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    Interpret 1984 by George Orwell in ArchViz: From Quotation to Creation in 3ds Max




    The Evermotion 2019 challenge that themed “The Time of Change”, sponsored by the TPN-Accredited render farm, Fox Renderfarm, spurred contemplations on how architecture is going to be affected by the apocalypse.

    Sergey Chashchin stood out and won the 2nd Prize in the challenge because of the strong silhouette, ambient colors and lighting, and atmosphere and mode that were widely praised by the judges.

    Something is Changing, Something is Not by Sergey Chashchin

    He has proven the fact that 3D is an ideal medium to speak for artists, their aesthetic mindset, political thinking, and opinions about humans and nature. By talking to Sergey, we got to know his ideas behind the quotation of ‘1984’ by George Orwell, and how he narrated them in environmental and architectural design.

    Fox Renderfarm: Hi, Sergey. Thank you so much for accepting our interview, could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

    Sergey: Hello everybody! First of all, I would like to thank Fox Renderfarm for this interview.

    My name is Sergey Chashchin, I am a CG artist from Siberia. Born on the border of Russia and China, now I live by Lake Baikal.

    Since childhood, I’ve loved to draw. As a result, a passion for drawing led me to Irkutsk, where I was educated as an architect-designer. And while studying, I got into the CG industry.

    Now I work in ArchViz. But I'm always glad to try something new.

    Artwork by Sergey Chashchin

    Fox Renderfarm: Congrats on winning the 2nd Prize in the 2019 Evermotion Challenge, how do you feel about it?

    Sergey: Thank you for your congratulations. I am very happy, very very very happy for me this is the first victory in the competition of such a plan and a huge impetus to improve my skills.

    Fox Renderfarm: ‘1984’ by George Orwell was quoted throughout your artwork, what’s the inspiration behind the artwork?

    Sergey: I really like his works, like the entire dystopian genre. This is a genre that allows you to see the world around us more subtly, to think about the problems of not only one individual, but something more.

    Fox Renderfarm: The submitted piece is a long vertical image with a strong silhouette and contrast. Could you introduce the idea behind the composition? And how did you realize your composition idea step by step?

    Sergey: The idea here is in impending urbanization. In this background, for this, I made a city with walls going to the sky in the background. Because of this, I chose a vertical image.

    To the foreground added an old house with an attached cyberpunk tower on the right, a dried-up tree and a couple of graves on the left for more dramatism. Next, I need a character to give life to the image.

    Fox Renderfarm: The lighting design has a sense of apocalypse, how did you manage the lighting?

    Sergey: Lighting here was created on the basis of one of my last year’s photos taken during the fires in Siberia. It’s pretty simple: CoronaSun + Sky and CoronaVulemetricMtl. The size of the Sun is 25 and its color is R189 G0 B0. The sky is almost minimal intensity - 0.02. There were many variations with the fog, but in the end, the settings are almost standard.

    Fox Renderfarm: About the billboard, do you have any reference when making it?

    Sergey: Since the idea of my project is a kind of totalitarian state of the future, I needed posters with leaders or symbols.

    So I put together a couple of examples from the Internet and started drawing.

    Fox Renderfarm: At the bottom of the image, the water reflection is really well-made, how did you do that?

    Sergey: Here the pure geometry and understanding of the photo. The set focal distance is equal to the distance from the camera to reflection in water plus the distance to the reflected object.

    Fox Renderfarm: Have you met any difficulties when making it? How did you solve it?

    Sergey: In general, everything was without any difficulties. Over time, problems arose due to the combination of work and challenge.

    Fox Renderfarm: How long did it take to finish the artwork?

    Sergey: I won’t tell you exactly, but it all started in December. I found out too late about the contest and topics, so I was late. I had to quickly pull myself together and start doing.

    Fox Renderfarm: What software and plugin did you use?

    Sergey: Everything was created in 3ds Max 2020 + Corona renderer 4.1. At the moment, they completely suit me. Well, there was a bit of ZBrush when creating an old lady.

    Fox Renderfarm: When and how did you come up with the idea of entering the 3D industry?

    Sergey: It appeared in 2009, then I saw presentations of projects created using 3ds Max and thought - That's what I want to do.

    Artwork by Sergey Chashchin

    Fox Renderfarm: Could you briefly tell us your education and work experience along your CG journey?

