay John YimIn addition, Fox Renderfarm is a TPN-Accredited cloud rendering services provider and CPU & GPU render farm. This means that it is extremely secure and you don't need to worry about your data being revealed at all. ConclusionIf you are a Blender user, then you are lucky to have a cloud renderer like SheepIt that offers free rendering. However, if you are a user of other 3D software, you can also use Fox Renderfarm, the leading cloud rendering services provider and best render farm for 3D software, which offers a $25 free trial for each new user.
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