Call For Submissions: Santa's New Ride Challenge

FGT3D Santa’s New Ride Challenge

Fox Renderfarm Community

FGT3D Santa's New Ride Challenge

Prize of FGT3D Santa's New Ride Challenge

Win the amazing prize pack valued at over $6000!
Call For Submissions: 15 DAYS LEFT!

FGT3D Santa’s New Ride Challenge is still ongoing! 
We would like to invite all CG artists to submit their artworks and show their talents.

TIME FOR ENTRIES:November 2nd - December 30th, 2020 (UTC+8)

Enjoy your creation and happy render!
Fox Renderfarm Team

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Industry News

Three Award-winning Films at SIGGRAPH Aisa 2020

‘Shooom’s Odyssey,’ ‘Migrants,’ and ‘Box Assassin’ Take SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Computer Animation Festival Honors

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone at SIGGRAPH Asia 2020. As the long-term partner of SIGGRAPH Asia, Fox Renderfarm wishes Siggraph Asia a better Computer Animation Festival in 2021!


Exclusive Interview

Kay John Yim

Creating an Amazing CGI Project Staged at Hagia Sophia in ZBrush

What an atmospheric image with a narrative open for imagination!The artwork “Ritual” is created by Kay John Yim, a Chartered Architect based in London, specializing in Architectural Visualization/CGI. Read more...

CG Challenge


Making a Gothic Castle With Strong Silhouettes in Cinema 4D

Have a look at the fantastic 3D render with beautiful composition and strong silhouettes. The artwork, The Mirage Castle: a Fantasy War Tale, created by Kay John Yim, won 1st place in CG Boost’s Moving Castle Challenge which was sponsored by Fox Renderfarm.


Christmas Big Sale - Fox Renderfarm

Christmas Big Sale - Fox Renderfarm

Christmas Big Sale - Fox Renderfarm

Christmas Rewards Up to $10,000 Render Coupon

The BIGGEST sale ever!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of our dear friends!

Thank you for all your support and love this year!

Fox Renderfarm is wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful start of 2021!