    Sergey: Education plays a strong role in ArchViz. Let's just say: it is difficult to create architectural objects without understanding how they are arranged.

    During my studies, I got a job as a visualizer in a small company, where I worked for five years. It was a time of speed, not quality or idea, but even there I tried to do something new for myself.

    Then I became a freelancer. He worked with many architectural bureaus. And I'm still freelance.

    Fox Renderfarm: We discovered that there are also a lot of fine commercial 3D pieces, ArchViz pieces and some fun animation projects you made in your portfolio. How did you keep yourself inspired and motivated? And what do you do to improve your techniques?

    Sergey: Good question! I try to do each new project with something new for myself, let it be the lighting that you have not done or animation, the main thing is to find something new and love your job. And from this, there will be both motivation and improvement of skills.

    Artworks by Sergey Chashchin

    Fox Renderfarm: Any artwork or anyone in the industry that inspires you the most?

    Sergey: I am very inspired by artwork, from paintings by old masters to digital artists. Here are a few examples: Michael Kutsche, because of him I bought the first graphic tablet;

    Artwork by Michael Kutsche

    Simon Stolenhag, his paintings can be watched forever;

    Artwork by Simon Stolenhag

    Jakub Rozalski, an artist and writer, creates stunning paintings;

    Artwork by Simon Stolenhag

    I will dwell on them, otherwise, you can list for a very long time.

    Fox Renderfarm: Any other things you wanna share with CG enthusiasts?

    Sergey: The main thing is not to stand still, especially in such a fast-growing industry as CG.

    3D Render Challenge Ongoing: Shine your talents and win $500 Render Coupons, submit now!

    Interview with Le Anh Nhan: The 2nd Winner of Evermotion Challenge 2017

    Interview with Le Anh Nhan: The 2nd Winner of Evermotion Challenge 2017


    CG Challenges


    As one of the sponsors of Evermotion challenge 2017, we are so glad to have the honor and opportunity to have an interview with Le Anh Nhan, the 2nd winner of last year's competition. His work Hello_MD-2027 is highly praised by the three judges. Here are the detail interview as below:

    Fox Renderfarm: Hi Le Anh Nhan, would you please give a brief introduction about yourself?

    Le Anh Nhan: Hello Fox Renderfarm! My name is Le Anh Nhan, I am Vietnamese. I am studied 5 years in the university of architectural design,, but I do not want to become an architect, currently I am an architectural painting artist.

    Fox Renderfarm: You definitely chose the right career for yourself : ) So how did you get into the CG industry?

    Le Anh Nhan: When I was attending college, I used 3dsmax software for the project, and until the 4th year of college I learned V-Ray, I was attracted to the world of CG since then. And when I graduated with a degree in architecture I decided to become a 3d artist instead of being an architect.

    Fox Renderfarm: Good for you, are there any artists that inspire you? Who inspires you the most?

    Le Anh Nhan: Oh! When thinking about who inspires me, I remember the days I first came to CG. There are two major influences on my inspiration: Marek Denko and Alex Roman. I like the full 3D scene and these two artists make me happy to see their work, from the mood and technique. At this point, I like to watch matte paint, some of the artists I often watch every day are Allen Wei, JC Park, Mark Li ... They really have a myriad of color ideas and stories. It's hard to say who inspired me the most, because I was so adventurous and wanted to learn a lot of talented artists.

    Fox Renderfarm: So glad that you had so many teachers lead you to move forward. How did you know the Evermotion 2017 challenge and why joined it?

    Le Anh Nhan: A friend of mine texted me when he saw the Evermotion 2017 challenge on Facebook, He is an old colleague of mine.

    Fox Renderfarm: Haha, good friend alway do help us. OK, so how did you get the idea to make this work? Anything inspired you?

    Le Anh Nhan: At the time I received a message from that friend, which coincided with the time when I was struggling to find ideas to make a artwork for his son, and the theme of the challenge gave me an idea, which is The Perfect Getaway. But my friend's message was quite late compared to the competition, around the end of November, I was racing with time, because I had to work, I only had 2 hours of free time a day for the contest, while the workload is quite large. Luckily I finished it in 2 months, earlier than expected

    Fox Renderfarm: That's definitely an encouraging story. You are awesome! Would you please share your feeling and idea for winning the 2nd prize in this challenge

    Le Anh Nhan: Knowing the outcome of the challenge, I was very excited and happy. In the process of making artwork, I always followed the theme of the competition, but with comfortable psychology, I did not put much emphasis on examinations, I just painted with emotion and the main purpose was to give my son.

