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    Fox Renderfarm Desktop Clientがリリースされました!


    Fox Renderfarm News


    Fox Renderfarm Desktop Clientの最新バージョンがリリースされました!お知らせいたします。

    この最新バージョンでは、プラグインレンダリングという新しいレンダリング方法が追加されました。これは3Dソフトウェアから直接ジョブをレンダリングして、ワークフローを改善できることを意味します。 さらに、Fox Renderfarm Desktop Clientでジョブをバッチレンダリングすることもできます。 必要に応じて適切なレンダリング方法を選択できます。

    ・新しいレンダリング方法:3ds MaxまたはMayaのシーンからレンダリングジョブを開始できます。





    ・対応ソフトウェア:Maya 2015 64bit + / 3ds Max 2014 64bit +

    Desktop Client5.0.7.1のプラグインレンダリングのチュートリアル



    2.実行ファイルを右クリックし、「Run as administrato」をクリックしてプラグインをインストールします。


    1. インストールされたクライアントをダブルクリックしてログインページを開くと、左側のリストからプラットフォームを選択できます。

    3ds Maxレンダリングチュートリアル

    1.Fox Renderfarm Desktop Clientにログインします。

    2.メニューバーのFox**renderfarm**メニューの下にあるSubmit jobをクリックして、3ds Max内からレンダリングジョブをレンダリングします。

    3.「Plugin config」ボタンをクリックしてプラグインのバージョンを設定します。 注意:デフォルトでは、一度に1つのジョブがレンダリングされます。 複数のジョブをレンダリングする場合は、「Activate Batch Render」をチェックして複数のビューを追加します。

    4.「QuickCheck」をクリックして分析を開始し、分析の進行状況ページをポップアップします。 Submitをクリックしてアップロードを開始します。




    1.Fox Renderfarm Desktop Clientにログインします。

    2.メニューバーのFox**renderfarm**メニューの下にあるSubmit jobをクリックして、Mayaからレンダリングジョブをレンダリングします。

    3.「Plug-in config」ボタンをクリックして、プラグインのバージョンを設定します。

    4.「QuickCheck」をクリックして分析を開始し、分析の進行状況ページをポップアップします。 Submitをクリックしてアップロードを開始します。



    今すぐダウンロード して、快適なレンダリングをお楽しみください!

    Interview with BoBoiBoy Movie 2, the Highest-grossing Animated Film in Malaysia


    Fox News


    3-6 September 2019, Fox Renderfarm participated in Kre8tif! 2019, an annual digital creative content industry event in Malaysia aimed to spark innovation and exploration of major trends across the creative sector. We received a large number of CG enthusiasts and had good communications with them regarding our powerful cloud rendering service.

    In Kre8tif! 2019, we were honored to have an interview with Mr. Kee Yong Pin, COO of Animonsta Studios in Malaysia.

    Kee Yong Pin

    COO of Animonsta Studios


    Animated series BoBoiBoy (2011-2016)

    BoBoiBoy Galaxy (2016-present)

    BoBoiBoy: The Movie (2016)

    BoBoiBoy Movie 2 (2019)

    Animonsta Studios, a Malaysian animation company that produces creative content for the Malaysian and international market. Its second computer-animated film BoBoiBoy Movie 2, which is the new No.1 animated feature in Malaysia.

    Below is Fox Renderfarm’s exclusive interview with Mr. Kee Yong Pin. Let’s check it out!

    Fox Renderfarm: Can you introduce yourself?

    Kee Yong Pin: My name is Kee Yong Pin, from Animonsta Studios, an animation studio from Malaysia.

    Fox Renderfarm: Can you introduce BoBoiBoy?

    Kee Yong Pin: BoBoiBoy is an animation created by Animonsta Studios since back in 2011. And our latest movie for BoBoiBoy, it’s just completed and released in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam at the same time. So, we are happy to tell that our BoBoiBoy Movie 2 is currently the highest-grossing box office animation ever shown in Malaysia of all time.

    Fox Renderfarm: What’s the interesting part when producing BoBoiBoy Movie 2?

    Kee Yong Pin: One of the biggest, interesting things about this movie is actually the production, the whole production only takes 12 months. Most of the animated movies need to take 3 to 4 years. And then our team is actually not very big. We have only around 100 people with around 60-70 people from production.

    Fox Renderfarm: Any challenges of making the movie?

