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    Reproducing the Moment of Resurrection in 3ds Max and V-Ray




    !FGT3D “Easter Egg” challenge!FGT3D “Easter Egg” challengeFGT3D “Easter Egg” challenge was organized in March, sponsored by Texture Box and your TPN-Accredited cloud render farm, Fox Renderfarm.Fox Renderfarm is so glad to have an interview with Roy Bou Samra. Roy won the Honorable Mention of the Challenge by The Art of Easter Eggs. Congrats!The artwork started with Saint Mary Magdalene when she talked with Caesar about Jesus’ resurrection. The inspiration combined with the color use gives us surprises. What’s the story behind while creating this artwork? Let’s figure it out together!!Easter egg - The momentThe moment © Roy Bou Samra - Roy Bou Samra- Freelance architect- From: Lebanon- Caption: The concept of this image is mainly related to the history of the Easter egg.It started with Saint Mary Magdalene when she talked with Caesar about Jesus’ resurrection.She picked up a hen's egg from the dinner table to illustrate her point of resurrection but Caesar told her that it is impossible for a human being to return to life as it is impossible for the egg to turn red. At that moment, immediately the egg turned red in her hand. (The moment is represented in the picture when the egg started to turn red. That's why the name of the image is " The moment").The Romans, Chinese, Egyptians and Persians all cherished the egg as a symbol of the universe. (They are symbolized by the egg pieces surrounding the main egg).In this project, I tried to combine the present that we are living now (which is the black background in the picture), with the meaning of the Easter egg which gives us hope for the future ( in the black background there are no edges, no guidelines but there are two white spaces that represent hope).Fox Renderfarm: Hi Roy, thank you so much for accepting our interview! Could you briefly introduce yourself?Roy: My name is Roy Bou Samra, 27 years old, from Lebanon, I am an Architect graduated from Holy Spirit University of Kaslik(USEK) with a Master degree in Architecture (accredited from NAAB).Fox Renderfarm: How do you feel about winning the Honorable Mention in the FGT3D “Easter Egg” Challenge?Roy: I am very proud of winning the honorable mention of this challenge since it is my first time entering a challenge because in the last few months I was working hard to improve my skills and this honorable mention came as a reward for me.Fox Renderfarm: What’s the inspiration behind the award-winning work?Roy: I was first inspired by the history of the Easter egg and from where it comes from. So I got the story and I tried to make a creative concept other than the normal ideas that we are used to seeing in Easter.Fox Renderfarm: How long did it take to finish the artwork?Roy: It took me five hours to finish the artwork because I saw this competition on 29th March.Fox Renderfarm: What software and plugins did you use to finish the artwork?Roy: To finish this artwork I have used: 3ds Max 2016, V-Ray 3.60.03, Photoshop CC2017.Fox Renderfarm: The beautiful color use is perfect and well received by the judges. How did you design it? Roy: The main idea was the transformation of the color of the egg from its normal color to the red color. I used water-based colors because they are the most colors that give the power of transformation when they are mixed together.!easter egg colors!easter egg colorsFox Renderfarm: Technically and visually, which is your favorite part of this work? Why?Roy: Technically, my favorite part was finding the best composition surrounding the egg and trying to make them simple so they would not take the attention more than the egg itself. Visually, my favorite part was the egg itself, because I liked how the colors were mixed and how they made the transformation very clear so I felt the moment as if I was capturing it.!Easter egg - The moment wireframeFox Renderfarm: Have you met any difficulty in the creation? How did you overcome it?Roy: For sure I have met difficulties in the creation, one of them was to make the shape of the egg look like a real egg. I tried to use several commands in 3ds Max but I wasn’t convinced with the result, so I searched the internet and got a new technique to draw the egg and it was perfect.!Easter egg - The moment wireframe and realFox Renderfarm: When and how did you encounter CG?Roy: I started working on CG when I was in my second-year university.Fox Renderfarm: Could you briefly tell us the story of your educational and work experience along your CG journey?Roy: Educational wise, I started my CG journey in the university as a beginner, then I started improving my experience by taking 3ds Max and V-Ray courses in parallel to the courses that I took in the university.Working wise, I learned that the execution should be similar to the design, so I cannot render something that is out of space and impossible to implement. This was the reason that pushed me to improve my skills in rendering.Fox Renderfarm: What do you do to improve your professional skills?Roy: To improve my professional skills I always tried to take online courses and this is what I am doing now in the quarantine, I am watching more tutorials on YouTube and I am learning many new things that are improving my skills.Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you wanna share with CG enthusiasts?Roy: Always be hungry for good work and professionalism.I hope that this competition will open an opportunity for me to work with you in the future.NOTE: Fox’s Got Talent campaign keeps going. Welcome to share your artwork rendered with Fox Renderfarm and be our April winner! For more info