    Fox Renderfarm: Your hardworking is finally rewarded! Emmm, Did you ever used Fox Renderfarm? If yes, could you share your ideas about us

    Le Anh Nhan: I do not have the opportunity to use Fox Renderfarm, but in the near future, with the big scenes I will use : )

    Fox Renderfarm: Great, hope we can help you achieve greater awards. Anything else you would like to say or add?

    Le Anh Nhan: Thank you Fox Renderfarm for giving me the opportunity to share the information around my work, hopefully that information will help something for everyone, thank you for reading this interview and good luck!

    Fox Renderfarm: Thanks so much for sharing your time for this interview, hope we can have more cooperations in the near future.

    Evermotion Challenge Takes You to the Secret Garden

    Evermotion Challenge Takes You to the Secret Garden


    CG Challenges


    Fox Renderfarm always made contributions to education and CG industry, not only launched GoCloud program to help the small teams realize their dreams, but also sponsored many different kinds of international CG challenges. Evermotion Challenge is one of the most popular challenges in the world. After Evermotion Challenge 2015, Fox Renderfarm sponsored Evermotion Challenge 2016 - The Secret Garden Challenge.

    After one year of long waiting, Evermotion Challenge 2016 winners were finally announced! Themed as “The Secret Garden”, the award-winning works are full of mysterious beauty.

    So...Keep up the mystery!We introduce the jury first!

    It was really difficult to choose the best works from 140 submitted to 2016 Evermotion Challenge. Level was high and "The Secret Garden" theme turned out to mean something different to each participant. Among technically impressive artworks there was noteworthy amount of those created by growing artists. Some of them don't possess enough technical skills but already have inspiring ideas. I would like to congratulate each one of them!

    The topic of 2016 challenge was wery demanding. That was hard do choose the best works. Most of artists which took a part in this contest had a great ideas and skills. Congratulations for all participants!

    I'm thrilled to be a part of Jury for Evermotion challenge and It's not easy to choose the winner with many stunning works from all the artists around the world. Congratulation to all winners and the artist who joined the contest!

    Evermotion Challenge 2016 Winners Announcement!

    Robert Filipowicz: It is definetely my favourite work. Big plus for telling a story with this illustration. Great mood and composition. This ant did the job ;). Congratulations! 

    Barbara Witkowska: Finally I agreed with other members of jury to give this artwork the first place. Beautifully and carefully executed work, a catched moment in time. Wisely chosen and perfectly fitted quality models, mastered lighting and composition. I'd change nothing here!

    Yavor Stoikov: This image is a winner in every aspect: it has a balanced composition; great colours; despite the somewhat botched bokehs, the quality of the work is beyond every other contestant. 

    Robert Filipowicz: I’m impressed of photorealistic look of this image. Very solid work. Lovely place to "pitch" your own secret garden.

    Barbara Witkowska: I love the sense of a peaceful place hidden behind the trees which protect it from wind and outside world. Composition and lighting guide us directly to the couple finding themselves in this hidden paradise. I appreciate the amount of work put in this image, author's personal attitude - as it's based on his own experience and overall outstanding work done here. What needs more author's attention is definitely a fog.

    Robert Filipowicz: I really like the lightning and level of detail in the final image. Very interesting idea of the secret garden and one of the best in my opinion.

    Barbara Witkowska: I like the contrast between old, dusty objects bathed in a warm light and clear blue fluorescent glow of a miniature garden that must have just grown in a jar. Choosing just one brightest point in the picture would make this artwork even more interesting.

    Yavor Stoikov: This image is in the selection because of its interesting idea and appeal. The actual rendering work does not correspond in quality to the other top contestants and there's too much post work involved.

    Robert Filipowicz: You created here a small beautiful world which i really like. Good idea, great materials and detail makes this work one of the best. 

    Barbara Witkowska: Perfectly crafted miniature. The boat and the light on the path is so inviting to discover this small garden. The model of garden is clearly brought out of the background. Great attention to details and well-balanced colour composition. What I'd suggest to make this work even better, would be to make light from the little lanterns a bit brighter and warmer.