    Kee Yong Pin: The challenge is the time itself, so, as much as we worked very hard, there is still a lot of obstacles, for example, all the technical stuff, the rendering processes or the animation processes. So, the biggest challenge for us is actually the race against time for the rendering. For rendering it needs to be done by the computer. We need to do a very proper calculation, so that we can speed up the process without sacrificing the quality.

    Fox Renderfarm: What do you think of Fox Renderfarm cloud rendering service?

    Kee Yong Pin: In order to meet our timeline, one biggest thing that we changed is actually going into half GPU, which is using Redshift. And then we find out that even that is not enough. Throughout the movie, we can deliver according to timeline. But towards the end of the movie, that's when things become difficult, because the deadline is getting closer and then the scenes are getting very heavy towards the final part of the movie. So that's when we start to engage with Fox Renderfarm. And then we are really impressed actually, especially on the support portion of Fox Renderfarm. Because it's so easy for us to get in touch with, you know, just using WhatsApp. So everything just is direct communication, whenever we need anything and then everything is actually quite fast and, more importantly, when it comes to the last minute, it is hard for us to get the finance portion, budgeting portion to meet according to our criteria, and timeline also needs to be meeting. So, Fox Renderfarm, luckily for us, managed to meet our criteria in terms of pricing, in terms of delivery.

    Fox Renderfarm: Will you distribute the movie in China?

    Kee Yong Pin: We are actually trying, because China has a very small quota for foreign movies, but we are actually trying our best to get into China’s market. Good thing for us is that our animation series is already broadcasted on China's platform, which is Tencent. And it gets quite a good amount of views, which is more than 40 million views already up to date. We want to continue our footsteps into China's market if possible.

    Fox Renderfarm: Any plans for next step?

    Kee Yong Pin: We are doing our next animation, moving forward. And unfortunately, we cannot share anything in detail yet, but definitely I would safely, at least say that project has more challenges than BoBoiBoy Movie 2. So we want to get more market after this release in more countries and all those things, and so definitely, we need more support in terms of technology and also various partnership in the near future.

    Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you want to share with the CG enthusiasts?

    Kee Yong Pin: We just want to share that animation industry in Malaysia has been more than fifteen, twenty years. We might not be the most famous animation content hub in the world yet. But definitely Malaysia is going to be one of the best, not in terms of quantity, but in terms of quality, one of the best animation providers in the world. So, we really hope that the world will be able to really pick up our animation, have a look on what we can achieve in a more practical way, high quality, efficient, because we have a lot of good talents in Malaysia.

    Let's look forward to the new development of Malaysian animated films.



    Fox Renderfarm Projects

    Fox Renderfarm


    Fox Renderfarm的劇集(圖片源自網絡)




    ·李昭樺,兔將創意影業(The White Rabbit Entertainment,Inc.)CEO,畢業於英國劍橋大學資訊工程圖學博士。


    創始人李昭樺,生肖屬兔,也偏愛兔子,公司創立於2011年的兔年,英文TWR,縮寫自The White Rabbit。2011年,兔將由執行長李昭樺與同學壹行三人在臺大資工系的壹間教室裏創辦成立。秉承著“讓觀影者仿彿進入另壹個奇幻世界”的初衷,就此展開了兔將的逐夢道路。


    Fox Renderfarm:這部電視劇的視效鏡頭共計1792分鐘,請問最滿意的視效鏡頭分別是哪個呢,可以給我們介紹壹下嗎?












    Fox Renderfarm:在創作唯美而奇幻的元素的過程中,遇到了哪些視效技術難點,怎麽解決的呢?




    神魔大戰。神魔大戰為壹鏡到底的鏡頭,透過MOCO攝影系統,能精準設計攝影機的運行軌跡,並且重復軌跡拍攝,最後呈現出壹鏡到底的高難度視覺畫面。拍攝過程不僅仰賴攝影系統,還需整個團隊不斷演練,找到精準的表達方式,才讓劇情敘事更加完整到位。此外,這個鏡頭拍攝了很多段素材,每段素材的拍攝時間點都不同,團隊在拿到素材後先對素材做變速的動作,將每段素材的時間點都對到相同,對好之後再把天兵天將的素材單獨Roto出來,後續再進行合成特效。合成時需特別註意前中後人物的關系,並留意Hold out有沒有做對、前後的處理關系及遮罩是否作正確等,如此才完成這個神魔大戰的鏡頭。





    Fox Renderfarm:哪個鏡頭最為復雜,經歷了幾輪的修改和調整?

