FGT3D Hero Challenge Winners Announced

We are happy to announce the winners of the Fox’s Got Talent(FGT) 3D Challenge themed on 'Hero'!

From June 22nd - September 6th, 2020(UTC+8), we received several artworks from various countries. After the selection by our jury, three artworks were picked and would be awarded. Congrats to the winners, but also to everyone who was taking part.

The best works were evaluated in the following way:

  1. We sent the works to judges, including the caption of the works, so they could read about the hero story behind the work.
  2. Each judge had to choose 3 works and assign them to 3 places. Points have been assigned to each place, then we added points from each judge and got the first results.

The prize covers fast and easy cloud rendering services provided by Fox Renderfarm and a huge amount of prizes by our awesome sponsors, including TopoGun, Friendly Shade, Graswald, Raysync, ProductionCrate,, Texturebox, Marmoset. We will contact the winners in the next few days.

Now let's see who are the winners!

1st Place

Title: Heroes are everywhere

Created by Akhil Alukkaran

Heroes are everywhere - Akhil Alukkaran

  • Fox Renderfarm $500 Render Coupon
  • TopoGun SINGLE license x1
  • Friendly Shade 1 bundle of texture maps
  • Graswald ProPersonal license x1
  • Raysync Large File Transfer Pro 1-year license x1
  • ProductionCrate 2 years Pro membership x1
  • 1 year subscription with 2500 credits per month ($325 value) ×1
  • Texturebox Patreon Membership x 3 months
  • $200 Marmoset Shop Gift Card

What Akhil says:

“What makes a hero? It doesn't always have to be something great, even a small act of kindness can also be considered heroic, even if it is just a good thought it shows that there is a hero in you. Heroes are everywhere, you just have to look closer.”

What our jury says:

Fox Renderfarm Team: “The coloring, composition, lighting, complexity, children, puppies, and storytelling reminded me of the works of Norman Rockwell.”

Graswald Team: “Great image with a great message! I love how the feeling of the city was captured with the grafiti, the trash cans and the smoke. The rain sets the mood while in the back, the sun is shining, showing there’s always hope. ”

Productioncrate Team: “Strong composition and good narrative, lovely lightning!” Team: “This artwork conveys the concept of what makes a hero in one of the purest forms. Great storytelling. ”

Marmoset Team: “Anyone that cares for animals is a Hero in our book!”

TopoGun Team: “Indeed, heroes are everywhere. Very nicely rendered and detailed.”

Texturebox Team: “There are thousands of good people helping who need it. Kids, men, women, they are real heroes.”

Friendly Shade Team: “Great concept! I'd change the focus more towards the person with the dogs by framing it differently, maybe cropping the upper part of the image? The environment is drawing too much of the attention the subject deserves.”

2nd Place

Title: Cuddly Protector

Created by Jeffrey Frias

Cuddly Protector - Jeffrey Frias

  • Fox Renderfarm $300 Render Coupon
  • TopoGun SINGLE license x1
  • Friendly Shade 1 bundle of texture maps
  • Graswald ProPersonal license x1
  • Raysync Large File Transfer 50TB (Pay as you go edition)
  • ProductionCrate 1 year Pro membership x1
  • 2500 credit pack ($110 value) ×1
  • Texturebox Patreon Membership x 2 months
  • $100 Marmoset Shop Gift Card

What Jeffrey says:

“Made for sweet dreams.

What our jury says:

Fox Renderfarm Team: “In terms of storytelling, this work stimulates the audience’s imagination. The narrative lighting creates a horrible atmosphere that children can accept. The main light outside the window guides the audience to pay attention to the little bear while the lamp leads to the monster behind the door. The setting of the children’s room, the scars on the bear’s body, and the posters on the wall all need plenty of time for in-depth character story background settings. The tension built in the scene also allows the audience to have a creative imagination of the story.”

Graswald Team: “I love the idea of this image, and it was executed very well. The pose and the lighting set the mood and I love the details in the room, like the teddy bear holding the toy sword of the child. Great work! ”

TopoGun Team: “Good idea, perfect setting, the context (childhood) is where heroes are needed the most in our lives. The artist paid attention to details, lighting and most of all, composition.”

Friendly Shade Team: “Love this idea!”

3rd Place

Title: Hero's Journey

Created by Sathish Kumar

Hero's Journey - Sathish Kumar

  • Fox Renderfarm $200 Render Coupon
  • TopoGun SINGLE license x1
  • Friendly Shade 1 bundle of texture maps
  • Graswald ProPersonal license x1
  • Raysync Large File Transfer 10TB (Pay as you go edition)
  • ProductionCrate 1 year Pro membership x1
  • 1000 credit pack ($59 value) ×1
  • Texturebox Patreon Membership x 1 month
  • $50 Marmoset Shop Gift Card

What our jury says:

Fox Renderfarm Team: “The psychedelic atmosphere and the grand view of the scene give the audience endless imagination in both the storytelling and character design. The composition, scene settings, and imagination are close to the level of blockbuster design. It is a masterpiece combining art and imagination.”

Graswald Team: “This piece has little context, but it captured me instantly with its tone. Displaying heroism as a journey of self-development and showing the hero so small in contrast to the huge world tells a story about what heroism really is all about.”

Productioncrate Team: “Nice subject and structure. would have liked to see more variations in the creatures and riders, their positioning seems too cloned. overall narrative and composition are strong.” Team: “Super polished artwork with good value structure, color palette and mood. Could easily be a keyframe for an upcoming movie.”

Texturebox Team: “It seems to loo a utopic universe. And every utopic universe needs a hero. It reminds me of avatar anime.”

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Thanks to all the participants. We really appreciate your imagination and hard work. Meanwhile, A big thank you goes to our sponsors. Finally, we’d like to thank our jury revealing FGT3D ‘Hero’ Challenge winners. Congrats to the winners again!

Who’s our next winner? We hope to see you in the next FGT3D challenge!

NOTE: FGT Art campaign keeps going. Welcome to share your artwork rendered with Fox Renderfarm and be our Month winner! For more info

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