    Interview with Iavor Trifonov from Chaosgroup for the Future Cooperation

    Interview with Iavor Trifonov from Chaosgroup for the Future Cooperation



    Chaos Group

    2018 must be a big year for Fox Renderfarm, we sincerely hope to cooperate with more 3d software and renderer companines as much as we can, that's why we communicate with them so positively and discuss about the future cooperations and benefits for both parties. Here is the detail interview with Iavor Trifonov from Chaos Group as below: Iavor Trifonov, Vice-President Cloud & Integrations Chaos GroupFox Renderfarm:  Since the establishment of V-Ray in 1997, the growth and global presence of V-Ray has gained attention from various industries, especially CG industry. Tell us more about V-Ray's global influence and users usage worldwide.Chaos Group: From the very beginning, our goal has been to help people visualize anything and everything. And this means more than just pushing the technology. V-Ray is a result of listening to and working with artists and designers directly. It’s important to really understand the daily challenges creatives face and see what we can do with our development to help, and move rendering forward. Today, V-Ray is prominent in multiple industries worldwide. V-Ray’s Academy Award-winning rendering technology is still developed with the same goal of helping artists and designers.Fox Renderfarm: Share with us about V-Ray's current brand awareness and situation in China.Chaos Group: V-Ray is very popular in the architectural visualization industry in China, but people probably aren’t as familiar with our company name — Chaos Group. There are many resources online for learning V-Ray, and the V-Ray community is very supportive. Our main developers are also very involved online since we take feedback very seriously. The new V-Ray Next for 3ds Max beta is the latest example of how we listen to our customers, and work to provide features that save time and hopefully make your life a little easier.Fox Renderfarm:  Share with us regarding the product development strategy and promotion in the near future?Chaos Group: At the moment, our key development revolves around the completely upgraded and optimized rendering inside of V-Ray Next. We’ve already got a few blog posts actually that highlight some of the new features of V-Ray Next and there are more articles in the works. You’ll also see us at events worldwide and this year we’re excited to host our very own special event dedicated to artists and developers - Total Chaos.Fox Renderfarm:  How about your thoughts on cloud rendering service and how it can benefit CG artists?Chaos Group: Cloud rendering is something that gives the smallest studios the same firepower that big studios have enjoyed for some time now. Anyone’s computer can be a supercomputer, thanks to the ease and power of cloud computing. Deadlines are inescapable in a studio environment, and having access to rendering in the cloud can take a lot of pressure off. Plus you don’t have to worry about large hardware expenses, not to mention maintenance. This also frees up computers for design work, and costs related to cloud rendering are easily tracked and can be billed by the job.Fox Renderfarm:  How can Chaos Group work with Fox Renderfarm and what are the benefits that Chaos Group can offer to Fox Renderfarm's customers?Chaosgroup: Fox Renderfarm is one of Chaos Group’s main render farm partners in China as well as in Asia. As an authorized partner, Fox Renderfarm receives dedicated support from Chaos Group both in terms of account management and technical optimization expertise. This allows Fox to react quickly when helping customers and resolve even the most complex workflow issues with the help of Chaos Group’s developers.Moreover, Chaos Group and Fox are also looking to partner on initiatives related to the educational institutions in China which will lead to opening excellent opportunities to thousands of Chinese students interested in becoming V-Ray professionals. Boosting the awareness of V-Ray among Chinese users from as early stage in their professional careers as possible together with expanding the availability of Chaos Group’s products across China is at the very core of the partnership between both companies. We’re excited to have such a strong partner in China and we look forward to helping the CG industry in China with Fox Renderfarm.Fox Renderfarm:  Originally started as Atmos Blender, then the first release of V-Ray for 3ds Max in 2002. Up to date, various mainstream 3D software is well-supported by V-Ray. V-Ray has been around with us for almost 21 years! Tell us about the new features and highlights of V-Ray that we can look forward to in 2018?Chaosgroup: We don’t want to reveal too much yet, but we’re very excited about the V-Ray for Unreal beta which just recently started. We’ll have more big news in regards to other V-Ray Next products in the near future to share with you as well!(Check our interview with MAXON and Isotropix if you are interested.)

    Learn V-Ray Partners with Fox Renderfarm to Creat More Amazing Works

    Learn V-Ray Partners with Fox Renderfarm to Creat More Amazing Works



    Chaos Group

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci once said. Then, Steve Jobs took it as Apple’s product concept. Now, it shows on Learn V-Ray’s video rendered by Fox Renderfarm.Learnv** is an authorized training center certified by Chaos Group. In the online area, you can find the 5SRW Course for V-Ray, including V-Ray tutorials and lessons, material to download and all you need to get the 5SRW Certification for V-Ray. 5SRW stands for 5-Step Render Workflow: framing, light balance, materials, final render, post-production and it is a method to learn the photographic approach:More info here:  V-RAY COURSE (online)As Learnv** official partner, Fox Renderfarm rendered countless works for Learn V-Ray’s trainers and students.Now let’s enjoy the following outstanding works rendered by Fox Renderfarm, included in the short movie: Industrial Open Space, by Tony AntounPrize: Best of March 2016 Gravity, by Ciro SanninoPrize: Installation V-Ray 3 Splash Screen Church on the Water, by Aldo GarciaFinalist at 3D Awards 2014Sofa Room, by Rabih ChehabShort movie 1 Ciro Sannino (profile), author and main trainer at Learn V-Ray, said: “honestly I recently got different proposals from different render farms around the world. I finally decided for Fox Renderfarm because I appreciated a quality that is not so common - availability. Fox Renderfarm guys are always ready to listen to suggestions coming from partners and users, and the customer service team are always online on Skype to help and support in any situation! And no waiting to start the render due to the size of Fox Renderfarm.”Simplicity is more difficult than sophistication. You must pay more efforts to make sophistication simple. The philosophy that Fox Renderfarm always sticks to is that technology inspires the arts. With the most professional technical team, the best customer service team and the most powerful computing center, Fox Renderfarm can save more time for users to do more creation.

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