Render product description

The desktop client and web are compared in terms of the business type, submission method, support system, support software, and process, with that the users may quickly select the products suitable to them.

Item Desktop client Web
Business Video businesses such as movie and television, advertising, special effects Video businesses such as movie and television, advertising, special effects
Submission By dragging Via webpage
System Windows , Linux
Windows(3ds Max、Maya、Cinema 4D、Arnold Standalone)
Linux (Maya)
3ds Max
Cinema 4D
VR Standalone
Arnold Standalone
Unreal Engine
Quantity of frame Single frame or multiple frames Single frame or multiple frames
Intelligent analysis, uploading and downloading.
Bulk submission supportable
Uploading the elements first, and then cloud-enabled intelligent automatic analysis and rendering
bulk submission supportable

What We Do?

Fox Renderfarm is a leading cloud rendering service provider in the industry. Since the operation in 2011, Fox Renderfarm has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, great customer service, and flexible pricing scheme. To build a more secure cloud render farm that better protects the privacy of our beloved customers, Fox Renderfarm has successfully completed MPAA’s Content Security Best Practices and officially become a TPN Trusted Partner!

Why Choose Us?

Fox Renderfarm has an outstanding team with over 20 years’ experience in the CG industry. Team members are from Disney, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Sony, etc. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, they serve leading VFX companies and animation studios from over 50 countries and regions, including Oscar winners.

Fox Renderfarm formed a global strategic business partnership with Alibaba Group(NYSE: BABA) in 2015, and Legend Capital in 2018 respectively to provide global visual cloud computing services.

Green Data Center

The electricity of Fox Renderfarm's green data center is all generated by wind and water power which is natural & clean, it will do no harm to the environment. The data center is located at the district where the climate is dry and temperature is extremely low all year round, so it's no necessary to use air conditioner for cooling most times. The average PUE of our data center is under 1.2 which means the energy saving ability is highly effective. Every time you use Fox Renderfarm for rendering, you made contributions on reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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