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    Interview with Adam Belfer, Founder/COO of Cartuna, Which Made the Amazing SpongeBob Portal Chase Series Come True



    animation works

    Fox Renderfarm, as the world-leading cloud rendering services provider, is super thrilled to support the SpongeBob Portal Chase animated series, which is made by Cartuna, an award-winning full-service animation studio producing world-class content for television, feature films, music videos, shorts, and commercials.!SpongeBob Portal Space Series!SpongeBob Portal Space SeriesMr. Adam Belfer, Founder/COO of Cartuna, had an exclusive interview with us, in which he shared how his team has made this amazing series come true. Moreover, Adam talked about how Cartuna has progressed into a multi-content creation studio with an impressive portfolio. Fox Renderfarm: Hi Adam, thank you so much for accepting our interview! Could you give us a brief introduction? Adam: My name is Adam Belfer and I’m one of the founders of Cartuna, an animation studio based in Brooklyn, New York. !Adam Belfer - Cartuna Fox Renderfarm: Congratulation on the new SpongeBob animation? How did you come with the idea of making this series? How many episodes will you deliver in total?Adam: This was an idea that was started by producers at Nickelodeon. They had made a few episodes in 2D but wanted to increase the production quality and create something in 3D. The idea was to create a new villain – a slug monster – who steals all the slime that powers Nickelodeon. It’s up to a group of characters from various Nickelodeon cartoons to band together and beat the slug. Along the way, they meet other popular characters from other Nickelodeon cartoons while they navigate through different video game worlds. !SpongeBob Fox Renderfarm: What software and plugins did you use for making this series? How long did it take to make each episode?Adam: We mainly use Maya to make the 3D animation, Substance Painter for texturing, Redshift for render engine. We also use plugin Studio Library to efficiently key animation. It took us about 7 months to complete all of the episodes. On average, it would take us more than one month to produce one episode.!SpongeBob Fox Renderfarm: Could you share with us the pipeline of the creation? Adam: At the beginning, it starts with storyboards and everything else will be based on that. After completing the pre-production, we move into CG production which includes modeling, texturing, rigging, previs, animation, lighting, rendering, and compositing. We also have a lot of 2D fx which is composed during the very last stage. !Pre-production - SpongeBob Fox Renderfarm: What are the most unforgettable scenes to you in this Spongebob series?Adam: The final episode (episode 6) is the best. The whole series builds into a climax. The showdown between our heroes and the villain is well worth the payoff. It’s the most artistically ambitious and the most exciting and action-packed. Seeing all the characters we met along the way team up to have one final fight scene was very rewarding. !Final Boss!SpongeBob - The Final Boss Fox Renderfarm: What’s the most difficult part of making this series? How did Cartuna solve it?Adam: Creating an entirely 3D production remotely was an interesting challenge. File sharing and communication became very important as we were not able to be in one location due to the pandemic. Having tools like Slack for communication, Google Drive for file sharing, and Fox Renderfarm for rendering all were essential to make this series run smoothly. !SpongeBob Fox Renderfarm: In creating the Spongebob animation series, did Cartuna do anything to optimize the productivity and efficiency of the cooperation among your team?Adam: We have built several pipeline tools specifically in Maya, so while we are working on it, some of the repetitive but time-consuming jobs can be resolved by a simple button, which makes the 3D production much more efficient. We also build certain naming rules and workflow for our production, so every single file can be organized well and easily accessed by the artists.!SpongeBob - 3D Production Fox Renderfarm: Could you introduce Cartuna to us? How many members are there in Cartuna?Adam: There is 6 full-time staff at Cartuna. We are unique in that most of our studio is made up of producers, writers and editors. For each production we have a rotating group of artists based on the style of the project. For example, on Portal Chase we had 30 artists. This included directors, storyboard artists, modeler/texturing artists, 2D