    Yavor Stoikov: Love the model feel and the fact, that the secret garden can be observed only as an artificial representation. The design is great, the whole image has a lot of artistic merit to it. The image contains more modelling and detail then all the other contestants, yet still has a subtle feel to it. The only setback is the insufficient lighting.

    Robert Filipowicz: Interesting image but I see some lacks in lightning and postproduction. After all it is a good work. 

    Barbara Witkowska: A very detailed scene, a lot of attention put into every element including the main character. The first plan is so detailed and so interesting, that it could stand as an individual image. A moment caught in the artwork intrigues, it would be even more eye-catchy with more dynamic pose of the character. A big plus for overall outstanding quality!

    Yavor Stoikov: Great incorporation of movement in a still image; great interpretation of the idea; and a very appealing rendition, which accentuates floating a lightness and not speed and blurs. The whole concept of rising up to Heaven/another world/the clouds is conveyed to us through subtlety and emotional triggers, hidden in details.

    Robert Filipowicz: Only thing which i can tell is that I would like to be there right now! Almost I hear this falling water and smell those flowers. Good job :)

    Barbara Witkowska: A really eye pleasant picture with successful backlight approach. One point perspective guiding us towards light always works!

    Yavor Stoikov: Regardless of the somewhat standard composition, the image is full of life and colour. The busy vegetation and the hint at hidden/secret bring great appeal and serenity to the image. There is a great combination of natural growth and man-made amendments, and an appealing hint into a bigger story. The only thing that brings this image lower in my top list is the presence of entries witth even bigger appeal.

    Honorable mention


    RAYVISION Sponsors Evermotion Challenge 2015

    RAYVISION Sponsors Evermotion Challenge 2015


    CG Challenges


    Evermotion launched a remarkable architectural renderings challenge “Evermotion Challenge 2015” . Fox Renderfarm is the only one domestic render farm to sponsor this challenge.

    Evermotion was founded in 1998 and now its portal is one of the biggest over the CG world. Since the beginning Evermotion has earned a stable position in the global CG market and thousands of customers. Evermotion concentrates CG fans from all over the world. It provides a platform for CG fans to share experience and plenty of 3D models and texturing to download. Evermotion creates and develops products that help CG artists with their 3D visualizations by speeding up their workflow and increasing their quality of output.

    This challenge lasts from November 17th to January 26th. The participants should submit at least 5 WIP (Work In Progress) renders in their forum thread before the deadline, including concept sketch or reference photo, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering, post effects and composting. The jury is composed of authorities in CG industry. They are Spanish super realism CG artist Alex Roman, Official V-Ray Instructor Ciro Sannino, Evermotion founder PENdzel – Krzysztof M. Kundzicz, and Evermotion CG artists Jakub Dabrowski, Barbara Witkowska, Michal Horba.

    The theme of this challenge is about “LOFT”. First adopters of LOFT style were usually poor artists occupying abandoned factories in industrial quarters. Now LOFT tends to be a new trend over the world. Evermotion seizes this opportunity to launch the challenge, encourages the participants to unleash their imagination and design their own perfect loft!

    Join Evermotion Challenge 2015 now!

    RAYVISION Proudly Becomes a Golden Sponsor of The Evermotion Challenge 2014

    RAYVISION Proudly Becomes a Golden Sponsor of The Evermotion Challenge 2014


    CG Challenges


    RAYVISION Inc., one of the world’s largest cloud computing and cloud rendering solution providers for both the motion picture and animation industries, is proud to be one of the Golden Sponsors of the Evermotion “Summer in the City Challenge” 2014.

    Total prizes worth €15 859 are on offer and the Challenge will run from September 16th to November 17th, 2014. Contestants are required to make great visualisations—both interiors and exteriors—and crazy ideas are welcome too. Those who are creative, innovative and have great technical skills will be rewarded with one of the many prizes available.

    Prizes will be presented according to the aesthetics of the project in question and its technical quality, and work in all submissions must be generated in 3D software of the entrant’s choice, although processing inside Photoshop or other 2D software is also allowed.

    In addition, all work submitted to this Challenge must be the participant’s own personal work and work from groups and/or companies is not allowed. If ready-made 3D models or textures are used, credits have to be given to people or companies who made them. Final submission resolution should be not lower than 1200px (the longest edge).