    李昭桦:三獸爆炸鏡頭,在動魄驚心的爆炸場面中,制作上最具挑戰的部分便是其浩大的場景規模,及同時需仿真燃夷彈動態與外觀在畫面上的呈現。為了顧及場景規模又不失基本的細節,視效團隊將場景細切割成六個部分進行模擬,並且運用特制的六個力場去控制爆炸的動態。而燃夷彈的動態仿真,則是使用了特制的算法以控制燃燒擴散的方式。最後在外觀上,為了達成模擬燒夷彈爆炸的高細節,全數的六個模擬都輸出了十二個volume field,總共72個field來完成最終外觀。這些復雜費工的制作程序,體現出視效團隊對細節的要求與專業。









    Fox Renderfarm:可以和我們介紹下這部作品的 pipeline嗎?團隊如何分工合作的?如何把控預算的呢?





    Fox Renderfarm:很多觀眾們表示該劇和《三生三世十裏桃花》風格相似,妳們是如何看待的?妳們認為《宸汐緣》最大的特點和不同之處在於哪裏呢?




    Fox Renderfarm:SIGGRAPH 2019剛剛結束,大會中推出了很多“黑科技”,開源軟件發展態勢也不錯!對於這些新技術是怎麽看待的?覺得未來的視效行業應該是怎麽樣的發展趨勢? 李昭樺:特效行業在本質上來說是個需要大量人力與時間的產業,隨著科技的與硬體的進步,可以有效的的減少人力與時間上的成本需求,AI最近壹直都是業界研發的壹個重點,如何用深度學習來取代人力來處理壹些枯燥的工作,讓Artist本身可以更加的FOCUS在創作上面;但隨著軟件的進步,Artist本身解決問題的能力也逐漸下滑,在未來也許有壹天AI可以顛覆整個創作的流程,但以現階段,我們內部還是著重於Artist本身解決問題能力的培養,讓Artist有靈活的思路與作業模式,盡可能的不去太過依賴軟體。Blender今年的更新的確令人驚艷,但開源軟件有壹個最大的壞處,往往在遇到軟體的重大問題時開發團隊無法提供有效且即時的支援,在Production這種快節奏的環境之下,並不是壹個最佳的選擇,並且在這樣的狀況之下,公司往往需要培養壹批Blender的TD來開發專屬工具,來應對專案的多樣化的內容,無疑會在人事上提高成本。但相對來說,希望藉由開源軟體的壯大,可以給壹些軟體開發公司適當的警訊,更加用心地去經營線上的主流制作軟體,開發出更穩定更進步的更新版本。


    Fox Renderfarm:對瑞雲(Fox Renderfarm) cloud rendering service的服務體驗及評價? 李昭樺:我覺得Fox Renderfarm給予兔將最大的幫助是在服務的部分,每當有問題時,不管任何時間,總是會有親切的窗口來幫助我們排解問題,讓我們的渲染可以順利的完成。

    瑞雲(Fox Renderfarm)采訪中我們還了解到,兔將創始人李昭樺表示:希望能有更多的好朋友利用兔將在兩岸搭建的平臺,壹起創作更好的作品!瑞雲也期待和兔將在未來有更多的合作,期待更多精彩的佳作!

    New Logo Announcement: Fox Renderfarm Unveils a New Look


    Top News

    Fox Renderfarm

    Hello, dear friends! We are happy and proud to announce the launch of the new Fox Renderfarm logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

    Fox Renderfarm has grown and evolved over the years with the endeavor of our devoted teams and the love and support from every one of you. At the beginning of 2020, we have altered our logo that reflects who we are and symbolize our brand culture and the bright future ahead.

    Basically, the new logo consists of the graphic and text parts. The graphic - a figurative fox tail combined with the letter "O" extracted from “Fox” - shows our identity and friendliness. While the text is in solid font to deliver the reliability, and the moderate tilt represents the high speed and credibility of our cloud rendering services.

    Orange is Fox Renderfarm’s primary color. Besides the warmth and energy that orange stands for, it also expresses our relentless enthusiasm and love for our customers, partners and friends.

    Starting today, you will see the new look everywhere. Meanwhile, our business partners are welcomed to use the new logo. The new logo and usage guidelines can be downloaded here.

    Finally, Fox Renderfarm is so thankful for your trust and love, our friends. And we look forward to a better future together with you!

    Fox Renderfarm Highlights in 2019


    Fox News

    Fox Renderfarm

    At the beginning of 2020, let’s take an opportunity to look back at our journey in 2019.