animators, 3D animators, lighters, compositors, sound designers and more. Fox Renderfarm: How did you and your team constantly form the unique visual style and keep it uniform in all your works?Adam: We had a concept artist start before anyone else. Our art director / director made sure to do their research and development before the rest of the art team started. From there, the background designers and modelers, as well as the 2D FX artists all contributed to the unique look – putting their own personal style to make something one-of-a-kind that all meshed together into one uniform style.’s 2019 VMA performance of “Motivation” © Cartuna Fox Renderfarm: Cartuna has a very contentful portfolio both original and branded ones. What is the most unforgettable project that you have created respectively (original and branded)?Adam: Cartuna started as a studio that produced exclusively original projects. Facebook Watch bought one of these first shows, Human Kind Of. It was a project made in-house and the series order validated what we were building. That project was later nominated for best Animated Television Production at the Annie Award and lost to BoJack Horseman (it was also in competition with Bob’s Burgers, Big Mouth and others). To even be in the same class as those shows was awesome. !Human Kind OfHuman Kind Of (Watch Full Series)The branded piece we love the most, besides Portal Chase, is our SpongeBob 360 piece. It was amazing to figure out how to build the pipeline for that project and it was our first time working with SpongeBob which was an iconic cartoon for us all growing up. Go 360° Inside the Krusty Krab! Fox Renderfarm: Any new steps?Adam: We’re pitching some original shows and we hope to get one sold next year. And we’re doing a bunch of awesome client work – including a new SpongeBob 360 video (and hopefully more Portal Chase in the future too). Fox Renderfarm: How did you encounter CG? Could you share with us your education and career experience?Adam: The majority of my animation career has been working in 2D animation, so it’s been a relatively new path working in CG. Before building an animation studio, my background was in marketing, digital communication and PR – and I had a liberal arts education. I’ve always had a passion for cartoons and building things, so working with my brother we formed Cartuna and have been happily making animation for 6 years. Nas X’s 2019 VMA Performance of "Panini" Fox Renderfarm: From your resume on LinkedIn, we found that you were working on law, why did you make the change and choose the CG industry?Adam: I entertained the idea of law when I was in school, but ultimately found that type of education too rigid and not as creative. I come from an entrepreneurial family so I always wanted to start my own business. I wouldn’t say we’re exclusively in the CG business now, but more broadly in the animation industry. We try to distinguish ourselves as a studio by not having a set house style, so CG has been something we’re happily learning and enjoying making more projects in that art form. Covers (A Stop Motion Animated Film) Fox Renderfarm: Any artwork or artist inspires you the most?Adam: Van Gogh’s Irises inspired me the most. While Van Gogh was living in the asylum, he created the piece from nature in the asylum’s garden. All of the Irises in the painting are blue. There’s only one in the corner which is white. In my opinion, it represents Van Gogh’s uniqueness and difference among the art style of the artists at the time. It may also tell Van Gogh’s loneliness and eagerness to be understood. The painting really touches me. Being an artist, we all want to be unique in a certain way, but also want to be accepted in the world and understood by some people who will recognize you.!Irises © Vincent van GoghIrises © Vincent van Gogh Fox Renderfarm: How do you feel about the cloud rendering services provided by Fox Renderfarm? Adam: The Fox Renderfarm team was always willing to work with us and meet our needs. The output was professional-grade and the prices were affordable. We have tried out a few different services, and we felt Fox Renderfarm best suited our needs for this project. Fox Renderfarm: Anything else you want to share with CG enthusiasts?Adam: In addition to Portal Chase, check out our project My Squishy Little Dumplings (also with Nickelodeon). We’re constantly growing our CG Portfolio and excited to take on more in 2022. If any CG artists are looking for work, we’re always willing to collaborate!Let's Get It Popping! (Music Video) | My Squishy Little Dumplings