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Enter To Win Grand Prizes 丨Create With Fox Renderfarm
Enter To Win Grand Prizes 丨Create With Fox Renderfarm
!Fox Renderfarm Community!FGT3D Snowman ChallengeCall For Submissions: 16 DAYS LEFT!Fox Renderfarm invites all 3D artists to participate in the FGT3D Snowman Challenge to show their talents and win big prizes!TIME FOR ENTRIES: September 27th - December 12th, 2021 (UTC+8)Join our Discord Server and enter the FGT3D Challenge & keep updated!Submit Now!Exclusive Interview!Motion Plus DesignIntroducing the Founder of Motion Plus Design, Kook Ewo: We Create Events and Curate Digital ArtFox Renderfarm is glad to be a sponsor of Motion Plus Design, the largest festival for Motion Design Art - with regular events in Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo + 15 cities.Here‘s our exclusive interview with the Founder, Kook Ewo, in which he talks about what we can’t miss about Motion Plus Design and his unique experience & insight into motion design.Read more...!How to Make an Escheresque Nightmare in 3ds MaxHow to Make an Escheresque Nightmare in 3ds Max“Out of time or space, neither awake nor asleep, reality melts into nightmares… Can’t wait for the alarm to ring.”The artwork is created by Tom Doizy, a CG enthusiast from France. In our exclusive interview, Tom tells the story how he created the Escher composition effect, the fish eye effect and delicate details.Read more...!Interview With FGT Art September Winner, Modus Vivendi Animation TeamInterview With FGT Art September Winner, Modus Vivendi Animation TeamIntroducing Modus Vivendi Animation Team, a small team of 5 students at RMIT University. Here’s our exclusive interview, in which we can find out how they create excellent animation.Read more...How to Create a 3D GK Figure in ZBrush and 3ds MaxGuide Man, a ghost hunter, leads the dead to the path of judgment. The artwork is created by ManWai Chuk. Let's find out how ManWai made the 3D GK Figure through the exclusive interview with Fox Renderfarm.Read more...Creating A Cartoon Character For AAA Games in ZBrush and MayaGreat character design and eye popping detail on the cloth design. “Hunter Game ready” is created by YanniCk Knöller, a Character Artist from France. In our interview, YanniCk tells us how he made this amazing cartoon character.Read more...
Grab The Chance To Get Featured On Artwork Gallery
Grab The Chance To Get Featured On Artwork Gallery
!Fox Renderfarm Community!FGT Art!Take me back - Sanket Shinde Grab The Chance To Get Featured On Fox Renderfarm's Artwork GalleryCongrats To Our FGT Art August Winner, 2021. The amazing artwork, Take Me Back, is created by Sanket Shinde, an excellent CG Generalist from India.Who’s our next FGT Art winner? Show off your impressive 3D artwork which was rendered at Fox Renderfarm by entering FGT ART.Submit now!Exclusive Interview!Hard Time - Deepak Jain How to Portray a Photo-realistic Render With Powerful Storytelling in 3ds MaxThe picture with highly detailed scene, goosebumpy mood-setting, great lighting and color temperature was created by Deepak Jain and portrayed the helplessness people are facing, sorrow and a little hope that we can fight this too.Here’s the interview between Deepak and Fox Renderfarm, in which we can find out how he created this moving render with powerful storytelling.Read more...!Student Demo Reel 2019 - David Pferrer How to Make Lighting a Booster to the Whole Picture?Fox Renderfarm is so proud to form cooperation with PIXL VISN Media Arts Academy and offer students an affordable pricing scheme to support educational purposes.After we’ve discussed the factors to make a character design and rigging with excellent graduates from PIXL VISN, we continue our discovery about how to make lighting a booster to the whole picture with another brilliant graduate, David Pferrer.Read more...!Explorers from the future - Andrey Oliver How to Make a Stylish Spacecraft in BlenderImagine if we humans, in the distant future, exploring the borders of our dimension, rediscovered ourselves in the past, thinking that it is another species.Let's find out how Andrey Oliver made the amazing artwork through the exclusive interview with Fox Renderfarm.Read more...
Online Free Global 3D Competition! Shine Your Talents And Win Big Prizes!
Online Free Global 3D Competition! Shine Your Talents And Win Big Prizes!
!Fox Renderfarm Community!FGT3D Snowman Challenge FGT3D Snowman Challenge is now open for submissions! THEME: SNOWMANOlaf in Frozen is loved by audiences all over the world for his cuteness and wacky personality. So why not build your own SNOWMAN! What kind of look will he/she have, what adventures will he go through. Please use your 3D artworks to tell your snowman story!TIME FOR ENTRIES: September 27th - December 12th, 2021 (UTC+8)PRIZES3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks will be selected and awarded!The prizes are provided by our awesome sponsors, including Chaos V-Ray, Corona Renderer, TopoGun, Graswald, Raysync,, Texturebox, iCube R&D Group, Poliigon, LIGHTMAP, Pilgway and more. HOW TO SUBMITUse this submission form to submit your entry before the deadline is over. Also, you can join the community and enter the FGT3D Challenge!Learn More: your creation and happy render!Fox Renderfarm TeamSubmit Now!FGT CommunityFGT Community is short for Fox’s Got Talent Community, which is a platform for 3D artists to show their CG talent, consisting of two programs, the FGT Art and the FGT3D Challenge.FGT3D Challenge is a 3D theme challenge held three times a year, all talented 3D artists are welcome to participate.FGT Art is a platform for Fox Renderfarm users to display their impressive 3D artworks rendered with Fox Renderfarm and get free render credits.If you are in love with 3D art and making 3D art, please join our discord server, shine your talents and win great prizes!!Fox Renderfarm 25 dollar free trial
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