    First, it wouldn't be possible without the continuous support we get from all of you, for which we're deeply grateful and want to thank you!

    Here are some of 2019's highlights.

    =Fox Data=

    • Serving 3,000,000 end-users
    • Rendered 90+ films
    • Handled 5,000,000 computing tasks
    • Rendered 200,000,000 frames

    =Fox Events=

    March 15th, Shenzhen, Fox Renderfarm's CG Salon, 'To know the past, the present and the future of Japanese CG industry in 60 minutes'

    Fox Renderfarm’s CG Salon is set to build a communication platform for the CG industry. The speaker, including Mr. Luo Jun (CEO and founder of Pixeland Digital Production) and Mr. Tetsuya Ogawa (Corporate Planning Director of CGCG STUDIO Inc.), introduced the development of the CG industry in Japan and Asia.

    April 13th, Shenzhen, SIGGRAPH 2018 Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater (Shenzhen Tour)

    The event was held by Fox Renderfarm and co-organized with ACM SIGGRAPH Shenzhen Chapter and Rong De Culture. As the leading cloud rendering platform, Fox Renderfarm always works closely with SIGGRAPH and promotes the development of CG and interactive technology.

    April 29th, Hangzhou, Fox Renderfarm @ The 15th China International Animation Festival

    Ben Cheung, Deputy General Manager of Fox Renderfarm, was invited to participate in the 15th China International Animation Festival – 2019 China Young Director Animation Pitch Contest & the Launch of Young Director Support Program, organized by Xihu District People's Government, Zhejiang Animation Industry Association and Wuhu Animator Space.

    May 19th, Shenzhen, Fox Renderfarm's CG Salon, 'The beauty of CG Technology'

    Fox Renderfarm's CG Salon, ‘The beauty of CG Technology’ was successfully held in Shenzhen. The event is co-organized with ACM SIGGRAPH Shenzhen Chapter and the International Chinese Association of Computer-Human Interaction(ICACHI). Dr. Jos Stam, Dr. LiWei (Chair of ICACHI), and Mr. Jelo Wang (CEO of FACEGOOD) were invited to share their CG insights and experiences with the audience.

    July 28th - August 1st, Los Angeles, Fox Renderfarm @ SIGGRAPH 2019

    SIGGRAPH 2019 was successfully held in Los Angeles, which appealed to researchers, artists, and professionals who live and breathe computer graphics and interactive techniques. Fox Renderfarm was honored to be one of the exhibitors and sponsors and showcased our fast and secure cloud rendering solutions and connected industry players from all around the world.

    September 3rd - 6th, Malaysia, Fox Renderfarm @ Kre8tif! 2019

    Fox Renderfarm participated in Kre8tif! 2019, an annual digital creative content industry event in Malaysia, aiming to spark innovation and exploration of major trends across the creative sector. We received a large number of CG enthusiasts and had good communications with them regarding our powerful cloud rendering service.

    October 15th, Beijing, CG Tech Summit, 'Small Steps Get Us to Far Away Places Along the CG Journey'

    The CG Tech Summit was successfully held in Beijing, aiming to promote the CG industry communication and creating opportunities for cooperation. The speakers including Mr. Justin Jiang Hui (Senior Producer), Mr. Harry Lam (PIXOMONDO VFX Supervisor), Mr. Huang Shuo (CEO of Dagong Technology), Mr. Jacky Ke Jiang (Independent Animation Director), and Mr. Peng Cheng (CEO of Ecoplants).

    November 20th - 21st, India, Fox Renderfarm @ VFX Summit 2019

    VFX Summit 2019, the country’s largest VFX event hosted by Indiajoy, successfully held in Hyderabad, India. As one of the sponsors and exhibitors, Fox Renderfarm treasured very much the chance of exploring business opportunities and discussing industry insights in VFX Summit 2019.

    December 1st, Shenzhen, CG Tech Summit

    Several Senior TDs were invited to the CG Tech Summit held by Fox Renderfarm. They shared their experiences and insights in the tools development and pipeline management with CG enthusiasts.

    =Fox Projects=

    As for the film rendering, Ejen Ali: The Movie, BoBoiBoy Movie 2 and Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal, together are Malaysia’s Top 3 local animated films, they all have chosen Fox Renderfarm, the TPN-accredited cloud render farm, as their exclusive cloud rendering partner.