    Discovering The Greatest Wish Of All In Wish Dragon



    animation works

    “Speak out your wish!”Most of us watched the anime series Dragon Ball in their childhood. The protagonist, Son Goku, explores the world in search of the seven orbs known as the Dragon Balls, which summon a wish-granting dragon when gathered.!Speak out your wishBut in Wish Dragon, a 2021 computer-animated comedy film, we can make a wish and get a pink hairy dragon without gathering seven dragon balls!Rendered with Fox Renderfarm, Wish Dragon was theatrically released in China on January 15, 2021, and will be released on Netflix internationally later in the year.The film was written and directed by Chris Appelhans, starring Jackie Chan, telling the story of Din, a working-class college student with big dreams but small means, and Long (Jackie Chan), a cynical but all-powerful dragon capable of granting wishes, set off on a hilarious adventure through modern day Shanghai in pursuit of Din’s long-lost childhood friend.!Wish Dragon!Wish Dragon!Wish Dragon!Wish DragonOn January 19th, Fox Renderfarm launched a Giveaway, Free Tickets of Wish Dragon For Fans, on social media platforms. Many followers left comments below expressing their love and expectations for the film. Eye-catching Chinese ElementsThe Chinese elements in Wish Dragon have struck a chord with many Chinese audiences and introduces China to the audiences around the world as well.The Director Chris Eberhans met a bosom friend of the same age in Shanghai when he was a child, who had similar personalities. Therefore, the Director places his childhood memories in the film and sets the background in Shanghai, China.In addition to the Shikumen, Nanpu Bridge, Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, the design of the soft and cute dragon and the teapot are full of features of Chinese traditional culture. Besides, the dragon loves eating shrimp crackers and is curious about TV, airplanes and air conditioners and other things never seen before.!Wish Dragon!Wish Dragon!Wish Dragon!Wish Dragon A Pink Dragon With 3 Million HairsNot only the eye-catching Chinese elements, but the pink dragon also impressed the audiences. However, the creative team faced lots of difficulties and challenges while making the role. For one thing, there is no actual reference. Before the final figure was determined, the animation team looked through all the original images of the dragon and the animation works of recent years. In order to make the dragon move more agile and elegant, the team has groomed 3 million fur and created more than 1,000 controllers on its body while modeling and rigging. Hence, in addition to being able to move flexibly, the dragon can also change its shape into a square, round, and other shapes. Besides, Jackie Chan's dubbing and the martial art scenes also make the film more attractive. As the cloud rendering partner of Wish Dragon, Fox Renderfarm is committed to providing high-quality cloud rendering services and solutions for the CG industry. While continuously optimizing technical services, Fox Renderfarm hopes that there are more works with exquisite Chinese elements like Wish Dragon, sharing traditional Chinese culture and stories with audiences around the world!!Wish DragonWish Dragon is in theaters now! Go and discover the greatest wish of all with your families and beloved ones!!Wish DragonReferences

    Render Farm on Film and Animation Works 2018

    Render Farm on Film and Animation Works 2018


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    film works

    There are still 18 days from the end of 2018. This year, Fox Renderfarm has achieved a good goal in film and animation works rendering. Below is a collection video of some of the animations and film works that we participated in.The names of the works played in the video are:- Shadow- Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings- Legend of Fu Yao- Detective Chinatown II- Wolf Warrior 2- Ten great III of peach blossom- Baahubali: The Beginning- L.O.R.D (Legend of Ravaging Dynasties)- The Wind Guardians- Monkey Magic- Duck Duck Goose- Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink- Fights Break Sphere- Boonie Bears: Entangled WorldsThe above is just a list of some of the works we have rendered until 2018. If you want to know more details, you can visit our Customer page. As the largest render farm in Asia, we are constantly being recognized by our customers. More and more users are using our render farm, which gives us a good evaluation of our services and platforms.Here's our evaluation at SIGGRAPH Vancouver 2018, one of the interview participants who used a number of render farms for multiple companies in the cloud rendering industry, if you don't know how to choose which render farm to cooperate, you can see the following video for your reference:Fox Renderfarm has always focused on the cloud rendering services of film and video, we are good at summing up the real needs of users, and constantly follow the footsteps of users to improve our products, in order to give users a better cloud rendering service.Fox Renderfam's render farm currently supports GPU and CPU rendering, a company that is rare in the cloud rendering industry to support both services. At the same time, we have thousands of rendering nodes, users can upload and render in real-time. This is also the advantage that we are different from others, and one of the reasons why many users like to use us.We know that many enterprises encounter many headaches in the transmission of large files, such as video, the transmission speed is too slow, and the file transmission process is afraid of interception, loss and other accidents. Also, it is cost a lot of time when the file transfer process be interrupted, that means you should transfer again.In response to the above problems, we have developed a large file transfer tool for users to choose, using a second to increase the transmission speed by 100 times. Moreover, our own render farm also has the application of this technology, which ensures that users can quickly complete the uploading of the work to be rendered and download, which greatly saves time.

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