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Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Engine (UE) is an excellent 3D computer graphics game engine that can be used to create 3D content in real time. It can be used in the fields of games, film and TV, architecture, automotive & transportation, broadcast and live events, simulation, etc. Most importantly, Unreal Engine is free for creating linear content such as movies, as well as custom and internal projects. In many cases, it's also free for game development, but a 5% royalty is only charged if and when your game earns more than US $1 million. Now, the latest version is Unreal Engine 5.1.

You may be wondering why Unreal Engine needs the help of offline rendering technology of cloud rendering when it uses real-time rendering technology. If you are well aware of the difference between real-time and offline rendering, then there is a clear answer to this question. Real-time rendering allows you to see the image immediately, but with less precision. Offline rendering, on the other hand, is slower, but the rendered result is more beautiful and full of details.

That's why Fox Renderfarm is starting to support Unreal Engine cloud rendering, which will partially contribute to Unreal Engine projects in film and television.

Fox Renderfarm - Best Unreal Engine Render Farm

Softwares and renderers supported by Fox Renderfarm

Fox Renderfarm has extensive rendering experience and customers all over the world. It supports most of the popular 3D software, renderers, and plugins, such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, V-Ray, Redshift, etc. and now Unreal Engine.

You can use Fox Renderfarm's cloud rendering service on Windows, Mac and Linux, and it has 99.99% availability. In addition to having a massive SSD storage system to solve I/O bottleneck, it uses Raysync high-speed transmission to achieve portable real-time file uploading and rendering. Fox Renderfarm has also passed the TPN assessment managed by MPA, so it is absolutely guaranteed in terms of security.

Fox Renderfarm supports CPU and GPU rendering, both of which can be rendered according to your needs and are very easy to operate, so let's take a look at how to do Unreal Engine rendering.

Tutorial of Unreal Engine Cloud Rendering Online

1. Some preparations for Unreal Engine rendering on the web.

1.1 Register to get an account. In the case of web login, please visit web login for details.

1.2 In the case of web transfer, please visit web-upload for details.

1.3 Compare the local and could asset directories.

When uploading, use automatic local path creation to upload the entire project, to avoid problems please try to keep the path consistent.

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 2

Here's something to note:

a. If plug-ins are used in the project, upload the plug-ins to the plugin folder in the same directory as the scenario

b. To improve the software opening speed, upload DerivedDataCache of the project to the DerivedDataCache folder in the same directory as the scenario

c. In UE scene, the built-in animation related to dynamics, sky and parameters, such as particles and smoke, can not guarantee the continuity of the rendered animation by one machine and one frame on the platform. Therefore, it is suggested to render the animation separately from the scene, and use one machine to render all frames and scenes in the later stage

1.4 Configuration File Configures the rendering mode. Different modes render pages differently Specific path: Vehiclecar. Project \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsEditor \ EditorPerProjectUserSettings ini, if is the render queue model, The MovieRendererName field configures the MovieRender Queue, or MovieSceneCapture if it is a movie scene capture tool

1.5 If it is MovieRender Queue mode, please save the queue in the local scene and upload it to the asset

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 1.5

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 1.5.1

2. Unreal Engine web submission process (4 steps: submit > analyze > render > download).

2.1 Click “Submit” button on the left, select the software for submission > set a project path (Note: select a project path to map the local Unreal Engine project path) > select the document for rendering, then click “Continue”.

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 3

2.2 Select software version and hardware configuration corresponding to the file (Note: selection of the rendering system(Temporarily support Windows system)), click "Go Analysis", and wait patiently for the analysis to complete.

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 4

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 5

2.3 Job analysis completion

MovieSceneCapture mode:

Click the "Analysis Done" task and set render parameters, Game map and Level Sequence to read the user scene file. A Game map corresponds to a Level Sequence. Set frame range, height, width, render Settings. If Path Tracing, output frame rate and output file format need to be set, they can also be set synchronously and submitted for rendering after successful setting.

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 6

Movie Render Queue mode:

Click the Analysis Completed task and select render queue. By default, the first queue in the queue list is selected. You can select a queue in the queue list. At the same time, set the rendering parameters and select the job to be rendered. Gamemap and Level Sequence read the information saved in the scene, enter the frame range, and finally set the Settings such as priority frame and multiple frames on one machine, and submit the rendering.

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 7

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 8

2.4 On the rendering page, click the job > export the file > download.

The Best Unreal Engine Render Farm Recommended 9

Isn't it very easy? If you have any questions, you can contact customer service or your account manager and they will help you.