    Nezha, the Chinese animation film ranked as the NO. 1 at the China animation film box office, together with Wolf Warriors 2 and The Wandering Earth, ranking top 3 box office smashes in China, were all rendered with Fox Renderfarm.

    =Fox Content Protection=

    In September, Fox Renderfarm has successfully completed MPAA’s Content Security Best Practices and officially become a TPN Trusted Partner.

    Thank you for your support and love in 2019 and we'll do our best to make you proud in 2020! Professional and secure cloud rendering services will be provided for all the customers continually.

    Wishing you an amazing 2020 with countless inspiration and happiness!

    Tutorial | Desktop Client Installation (Linux)


    Fox News

    Fox Renderfarm

    Breaking news! Desktop client of Linux is released! Users of Linux can use the practical desktop client from now on.

    With Linux desktop client, you can do batch submission and batch rendering with just one click! When errors accur, error messages will be filtered smartly with real-time push notification. The task can even be downloaded automatically when rendering is done.

    =How To Download=

    Way 1

    Click Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client to download the client.

    Way 2

    Login**renderfarm**.com, click the download buttom in the upper right corner.

    =How To Install=

    Note: Linux client needs to be installed in centos7 and above, supporting Houdini and Maya submission.

    1.Open Terminal window

    2.Install the client by entering the following command in the Terminal window

    Enter the linux download directory (note: root is the machine username)

    cd /root/Downloads

    Download the installation package to the Downloads directory wget


    Create fox**renderfarm**5.0 directory

    mkdir fox**renderfarm**5.0

    Unzip gz to the fox**renderfarm**5.0 directory

    tar -xzvf fox**renderfarm5.0.tar.gz -C ./fox**renderfarm5.0

    Go to the fox**renderfarm**5.0 directory

    cd fox**renderfarm**5.0

    Create a desktop icon

    ./ fox**renderfarm**

    Linux users, why not download and have a try!

    Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client Version is Released!


    Fox News

    Fox Renderfarm

    Dear Fox Renderfarm user,

    The latest release of Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client is here!

    Windows version upgrade here.

    Linux version upgrade here.

    The new functions of version are useful to users who often make batch submissions. Let’s check!

    1. Prioritize Analysis

    ①Click ‘Analysis List’.

    ②Right click the job you need to prioritize, click ‘Prioritize’.

    1. Concurrent Analysis

    According to your need, you can set the number of jobs need to analyze concurrently. ( For users with small machine memory, it is recommended to set the number to 1)

    ①Click ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner to enter the Settings page.

    ②Click the ‘General Setting’ > ‘Analysis settings’.

    ③Enter the number of concurrent jobs.

    ④Restart the client.

    3.Prioritize Upload

    ①Click ‘My Uploads’.

    ②Right click the job you want to prioritize, click ‘Prioritize’.

    4.Prioritize Download

    When you need to download lots of jobs, you can set the download order as you wish.

    ①Click ‘My Downloads’.

    ②Right click the job > ‘Priority’.

    ③According to your need, select ‘High’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’.

    1. Others

    Two new columns in ‘Render Jobs’ tab: ‘Average time’ and ‘Memory of machine’.

    You can adjust the columns shown according to your needs.

    ①Right click the information bar under the ‘Render Jobs’ tab.

    ②Click ‘Select column...’.

    ③Select columns according to your needs.

    Desktop Client Updates for Version not only adds new functions but also fixes some bugs. You can know more by clicking ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘About us’.

    Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client Version is Released!


    Top News

    Fox Renderfarm

    Hello Fox Renderfarm user,

    First, Thanks for using the leading render farm in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm. The latest version of Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client is here!

    Windows version download here

    Linux version download here

    Let’s check out the new functions of version!

    1. Allocate GPUs (cards)

    Setting > General > Allocate GPUs (cards)

    The default option of ‘Allocate GPUs (cards)’ was ‘2GTX 1080Ti’, now you can add the option ‘1GTX 1080Ti’ by contacting the customer service or business manager. After that, you can select the options to meet your needs. The setting is only effective for Maya and 3ds Max.

    1. Download speed, packet loss, network latency were added in Line Speed Test

    Setting > Network > Line > Run speed test

    You can choose a suitable line according to the speed test result including Upload speed, Download speed, Packet loss, and Network latency.

    1. Predict the upload and download time

    When you are uploading or downloading jobs, double click the job, the remaining time will be shown in ‘Running Log’.