    All in all, the Evermotion Challenge 2014 provides an excellent opportunity for contestants to show their work to the CG community, and to experts and employers from all over the world.

    See: http://www.**evermotion**.org for more details.

    RAYVISION Inc., being an Oscar-winning post-production company and one of the largest cloud rendering service providers in the world—with more than 2,000 nodes of super computing power, and over 18,000 clients in 35 countries—and one of the Golden Sponsors of this Challenge Event, encourages active participation from all people in the industry.

    With its proprietary multiple patent cloud computing technology, RAYVISION Inc. is well known for providing customised platform and infrastructure level services specifically tailored for motion picture and animation companies.

    FoxRenderfarm Sponsored Evermotion Challenge 2015 Result Announced

    FoxRenderfarm Sponsored Evermotion Challenge 2015 Result Announced


    CG Challenges


    Evermotion had a remarkable architectural renderings challenge “Evermotion Challenge 2015”

    Evermotion is in the market from 1998 and now its portal is one of the biggest in the CG world. Evermotion earned the stable position in the CG world with thousands of customers. Evermotion creates and develops products that help CG artists with their 3D visualizations by speeding up their workflow and increasing their quality of output.

    Fox Renderfarm  one of the sponsors of the LOTTA LOFT challenge 2015 was the only one domestic render farm sponsored this challenge. It is one of the leading online render farm in the industry. Since the foundation in 2009. With Quality, good reputation, great customer service and flexible pricing scheme Rayvision Gained hundred thousand users globally. Fox Renderfarm serves leading special effects companies and animation studios from over 50 countries, including two Oscar winners. Recently Fox Renderfarm formed a global strategic partnership with Aliyun and it will help and great impact in the global visual cloud computing services.

    The challenge time frame was November 17th to January 26th. The Requirement was participants should submit at least 5 WIP (Work in Progress) renders in their forum thread before the deadline, including concept sketch or reference photo, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering, post effects and compositing. The jury members were the best authorities in CG industry.

    The theme for the challenge was LOFT and now LOFT is the new trend worldwide. Participants really appreciated Evermotion for this challenging opportunity and in return participants unleashed their imagination in a perfect way and designed their own perfect lot!

    The Fox Renderfarm sponsored Evermotion challenge judging panel was consisting of 5 members who are well recognized in the CG field.

    Jury Members

    Alex Roman (CG Artist), Ciro Sannino (Official V-Ray Instructor), Jakub Dabrowski, Michał Horba, Barbara Witkowska (Evermotion CG Artists) they selected the three main Prizes and three awards.

    Let's find out who's got the most attention of jury panel!

    1st place -  Robert Filipowicz

    Michał Horba’s comment from the jury panel about this work is “I liked your work very much so there was no hesitation to give it max points”

    2nd place - Elena Valeria Nedelcu

    Kuba Dąbrowski from judging panel mentioned about this work is “Very solid work, good lighting, many details, great quality.”

    3rd place - Yarko Kushta

    Ciro Sannino added the comment for the work Is “Very realistic result. Light is fantastic and I really appreciated the artist in person present in a shot. I liked the idea to tell a story”

    Let's have a look who's got the most attention of jury for awards

    1st Award - Lucia Frascerra

    Alex Roman said about this work is “From the accurate use of one-point perspective (superb) to the amazing attention to detail...

    2nd award - Peter Sivi

    Kuba Dąbrowski mentioned this art as “Good composition, fine details, funny cat. “Bravo!”

    3rd Award - Artur Saljukov

    Barbara Witkowska added her words to this pictures “Dramatic lighting combined with a great composition caches viewer's eye right from the very first glimpse. It gracefully invites into the place that probably belongs to some kind of a music connoisseur”

    After the prize announcement Filipowicz the first prize, holder commented on the result page that he was surprised when he looked at the competition results. "I would like to congratulate all the participants who have brought their projects to an end. There have been created lots of truly amazing pieces of art! Thus, I really appreciate it that my work has been recognized and chosen by the jury. I would like to thank Barbara Witkowska, Michał Horba and Kuba Dąbrowski for such big words. Thanks to everyone who has supported me with their opinions. It gave me a kick to complete this project. It was pleasure to participate in this competition!

    We Fox Renderfarm congratulating all the winners !! keep up the amazing work

    Key Words

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