Note: If you need Unreal Engine cloud rendering service, please contact your account manager or customer service. Currently, Unreal Engine cloud rendering only supports web submission.

As a Unreal Engine render farm, Fox Renderfarm will continue to develop even better Unreal Engine cloud rendering services for all users. A free $25 trial is being offered to all new registrants!

Welcome to join us

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Which is Better for Game Development, Unity or Unreal Engine?
Which is Better for Game Development, Unity or Unreal Engine?
In today's digital gaming market, both Unity and Unreal Engine are highly regarded game development tools. They each have their unique features and advantages, which can make it confusing when choosing which engine is suitable for your game development project. This article will comprehensively compare Unity and Unreal Engine, analyzing their differences in various aspects to help you make a choice.First, let's take a look at Unity. As a user-friendly engine, Unity is an excellent choice for beginner developers. Its simple and intuitive user interface makes learning and using it effortless. Unity also provides extensive tutorials and community support, allowing beginners to quickly familiarize themselves with and master development skills. Whether you want to create 2D or 3D games, Unity offers excellent graphics rendering capabilities and a reliable physics engine. Additionally, Unity's cross-platform support is one of its significant advantages. Whether your target platforms are PC, mobile devices, consoles, or AR/VR devices, Unity can meet your needs. Overall, Unity is a powerful and flexible engine that is well-suited for rapid prototyping and small-scale game development.On the other hand, Unreal Engine excels in graphics quality and realism. Whether it's the detailed representation of game scenes or special effects, Unreal Engine provides players with an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, Unreal Engine has a powerful Blueprint system, making it convenient to create logic and game mechanics. At the same time, Unreal Engine also supports C++ programming, enabling developers to have more fine-grained control over game logic. The Unreal Engine community and documentation are also rich, helping you solve various development issues. Generally, Unreal Engine is suitable for large-scale projects and developers seeking high customization, as well as those with higher demands for graphics quality.In addition to functionality and suitability, development cost is also an essential factor in choosing an engine. In comparison, Unity has relatively lower learning and usage costs. For beginners and small teams, choosing Unity can help you better control your development budget. On the contrary, Unreal Engine, with its powerful graphics rendering and physics effects, necessitates higher performance requirements. This means developers need to invest more time and resources in optimizing and fine-tuning the game to provide a smooth and satisfying gaming experience. Therefore, for larger projects and teams or developers with higher development budgets, Unreal Engine may be a better choice.In conclusion, considering functionality, suitability, and cost, both Unity and Unreal Engine have their strengths and limitations. For beginners and small projects, Unity is a good starting point, allowing for quick ramp-up and rapid development. For large-scale projects and developers with higher demands for graphics quality, Unreal Engine provides more customization and optimization possibilities. The choice of engine depends on your specific needs and project scale.Furthermore, if you choose to use Unreal Engine and encounter issues with rendering speed or require higher rendering quality, cloud rendering is one of the perfect solutions.Compared to traditional local rendering methods, using cloud rendering offers benefits beyond just speed improvement. Firstly, using cloud rendering eliminates the need for local hardware requirements and expensive render nodes, significantly reducing rendering costs. Secondly, since cloud rendering services can be flexibly adjusted based on project requirements, it increases rendering efficiency, saving time and manpower costs. Additionally, the distributed architecture of cloud rendering allows simultaneous rendering tasks, improving production efficiency.As a user of Unreal Engine, if you want to accelerate rendering speed through cloud rendering services, firstly, you need to choose a reliable cloud rendering service provider for Unreal Engine that has powerful computing resources and good technical support. Secondly, upload your rendering tasks to the cloud for rendering and select appropriate rendering parameters and configurations. Finally, download the rendered results and perform post-processing. For example, Fox Renderfarm is an excellent Unreal Engine render farm. For projects that require frequent rendering, using Fox Renderfarm's cloud rendering service can not only improve rendering speed but also greatly enhance work efficiency. By entrusting rendering tasks to Fox Renderfarm, you can save a lot of time and effort, allowing you to focus more on creation and design, thereby enhancing the quality of your work.In a word, cloud rendering service is a powerful tool for solving Unreal Engine rendering speed bottlenecks. It not only greatly accelerates rendering speed but also brings lower costs and higher production efficiency. If you want to achieve better results in the digital entertainment and film production fields, why not try using Fox Renderfarm's cloud rendering service to make your work shine!
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