    1. Batch adjust jobs’ priorities

    Select multiple files> Right-click > Adjust job priority > Input value > OK

    Holding down the CTRL key or the Shift key as you click a file, allows you to select more than one. Right-click the files, choose ‘Adjust job priority’, then you can batch adjust the jobs’ priorities.

    1. The number of concurrent Upload or Download files is adjustable

    Setting > Network > Parallel > Input value

    Logout and login the client again after switch engine.

    1. Resubmit Timeout frames

    Right-click the job > Resubmit > Timeout frames

    It’s more efficient to resubmit the timeout frames by clicking the ’Resubmit button Timeout frames, when the timeout job stopped.

    1. Rights Management for Sub-account

    Account > Sub-account Management > Edit > Switch on “Inherit administrator software configuration”

    The sub-account can keep the same software configuration the master account saved. User needs to login to the web-client and set the right for sub-account.

    1. Render Parameter Setting for Houdini

    The new functions for Houdini users!

    In Render Parameter Setting, newly added ‘Separate Render Node to submit’, check and you can create one job for each render node.

    Then in ‘Rendering settings’ > ‘Pre-test frames’, you can set the number of ‘Custom frame’ based on your needs.

    What's more, we’ve cut the prices to better meet your needs! Rendering prices go down, and the cheapest is as low as $0.036 per core hour. Recharge more and save more now!

    For pricing details, please click here.

    Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client Released!



    Fox Renderfarm

    Dear Fox Renderfarm users,

    We are so excited to announce that the latest version of Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client is released!

    In this latest version, there’s a new way to submit jobs - Plugin Submit, which means you can submit your job directly from inside your 3D software, improving your workflow. Besides, you can also batch submit your jobs in Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client. You can choose the appropriate submission way according to your needs.

    • New way to submit: You can start your render job from inside 3ds Max or Maya.
    • Upload and download automatically: After the submission from inside your 3D software is completed, the rendering will automatically start and the rendered jobs will be automatically downloaded to a local folder as chosen.
    • Improve workflow: Streamline workflow, save your render time, make rendering faster and easier.

    Download Now(Click here

    • Ready For Windows
    • Supported Software:Maya 2015 64bit+ / 3ds Max 2014 64bit+

      Here’s the tutorial for plugin submit in Desktop Client

      Installation and login

    1. Download the latest Desktop Client.

    2. Right-click the executable file, click “Run as administrator” to install the plugin program.

    (Note: please click “Yes” on pop-up warning)

    1. Double click the installed client and open the login page, you can select the platform in the list on the left.

    3ds Max Job Submission Tutorial

    1. Login Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client.

    2. Submit a rendering job from inside 3ds Max by clicking ‘Submit job’ under Fox**renderfarm** menu in the menu bar.

    1. Click the "Plugin config" button to configure the plugin version.

    Note: By default, one job is submitted at a time. If you submit multiple jobs, check the “Activate Batch Render” to add multiple views.

    1. Click "QuickCheck" to start the analysis, pop up analysis progress page. Click "Submit" to start uploading.

    Note: The corresponding prompt will appear in case of any errors in the analysis results or warning thereof.

    1. After the submission is completed, the rendering will automatically start and the rendered jobs will be automatically downloaded to a local folder as chosen.

    Maya Job Submission Tutorial

    1. Login Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client.

    2. Submit a rendering job from inside Maya by clicking ‘Submit job’ under Fox**renderfarm** menu in the menu bar.

    1. Click the "Plug-in config" button to configure the plugin version.
    1. Click “QuickCheck” start analysis, pop up analysis progress page. Click "Submit" to start uploading.

    Note: The corresponding prompt will appear in case of any error in the analysis results or warning thereof.

    1. After the submission is completed, the rendering will automatically start and the rendered jobs will be automatically downloaded to a local folder as chosen.

    Download it now and enjoy rendering with Fox Renderfarm!

    Fight COVID-19 With CG Art




    The breaking out of COVID-19 is severely impacting all industries and disrupting the daily routines of individuals globally. For fighting against the virus, governments are calling on all of us to stay at home to stay safe.

    During the quarantine period, the CG artists confront coronavirus in their creative ways. Fox Renderfarm collects some creative 3D rendering artworks and the inspirations behind. Let’s have a look!

    Artist: Valentine Panchin (Ukraine)

    Caption: Well, it was a pretty funny joke going around the internet about how the virus is related to the brand name, and I decided to make my own take on it. But unfortunately, I wasn't first and later I realized that my idea wasn't original. I live in Ukraine and most of the day I work from home. Only in the third week, I started learning more stuff. So I've been pretty lazy.

    I spend more time socializing online than ever before. Also, my work in the office has become remote and I split it into small portions during the day. So I may end up working at 10 pm. And on a regular basis, I stop at 6 pm. So I have less time to be creative.

    Artist: Sai Dinesh Komanduri (India)

    Caption: I was working on a project and took a little break from it. Because of this reason, I thought why not make an image on how the Virus might look in my image and just went on with the instincts.

    The lifestyle has changed due to the lockdown, spending more time on PC than usual and sometimes it is getting frustrating just being in one place for longer periods. Toughest problem is like… Sitting in the same room for hours and not getting any ideas. Also, I'm a freelancer and I don't complain about it much.

    Artist: Kyle Yeap (Malaysia)

    Caption: My inspiration came from a naval mine, and I restored it with resistors. As for the COVID-19, I hope everyone can pay attention to this. It will explode at any time if people walk around.

    Artist: Marien Singbo (Sweden)

    Caption: I made it in CINEMA 4D with Redshift. My inspiration came from running out of toilet paper basically. I had to go on pilgrimage over 3 hours, through 4 stores here in London before I finally found some toilet paper. People have been hoarding even though the government & supply managers have reassured us that we will not run out of toilet paper anytime soon. My sister who has a 1-year-old baby has been unable to purchase baby wipes. It's all a bit disappointing and incredibly frustrating as it can easily be avoided.

    I've also been very affected, at least my career plans. I had a freelance gig canceled. And I was also going to have an animation internship at a big studio in London as the last thing in my education. But it's been canceled/postponed for now.

    As I will be graduating soon it's all a bit scary not knowing how the industry will recover from this and how I as a new person in the industry will be affected.

    Artist: Alvaro Moreira (Brazil)

    Caption: So the COVID art is about the Brazilian president who keeps denying that the virus can be dangerous to the population, he keeps saying stuff like "it's just the flu". The character is our president.

    About my work life nowadays. I have been a freelancer since 2012 and I’ve been doing home office for 8 years now, so, in this aspect, it didn’t change that much. The economy is the worst than ever in Brazil though so I can't get any jobs like I used to do here. I'm still working with some foreign studios though. Anyway, it's not that bad for me

    Fox Renderfarm Team: creativity, humanity and love are what make us solid and strong that COVID-19 is never able to conquer. Please stay home, stay safe and stay creative! Fox Renderfarm is staying with you! By holding our hands together, victory will come very soon!

    NOTE: Fox’s Got Talent campaign keeps going. Welcome to share your artwork rendered with Fox Renderfarm and be our April winner! For more info****-got-talent.html

    FGT3D 'Easter Egg' Challenge Winners Announced



    Fox Renderfarm

    We are happy to announce the winners of the Fox’s Got Talent 3D Challenge themed on 'Easter Egg'!

    From Feb. 26th to Mar. 30th, we received several artworks from various countries. After three rounds of discussion and election by jury, three artworks were picked and would be awarded. Congrats to the winners and honorable candidates, but also to everyone who was taking part.

    The prize covers fast and easy cloud rendering services provided by Fox Renderfarm and a huge amount of textures and models provided by We will contact the winners during the next few days.

    Now let's see who are the winners!

    1st place - The Art of Easter Eggs

    Surjendu Das will receive prizes:

    • Fox Renderfarm: $500 render coupon
    • Texture Box: Patreon membership x 3 months

    Artists: Ritam Chatterjee & Surjendu Das

    Artwork Name: The Art of Easter Eggs

    Software and plugins used: 3ds Max 2019, Substance Painter, Vray Next, Photoshop

    Caption: It has always been fun to explore our creative ideas, while we are at home. So I tried to portray the same idea through this artwork, where someone is being creative and painting the Easter Eggs in his own artistic styles while at home. And he is also feeling lucky to share his process with us.

    2nd place - Easter Land

    Sai Dinesh Komanduri will receive prizes:

    • Fox Renderfarm: $300 render coupon
    • Texture Box: Patreon membership x 2 months

    Artist: Sai Dinesh Komanduri

    Artwork Name: Easter Land

    Software and plugins used: Blender, ArmorPaint and Photoshop

    Caption: Bunny has painted the Eggs and went into the bunny house to get ready for Easter.

    3rd place - Wrong Easter Egg

    Maged Atef will receive prizes:

    • Fox Renderfarm: $200 render coupon
    • Texture Box: Patreon membership x 1 months

    Artist: Maged Atef

    Artwork name: Wrong Easter Egg

    Software and plugins used: Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter

    Caption: Someone was surprised by this big egg, so they collected and painted it. To their surprise, it turns out to be a dinosaur's egg that just hatched, so they run for their life.

    Honorable Mention - The Moment

    Roy Bou Samra will receive prizes:

    • Fox Renderfarm: $100 render coupon

    Artist: Roy Bou Samra

    Artwork Name: The Moment

    Software and plugins used: 3ds Max 2016, V-Ray 3.60.03, Photoshop CC 2017

    Caption: The concept of this image is mainly related to the history of the Easter egg.

    It started with Saint Mary Magdalene when she talked with Caesar about Jesus’ resurrection.

    She picked up a hen's egg from the dinner table to illustrate her point of resurrection but Caesar told her that it is impossible for a human being to return to life as it is impossible for the egg to turn red. At the moment, immediately the egg turned red in her hand. (The moment is represented in the picture when the egg started to turn red. That's why the name of the image is " The moment".

    The Romans, Chinese, Egyptians and Persians all cherished the egg as a symbol of the universe. (They are symbolized by the egg pieces surrounding the main egg).

    In this project, I tried to combine the present that we are living now (which is the black background in the picture), with the meaning of the Easter egg which gives us hope for the future ( in the black background there is no edges, no guidelines but there are two white spaces that represent hope).


    Thanks to all the participants. We really appreciate your imagination and hard work. Meanwhile, A big thank you goes to our sponsors. Finally, we’d like to thank our jury revealing FGT3D ‘Easter Egg’ Challenge winners. Congrats to winners again!

    Who’re our next winners? We hope to see you in the next FGT3D challenge!

    NOTE: Fox’s Got Talent campaign keeps going. Welcome to share your artwork rendered with Fox Renderfarm and be our April winner! For more info****-got-talent.html

    Fox Renderfarm Has Your Back Against COVID-19



    Fox Renderfarm

    Dear friends,

    How are things going?

    As we all know, currently, planet Earth is shutting down, everywhere empty stadiums echo to absent crowds. Governments around the world are taking extraordinary measures to curb the novel coronavirus and alleviate its economic consequences. As of March 18th SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19, had registered 134,000 infections outside China in 155 countries and regions. Politicians including Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Nicholas Burns, former United States ambassador, have stressed that its impact would be as serious as World War II. It seems that the world is at a turning point that really needs all the world citizens to hold our hands and fight together.

    (Image via Google)

    In the darkest moment, Fox Renderfarm cares deeply about every staff and our friends worldwide. We’ve sent numerous masks to customers domestically and mailed packages of masks to European and Asian countries including Spain, India, Malaysia, etc, under the condition that we keep enough masks for our own staff.

    Most of us are successfully getting back to the office with our masks on every working day after 1-month working from home. No matter during the quarantine session or in office now, our unaltered purpose is to keep the services available and accessible for you as easy as it was before the outbreak. So the machinery has been working non-stop, and our customer service, technical and business support team have been working dedicatedly since January 28th.

    Besides wearing masks, everyone’s temperature is tested twice a day and we are sprayed with disinfectant every time we enter the office area. The entire office building and any facility around are sterilized strictly and timely. Moreover, discussions and meetings are brought to video conferencing to keep a safe social distance.

    We guarantee that online communication and remote working do no harm to your data security at all. As a TPN-accredited vendor, Fox Renderfarm is in compliance with the TPN standards and our NDA requirements. All your data, assets and information are accessed and transferred accordingly as usual, and it’s definitely leakage-worry-free.

    Shenzhen Rayvision Technology Co., Ltd. (Fox Renderfarm’s company)

    If you are having a tight deadline and crazy workloads, but working from home and your PC constantly crashing down cause you a headache in the rendering process, massive render nodes at Fox Renderfarm are at your fingertips. Plus, our 24/7 customer service and professional TD support are seeking better and better solutions for you. Fox Renderfarm spares no effort to help you minimize rendering disruption to your work, and we would love to overcome difficulties with our beloved partners and friends together.

    Creativity, humanity and love are what make us solid and strong that COVID-19 is never able to conquer. Please stay home and stay safe! By holding our hands together, victory will come very soon!

    Best regards,

    Fox Renderfarm

    Your Powerful Cloud Render Farm

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